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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

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Coffee High School

648 N. Cherry St. Florence, AL 35630
Stadium: Braly Municipal Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
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 Honored Players 
 Player   Year   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Award   College   Source 
 All American 
 Freddie Cruce1956  WW
 Kenneth Mitchell1959 G  WW
 AHSAA-University of Alabama All-Star Game 
 James Lovelace1948 B Sr.  
 David Bratcher1950 LT Sr.  
 Osbie Linville1951 HB Sr.6-0180 Alabama 
 John Poole1951 LE Sr.175  
 Dean Heathcock1951 C Sr.  
 Osbie Linville1951 LHB Sr.6-0180 Alabama 
 Billy Lumpkins1952 Sr. Alabama 
 Henry Prater1956 DE Sr.175  
 Freddie Cruce1956 HB Sr.5-10175 Alabama 
 Billy Hill1956 QB Sr.6-0165 Mississippi State 
 Bill Grimes1956 G Sr.6-1190 Georgia Tech 
 Kenneth Mitchell1959 G Sr.5-8205 Alabama 
 Jim Blair1959 C Sr.6-1203 Alabama 
 Bill Belue1961 T Sr.6-2220 Auburn 
 Larry Jeffers1962 G Sr.5-11210 Auburn 
 Mike Gooch1963 E Sr.6-4210 Tennessee 
 Bill Hunt1964 HB Sr.5-10170 Auburn 
 Garry Bernaver1965 T Sr.6-0210 Auburn 
 Hank Self1967 G Sr.6-0195 Auburn 
 Charlie Anderson.1971 TE Sr.6-2207 Tennessee 
 Jeff McCollum1972 LB Sr.6-3210 Auburn 
 John Smith1973 T Sr.6-1240 Auburn 
 Terry Anderson1975 LB Sr.6-1210 Tennessee 
 Barry Hamilton1975 QB Sr.6-3184 Troy State 
 Sam Prater1976 DE Sr.6-1219 Tennessee 
 Danny Casteel1977 T Sr.6-6245 Alabama 
 Kevin Stanfield1978 TE Sr.6-0190 North Alabama 
 Mike Marks1981 DT Sr.6-6249 North Alabama 
 Collis Campbell1981 FB Sr.6-0205 Auburn 
 Rodney Jarmon1981 QB Sr.6-2185 Alabama 
 Howard Broadfoot1982 OL Sr.6-4250 North Alabama 
 Trent Dawson1997 DE/LB Sr. 6-2195  
 T.J. Patterson1998 RB Sr.  
 Super All-State 
 Hank Self1967 G Sr.183 Auburn Bham News
 Terry Anderson1975 G Sr.6-1210 Tennessee Bham News
 Rod Jones1992 RB Sr.6-1195  Bham News

 All State Players 
 Player   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Team   College   Source 
 1998   5A 
 Corey HughesWR Sr. HM   BN
 T.J. PattersonRB Sr. HM   BN
 T.J. PattersonRB Sr. HM   ASWA
 1997   5A 
 Trent DawsonLB Sr.6-2200 1st   BN
 Trent DawsonLB Sr.6-2200 HM   ASWA
 1995   5A 
 Dane DoerflingerWR Sr. HM   ASWA
 Dane DoerflingerWR Sr. HM   BN
 Phillip GambrellOL Jr. HM   BN
 1994   5A 
 Ernest WoodRB So. HM   BN
 1993   5A 
 Desmond RayWR Sr.5-6140 HM   ASWA
 1992   5A 
 Rod JonesRB Sr.6-1195 1st   BN
 Rod JonesRB Sr.6-0195 1st   ASWA
 1991   5A 
 Allen ShipleyWR Sr. HM   ASWA
 Lo Allen ShipleyWR Sr. HM   BN
 1990   5A 
 Rod WatkinsLB Sr. HM   BN
 1988   5A 
 Greg WatsonDL Sr.6-6250 1st   ASWA
 Greg WatsonDL Sr.6-6260 1st   BN
 1986   6A 
 Calvin KoonceDL HM   ASWA
 1985   6A 
