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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

The Greatest Coaches in Alabama High School Football History

          Who is the greatest coach in Alabama high  school football history? Well, honestly we will leave that debate to all the football fans in Alabama. It makes for great debate and argument among football fans but in reality it is impossible to determine which coach is considered the best.

          The first problem in determining who is the best high school football coach in Alabama is to decide the criteria. Is it the coach with the most wins? Is it the coach with the best winning percentage?

          Is it the coach with the most playoff wins or most state titles? Maybe it is the coach with the most region wins or best region winning percentage. Possibly it is the coach that has turned around two or more programs during their careers.


Glenn Daniel 
          As you can see it is nearly impossible to get a consensus of fans to agree on a single coach when it comes to this issue. Therefore we would prefer to let you, the fans, decide who you think is the greatest coach.

          What we will do is give the high school football fans a series of articles based on the numbers involved with coaching high school football. Such things as; most wins highest winning percentage, most region wins, most playoff wins, most region and state titles and a few others tidbits along the way. Based upon this information hopefully fans will get a more thorough understanding of where their favorite coaches stand in each category against the other coaches from around the state.

          Below are a series of articles about the these men, their teams and careers. If you have comments or corrects to our articles I encourage you to email us at the email address below. We always appreciate your comments and thoughts.

The coaches with the most state titles.
Since the playoff system began in 1966 which coach has won the most state titles?

The playoff records of football coaches in Alabama
What two coaches never lost a playoff game during their career?

Coaching teams to the playoffs
Which coaches have qualified for the playoffs the most times during their career?

Some coaches have remarkable success winning region championships
Which coach has won the most football region championships?

Coaches with a knack for winning region games
Who are the coaches with the best region winning percentage and most region wins?

Great father and son combinations in coaching
Who are the best coaching families in Alabama high school football history?

Coaches with the best winning percentage all-time
Which football coaches have the highest winning percentage in state history?

A list of the active coaches that win consistently
Which active coaches have the highest winning percentage?

Best turnaround coaches
Which coaches have turned around a football programs?

Coaches with the longest tenure at one school
Who are the coaches that have remained with the same teams the longest?

David Parker

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden was a star quarterback at Woodlawn high school in Birmingham.