500 Club

2Fayette County657
3T.R. Miller657
5Benjamin Russell625
7Bessemer City621
9Colbert County618
17Clay County582
23Sidney Lanier571
25Pickens County567
36Tuscaloosa County538
40Fort Payne534
46Shades Valley518
51Central Phenix City514
52Sweet Water511
54Cherokee County508
  Coach  Wins
1Buddy Anderson316
2Waldon Tucker309
3Glenn Daniel302
4Jamie Riggs301
5Robby James298
6Spence McCracken280
7Wayne Trawick279
8Danny Horn271
9Robert Higginbotham270
10Nolan Atkins270
11Terry Curtis261
12Dale Pruitt255
13H.L. Shorty Ogle253
14Joe Nettles249
15Mac Champion247
16Robert Gartman246
17Hugh OShields244
18Harlan Robinson243
19Glenn Vickery242
20Bill Bacon242



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WHM submitted Catholic Montgomery scores and Coaches back to 1945.

Joe Ferguson submitted Enterprise scores and Coaches back to 1921.

Danny Jones submitted Northside scores and Coaches back to 1959.

Lissoy submitted Auburn scores and Coaches back to 1911.

Darrell Brock submitted West Point scores and Coaches back to 1964.

Todd Dillashaw & Roger Ellis submitted Hamilton scores and Coaches back to 1912.

John L. Williams submitted Deshler scores and Coaches back to 1924.

Red Devil submitted Central Phenix City scores and Coaches back to 1928.

Ben Lusk submitted Guntersville scores and Coaches back to 1914.

Ben Estes submitted Brewer almost complete back to 1970.

Jeff Williams submitted Benjamin Russell Completed back to 1922.

Steven Burchell submitted Lauderdale County scores for many years back to 1926.

Mike Goodson submitted Gadsden scores back to their first season in 1924.

John Vital submitted Hazel Green scores back to 1962, which was their first season. He also gave us Madison Academy.

Daryl Lowery submitted Jemison scores back to 1947, the first year for Football in Jemison.

The History of High School Football in Alabama

      Welcome to the Alabama High School Football Historical Society. Our goal is to chronicle a complete history of high school football in the state of Alabama. We also provide other important information including coaching records, state wide polls, state championship summaries, region and area records and much more. If you can provide accurate scores or any other information related to our efforts we encourage you to contact us.

This Week in Football

Region Standings
7A  6A  5A  4A  3A  2A  1A  AISA 

Week Seven Action                         
 Scoring Averages 
 Records & Tidbits from week Seven 
 Week Seven Scores 
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Week Six Action                         
 Top Ten matchups this week 
 ASWA Football Poll 
 Records & Tidbits from week Six 
 Week Six Scores 

Week Five Action                         
 ASWA Football Poll 
 Records & Tidbits from week Five 
 Week Five Scores 

Week Four Action                         
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 Week Four Scores 

Week Three Action                         
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Week Two Action                           
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 Week Two Scores 
 ASWA Top Ten Poll

Week One Action                           
 Week Two Matchups 
 Records & Tidbits from week one 
 This week's scores 
 Tidbits for the pre season 

On The Radio

Find your favorite team on a local radio station this season.

Coaching Changes

A look at every high school football head coaching change since the end of the 2014 football season.

Current Streaks

Winning Streak
          21 - Clay-Chalkville
          65 - Edgewood Academy, AISA
 Losing Streak
          26 - Holly Pond
 Regular Season Wins
          24 - Guntersville
 Region Winning Streak
          46 - Tanner          
 Region Losing Streak
          43 - Bullock County
 Home Winning Streak
          35 - Muscle Shoals
 Consecutive Winning Seasons
          22 - Gordo
 Consecutive Playoff Seasons
          32 - Luverne
 Consecutive Weeks Top Ten Ranking
          169 - Hoover
 Consecutive Games Scoring
          202 - Fyffe

2014 Season in review

AHSFHS.org                               December,  29nd, 2014
 A week by week recap of the football season.

Historical Other Sports

  * It is difficult to imagine but there are actually sports in Alabama other than football. AHSFHS.org has put together a list of the state champions for every sport. An entire section is devoted to recognizing these champions of past years.
Read More

Articles Archives

Articles Archives - past articles about the history of high school football in Alabama.

Historical Football News

The first all-star high school football game
AHSFHS.org                               February,  6th, 2014
The first Crippled Children's Clinic All-Star football game in Birmingham.