 Clint SaffordB HM   ASWA
 Quint SaffordWR HM   BN
 1984   6A 
 Larry ThorneLB Sr.6-0220 1st   ASWA
 Larry ThorneLB HM   BN
 1983   4A 
 Anthony ColeDB Sr.6-2185 HM   ASWA
 Anthony ColeDB Sr.6-2185 1st   BN
 Eric FordWR HM   ASWA
 Kenny RideoutRB HM   BN
 Kenny RideoutRB HM   ASWA
 Scooter SandersonRB HM   ASWA
 1982   4A 
 Howard BroadfootDL Sr.6-4260 1st   ASWA
 Howard BroadfootDL Sr.6-4260 1st   BN
 1981   4A 
 Collis CampbellRB Sr.6-0205 2nd   BN
 Mike MarksL Sr.6-6249 HM   BN
 Rodney JarmonDB Sr.6-2180 1st   BN
 1980   4A 
 Rod JarmonB Sr.180 HM   BN
 1978   4A 
 Kevin StanfieldB 6-0190 2nd   BN
 Kevin StanfieldB 6-0190 HM   BPH
 1977   4A 
 Danny CasteelOL Sr.6-5220 1st   MA
 Danny CasteelL Sr.6-5220 2nd   BPH
 Danny CasteelT Sr.6-5245 2nd   BN
 Ronnie LeweyE HM   BN
 Ronnie LeweyE 3rd   BPH
 Ronnie LeweyE HM   MA
 1976   4A 
 Sam PraterLB Sr.6-3230 1st   BPH
 Sam PraterT Sr.6-3219 HM   BN
 1975   4A 
 Barry HamiltonQB Sr. HM   BN
 Barry HamiltonQB Sr. HM   BPH
 Gary CasteelT Sr.6-4220 1st   MA
 Terry AndersonLB Sr.6-1210 2nd   BPH
 Terry AndersonG Sr.6-1210 1st   BN
 1974   4A 
 Rusty PraterB Sr. HM   BN
 Rusty PraterB Sr. HM   BPH
 1973   4A 
 John SmithLB Sr.225 1st   BPH
 John SmithT Sr. 2nd   BN
 1972   4A 
 Jeff McCollumG/C Sr.6-3195 HM   BN
 Jeff McCollumLB 2nd   BPH
 1971   4A 
 Charlie Anderson.E Sr.6-2207 HM   BN
 Joe TateB HM   BN
 1970   4A 
 Chip RaschE HM   BN
 1969   4A 
 James HooksIL HM   BPH
 1967   4A 
 Hank SelfG Sr.183 1st   AP
 Hank SelfG Sr.183 1st   BN
 Hank SelfMG Sr.183 2nd   BPH
 1966   4A 
 Arthur TipperC HM   BPH
 Mike StaffordB HM   BPH
 Mike StaffordB HM   BN
 Ronnie BrewerG Sr.180 2nd   BN
 Ronnie BrewerMG Sr.185 2nd   BPH
 1965   4A 
 Garry BernaverT Sr.215 1st   AP
 Garry BernaverG Sr.210 1st   BN
 Richard RomineE Sr. HM   BN
 Ronnie BrewerG HM   BN
 Ronnie BrewerG HM   AP
 1964   4A 
 Bill HuntB Sr.165 1st   BPH
 Bill HuntB Sr.168 1st   BN
 Bill HuntB Sr.165 1st   AP
 Gary McDonaldB HM   BPH
 Gary McDonaldB HM   AP
 Hugh RiceL HM   AP
 Hugh RiceG HM   BPH
 Larry MarshallT HM   BN
 1963   4A 
 Mike GoochE Sr.210 2nd   BPH
 Mike GoochE Sr.210 2nd   BN
 1962   3A 
 Chick StockardC 1st   ASWA
 Larry JeffersG Sr.200 2nd   BN
 Tom SmootHB 1st   ASWA
 Wyatt JefferyG 1st   ASWA
 1961   4A 
 Audie MaysT Sr.210 2nd   BPH
 Barry WillisE HM   BPH
 Barry WillisE HM   BN
 Bill BelueG HM   BPH
 Bill BelueT HM   BPH
 Bill BelueT HM   BN
 Larry JeffriesG Jr.198 1st   BN
 Larry JeffriesG Jr.205 1st   BPH
 Larry JeffriesG Jr.205 1st   ASWA
 Ross WoodE HM   BN
 1960   3A 
 Charley YoungB Sr.155 2nd   BN
 Charley YoungB Sr.155 1st   BPH
 Charley YoungB Sr.155 2nd   MA
 Charley YoungB Sr.155 2nd   ASWA
 Jim CarringerT Sr.215 2nd   ASWA
 Jim CarringerT Sr.215 1st   BPH
 Jim CarringerT Sr.215 2nd   MA
 Jim CarringerT Sr.215 2nd   BN
 Terry HaddockB Sr.165 1st   ASWA
