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The History of High School Basketball in Alabama

   Welcome to the Alabama High School Football Historical Society. We have expanded our research to include high school basketball. Initially our goal is to preserve  history of the AHSAA high school basketball tournament and state championships. We also provide other important information including coaching records, tournament results, state championship summaries and much more. If you can provide accurate scores or any other information related to our efforts we encourage you to contact us.

2013-14 Season

ASWA Rankings                                January, 23rd, 2014
Boys and Girls rankings from the Alabama Sports Writers Association

ASWA Rankings                                January, 9th, 2014
Boys and Girls rankings from the Alabama Sports Writers Association

ASWA Rankings                                December, 19nd, 2013
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ASWA Rankings                                December, 12nd, 2013
Boys and Girls rankings from the Alabama Sports Writers Association

Basketball on

Following years of research, in June of 2007 the website became a reality. Many people have gotten involved to assist us  with research of the schools and teams to make this a reality.

In November of 2011 basketball has joined football as a part of our research. Initially will include information about the state tournament, all state teams, all tournament teams, player awards and team records.

It is virtually impossible to provide scores for every basketball game for every team. Who knows, later even that may be a possibility. There is still a lot of work to do with the all state teams of years past but our intentions are to find every team.

We encourage everyone to get involved in helping us provide the most accurate information possible. If you have information that would be useful to us please let us know.

The First Tournament

  The first state championship tournament was sponsored by the Birmingham Athletic Club and was open to every team in the state that wished to participate. The only qualification was to show up and draw for your first round opponent. There were no district or region qualifying rounds.

  Twenty-seven schools made the trip to Birmingham to seek their chance at a state title in 1921. Central High School of Birmingham took home the first championship when they defeated Baton Academy of Mobile 25-20. Alliance took the consolation game from Springville 29-22.

   The tournament was moved to Tuscaloosa in 1927 with all schools participating in a single classification until 1948. More on the 1921 tournament. Fan Shop

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The Latest in Basketball

The 1965 All-Star Games                                March, 2nd, 2013
The 1965 All-Star games played in Tuscaloosa complete with rosters and team photos.
The First Tournament                                November, 4th, 2011
A look into the first tournament in Birmingham in 1921.
New Teams                                November, 4th, 2011
A list of new teams that played basketball but are not included in our football list.
Missing Scores                               November,  4th, 2011
A list of the games we are missing scores from the Tournament.
Mr. Basketball 2011                               November,  3th, 2011
Butler's Trevor Lacey became the second player in history to win the award twice.

Tournament Records

Most Championships
        10 - R.C. Hatch
          10 - St. Jude
          7 - Madison Academy
          6 - Mountain Brook
          6 - Wenonah
          6 - Central Tuscaloosa
          6 - Woodlawn
          6 - Butler
          6 - Francis Marion
          6 - Holy Family
          6 - Sidney Lanier
          6 - Sumter County
Most Consecutive Championships
          4 - Francis Marion (1988-91)
          4 - Sacred Heart Catholic (2015-18)
          3 - Mountain Brook (2017-19)
          3 - Wenonah (2011-13)
          3 - Pickens County (2010-12)
          3 - Austinville (1957-59)
          3 - Brantley (1993-95)
          3 - Geraldine (1931-33)
          3 - Madison Academy (2006-08)
          3 - R.C. Hatch (2006-08)
          3 - Simpson (1923-25)
 Most Appearances
          36 - Selma
          32 - Sidney Lanier
          31 - Murphy
          22 - Tallassee
          21 - Kinston
          21 - Phillips Birmingham
          21 - Pleasant Home
          21 - Woodlawn
 Most Semi-Final Appearances
          18 - Sidney Lanier
          17 - LeFlore
          15 - Parker
 Most Semi-Final Wins
        12 - Sidney Lanier
        12 - R.C Hatch
        11 - St. Jude
        10 - Woodlawn
         9 - Holy Family
 Most Final Appearances
          12 - R.C. Hatch
          11 - Sidney Lanier
          10 - Selma
          10 - Woodlawn
 Most Games Played
          81 - Sidney Lanier
          78 - Selma
          56 - Woodlawn
          55 - Scottsboro
          55 - Murphy
 Most Games Won
          49 - Sidney Lanier
          44 - Selma
          40 - Woodlawn
          37 - Scottsboro Basketball Progress

     We have almost every game from the state championship tournament dating back to the 1921 season.  We have most of the all-state teams from 1982-2011 and we will continue research for the all state teams from 1921-1981. Much work is needed on the District and Area games with research continuing for these games.

The Beginning

  James A. Naismith (November 6, 1861 – November 28, 1939) was a Canadian and American sports coach and innovator. He invented the sport of basketball in 1891 and is often credited with introducing the first football helmet. He wrote the original basketball rulebook, founded the University of Kansas basketball program, and lived to see basketball adopted as an Olympic demonstration sport in 1904 and as an official event at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. *

Great Moments in Alabama High School Basketball History

Francis Marion defeated North Sand Mountain 112-105 in the highest scoring game ever in the tournament.