Other Team Sports on AHSFHS.org

Following years of research, in June of 2007 the AHSFHS.org website became a reality. Many people have gotten involved to assist with the research of the schools and teams to make this possible.

Now, in 2012 other team sports have joined football as a part of our research. Initially AHSFHS.org will include information about the state tournament, all state teams, all tournament teams, player awards, coaches and team records. The additional team sports will include Basketball and Soccer for both boys and girls, Volleyball, Baseball and Softball.

Check it out here at WWW.AHSFHS.org/sports

The Latest at AHSFHS.org

AHSFHS.org                               August,  30th, 2015
      A brief history of overtime games.
   Overtime anyone?

AHSFHS.org                               August,  18th, 2015
      A few questions entering the 2015 season.

AHSFHS.org                               August,  16th, 2015
      A list of teams with consecutive winning seasons all-time.
   Winning seasons.

AHSFHS.org                               August,  14th, 2015
      Some obscure trivia to pass the time before the season.
   Did you know?

AHSFHS.org                               August,  13th, 2015
       Coaching changes and records.
   The coaches

AHSFHS.org                               August,  12th, 2015
       A look at the winningest teams over the past 25 years.
   25 seasons

AHSFHS.org                               August,  10th, 2015
       New research from Bill Plott for four new areas.
   Bill Plott (part 3)

ASWA                               August,  5th, 2015
       The 2015 preseason ASWA football poll.
   Preseason Poll

AHSFHS.org                               August,  3rd, 2015
       Are you ready for some football? A look at some of the team records for the upcoming season.
   Team Records

Rosters                               July,  7th, 2015
       AHSFHS.org is working to complete rosters for each of the State Championship teams since the playoffs began in 1966.
   Championship Rosters

Bill Plott                               May,  19th, 2015
       New research from Bill Plott for Walker, Cullman and Blount Counties.
   Bill Plott (part 1)

Bill Plott                               May,  19th, 2015
       New research from Bill Plott for Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Marion and Winston Counties.
   Bill Plott (part 2)

Oneonta & T.R. Miller                               May,  19th, 2015
       A fresh look at the team with the most wins in Alabama high school football history.
   All-time winningest programs.

Alabama High School Football

       Our latest series will look at the undefeated teams and their amazing seasons. A game-by-game summary of the teams that navigated an entire season without losing a game.

       The Undefeated Playoff Teams

       A series of articles we began last season and will update each year about the men who have roamed the sideline of the Alabama high school football fields over the past 100 years. Find out who are the best of all-time.

       The Coaches of Alabama High School Football

       Over the past 100 years there are games that have come to define the meaning of the word memorable. Fans remember them for years to come and talk about them forever. We take a look at some of those games in a series on the greatest games in history.

       The Greatest Games in High School Football

       With the recent talk among college football fans debating whether the current Alabama team is considered a dynasty, we at AHSFHS.org thought it would be great to look back at some of the dynasties in high school football.

       The Alabama High School Football Dynasties

AHSFHS.org Fan Shop

 * This is your chance to show your team colors as a fan of high school football. Shop for hundreds of items with your school's colors and logos at the AHSFHS.org Fan Shop.

ASHFHS.org Progress

   You can keep track of our progress in completing teams back through the 1950 season by clicking on the link in the right-hand column called 'Our Progress'.
We are working to finish as many teams as possible back through the 1950 season. If you can assist us in this research in any way just let us know.
More information  

  We are also interested in completing the coaches for every team. If you can assist us in any way we will appreciate the help.

Tales from Alabama Prep Football

Ron Ingram and Rubin Grant have covered High School football in Alabama for many years and have produced a great book on the sport. A must read for every high school football fan. If you haven't read it get a copy today. It was during high school that players such as Bo Jackson, Pat Sullivan, Bobby Bowden, Bart Starr, John Hannah, Kenny Stabler, Pat Trammell, Terrell "T.O." Owens, and Carnell "Cadillac" Williams-to name but a few-began their ascent to stardom.

Another good book on HS Football in the state is the Complete History of DeKalb County/ Ft Payne Wildcats Football. Larry Hancock did much of the research and put the book together. Copies are available through the school.

The Beginning

The game of American football as played today by high school, college, and professional teams grew out of rugby-style football which in the mid-1870s replaced a largely kicking game known as association football. Although initially played on village greens and on college fields, the first intercollegiate game took place on 6 November 1869 when Rutgers defeated Princeton 6-4 in a soccer-style game. Five years later, Montreal's McGill University playing at Harvard introduced rugby football, which would be rapidly adopted by eastern teams.   *Answers.com