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All State Updates  

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          Over the past few weeks we were able to complete almost every all-state team selected over the past 100 years. Thanks to our friend Bill Plott, who shared his notebook containing almost every team from 1916 through the 1979 season, we have been able to add over 8,200 entries into the database for all-state players.

          We even added a few AISA teams from the 1970s. The notebook also contained many clippings from the 50s and 60s with players of the year from some of the newspapers. We even picked up some coaches of the year. Everything has been entered and will show up for the appropriate team and season.

          We currently have a total of 33,868 entries in our all-state database. This total includes just over 26,000 different players. Remember some players were selected to more than one all-state team which makes up the difference.

          The newest additions can be found in the 'All-State' section of the website or on each team's page under 'players'. There should be some new all-state players for most every team that played during this time period.

          While we do have these players in our records, they are far from complete and accurate. It is very difficult to find first names for many of the players selected to the honorable mention teams and those picked in the early years. There is also very little consistency between the newspapers on the spelling of many of the last names. It seems the list of names were spelled phonetically at times by the newspapers.

          If you can assist us in getting an accurate list of names for your favorite team let me know or join us in the forums to make changes. If there are errors in the spelling of names I apologize but many are simply entered the way they were spelled in the newspaper at that time. Let us know if you find mistakes and they will be corrected.

David Parker

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Robby James has won nine AISA State Championships during his career at Catherine Academy, Morgan Academy and Marengo Academy.