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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

2016 Football Playoffs

Playoff Brackets
7A  6A  5A  4A  3A  2A  1A  AISA 

Region Standings
7A  6A  5A  4A  3A  2A  1A  AISA 

Semi-finals & Super Seven                            November 25, 2016 
 Super Seven Matchups 
 Week Fifteen Tidbits & Records 
 Semi-Final Scores 
3rd Round                            November 18, 2016 
 Semi-Final Matchups 
 Week Fourteen Tidbits & Records 
 Scoring Averages 
 Third Round Scores 
2nd Round                            November 11, 2016 
 Third Round Matchups 
 Week Thirteen Tidbits & Records 
 Second Round Scores 
The Playoffs                            November 3, 2016 
 Week Twelve Tidbits & Records 
 Second Round Matchups 
 First Round Scores 
 Final ASWA Football Poll 
Week 11                                 October 27, 2016 
 Week Eleven Tidbits & Records 
 How the Top Ten fared 
 Week Eleven Scores 
 Week Ten ASWA Football Poll 
Week 10                                 October 20, 2016 
 Week Ten Tidbits & Records 
 Week Ten Scores 
 Week Nine ASWA Football Poll 
Week 9                                 October 13, 2016 
 Week Nine Tidbits & Records 
 Week Nine Scores 
 Week Eight ASWA Football Poll 
Week 8                                 October 6, 2016 
 Week Eight Tidbits & Records 
 Week Eight Scores 
 Week Seven ASWA Football Poll 
Week 7                                 September 30, 2016 
 Week Seven Tidbits & Records 
 Week Seven Scores 
 Week Six ASWA Football Poll 
Week 6                                 September 21, 2016 
 Week Six Tidbits & Records 
 Week Six Scores 
 Week Five ASWA Football Poll 
Week 5                                 September 14, 2016 
 Week Five Tidbits & Records 
 Week Five Scores 
 Week Four ASWA Football Poll 
Week 4                                 September 9, 2016 
 Week Four Tidbits & Records 
 Week Four Scores 
 Top Ten Matchups This Week 
Week 3                                 September 2, 2016 
 Week Three ASWA Football Poll 
 This Week's matchups 
 Week Three Tidbits & Records 
 Week Three Scores 
Week 2                                 August 25, 2016 
 Week Two ASWA Football Poll 
 Week Two Tidbits & Records 
 Week Two Scores 
 This week's matchups 
Week 1                                 August 18, 2016 
 This week's matchups 
 Week One ASWA Football Poll 
 Tidbits for the opening week 
 Week One Scores 
Preseason                             August 14th, 2016 
 Tidbits for the opening week 
 This week's matchups 
 Preseason ASWA Football Poll                               December,  6th, 2015
   Records & Tidbits Season Wrap-up                               October 30th, 2016
      Regular Season Tidbits
   A look back at the regular season and ahead to the playoffs.                               September 24th, 2016
      The playoffs are coming!
   A PDF copy of the 2016 playoff brackets.                               August 31st, 2016
      An update on the Helmet Project for this season.
   The Helmet Project.                               August 31st, 2016
      Who has the worst football program in the state's history?
   A look at the other side of winning.                               August 15th, 2016
      The 11th annual Champions Challenge Football Classic is August 18-20 in Montgomery.
   Champions Challenge Classic.                               August 11th, 2016
      A total of 52 teams from the Dothan area were included in our latest update.
   Our latest update.                               August 9th, 2016
      Which teams have the toughest schedules this season?
   The teams with the toughest schedules.                               August 5th, 2016
      There are plenty of unanswered questions as we near the 2016 season openers.
   Questions as the season approaches                               August 3rd, 2016
      A look at the coaches nearing the magical 100 win mark.
   Coaches approaching 100 wins.                               August 1st, 2016
      The winningest coaches still roaming the sidelines.
   Winningest active coaches.                               July 28th, 2016
      A look at some of the current team records as the season approaches.
   Current football team records.                               July 26th, 2016
      What football programs won the most games prior to the playoff system?
   The best programs pre-1966.                               July 22nd, 2016
      Over the past 100 years a few strange things have occurred in football.
   Strange and odd facts.                               July 20th, 2016
      Which team put together the most consecutive 10 win seasons?
   Consecutive 10 win seasons.                               July 18th, 2016
      Who are the best football programs that have never won a playoff championship?
   The best programs to never win a playoff title.                               July 15th, 2016
      The AHSAA North-South All-Star game rosters are complete 1998-2016.
   North-South All-Star game rosters.                               July 13th, 2016
      What records have the best chance of enduring forever?
   Records that will never be broken.                               July 11th, 2016 is working to complete rosters for each of the State Championship teams since the playoffs began in 1966.
   Championship Team Rosters.                               July 6th, 2016
      Over 8,000 new players have been added to the All-State teams over the past 100 years.
   All-state team additions. 

Realignment 2016-17                               January,  21st, 2016
      The AHSAA has released the new classification for the next two seasons.
7A  6A  5A  4A  3A  2A  1A 

David Parker

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Ken Stabler, Bart Starr, Ozzie Newsome, John Stallworth, John Hannah and Buck Buchanan are all members of the NFL Hall of Fame and played high school football in Alabama.