 Terry HaddockB Sr.165 1st   BN
 Terry HaddockB Sr.165 2nd   BPH
 Terry HaddockB Sr.165 HM   MA
 1959   3A 
 Charles YoungB Jr.160 HM   BN
 Charles YoungB Sr.160 2nd   BPH
 Charles YoungB 160 HM   MA
 Jim BlairC Sr.205 HM   MA
 Jim BlairC Sr.190 1st   BPH
 Jim BlairC Sr.205 1st   BN
 Joe GrantCoach 1st   BPH
 Kenneth MitchellG Sr.200 2nd   MA
 Kenneth MitchellG Sr.200 1st   BN
 Kenneth MitchellG Sr.190 1st   BPH
 1958   3A 
 Tank MitchellG Sr.195 1st   BPH
 1957   3A 
 Lendon SkipworthE Sr.160 2nd   BPH
 Lendon SkipworthE Sr.175 2nd   BN
 1956   3A 
 Bill GrimesG 3rd   BPH
 Freddie CruceB Sr.165 1st   BPH
 Freddie CruceHB Sr.165 HM   MA
 Freddie CruceB Sr.165 1st   BN
 1955   A 
 BryantC HM   MA
 Buddy WalkerG 2nd   BN
 Buddy WalkerT 2nd   BPH
 Buddy WalkerT HM   MA
 Freddie CruceB 3rd   MA
 Freddie CruceB HM   MA
 Freddie CruceB 2nd   BPH
 GreshamB HM   MA
 PrestageE HM   MA
 1954   A 
 WalkerT HM   MA
 1952   3A 
 Billy LumpkinsB Sr.175 1st   BN
 Billy LumpkinsB Sr.175 1st   BPH
 Jim PraterE 3rd   BPH
 John BobT 2nd   BPH
 1951   A 
 HeathcockC HM   MA
 John PooleE HM   MA
 John PooleE 1st   BPH
 John PooleE Sr.183 1st   BN
 Osbie LinvilleB Sr.175 1st   BN
 Osbie LinvilleB 1st   BPH
 1950   A 
 David BratcherE HM   MA
 David BratcherT Sr.195 1st   BN
 1949   A 
 BenisE HM   MA
 DonaldsonE HM   MA
 FulmerE HM   MA
 FulmerE HM   BNAH
 Jerry McDanielG HM   MA
 1945   A 
 HibbettG 3rd   BNAH
 PollardB HM   BNAH
 1944   A 
 HartB 4th   BNAH
 MeadeB HM   BNAH
 Sam FuirellT Sr.185 2nd   BNAH
 1943   A 
 RoseG 3rd   BN
 RoseG HM   MA
 1939   A 
 JonesE HM   BN
 McMurtrieT HM   BN
 Romine.G HM   BN
 1938   A 
 DarbyT HM   BN
 JonesHB HM   BN
 WatkinsE HM   BN
 1936   A 
 HarlowE HM   BN
 HarlowE HM   MA
 1934   A 
 PeelerL HM   BN
 RaschG HM   MA
 1933   A 
 CollierB HM   BAH
 Frank HammE 186 1st   BAH
 RomineL HM   BAH
 1932   A 
 Bill McCartyHB 1st   BAH
 HammE HM   BAH
 Lester RomiraT 2nd   BAH
 Ralph WhiteE 1st   BAH
 VossG HM   BAH
 1924   A 
 SchlosserRE 3rd   BAH
 1923   A 
 JohnsonG 1st   BAH
 ONeillT 1st   BAH

NOTE: We recognize any All State Team we have completed for each classification. If we have omitted anyone selected to an All State Team please inform us once you have verified the source of the team. It is imperative we know who made the selection before it can be included. If you were selected by any organization for an All State Team and we do not have it listed, please submit the entire team for the appropriate classification. This is the only method to make additions to the information documents for All State Teams.
You may also make additions and corrections in the All State Forum.
Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Alabama School for the Deaf won Deaf School National Championships in 1971, 1987, 1991, 2000, 2001 and 2002.