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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

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Alabama High School Football Teams


Team City     Complete
  First Season     1974-2021     All-Time     Coaches  
 G.P. Austin    Linden   1949      Researched   
 G.W. Long    Skipperville   1966  Complete  Researched  R 
 Gadsden    Gadsden   1924  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Gadsden City    Gadsden   2006  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Gardendale    Gardendale   1965  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Garywood Christian    Hueytown   1994         
 Gaston    Gaston   1931  Complete  Researched   
 Gaylesville    Gaylesville   1926  Complete  Researched   
 Geiger    Geiger   1929  NA  Researched   
 Geneva    Geneva   1920  Complete  Researched   
 Geneva County    Hartford   1916  Complete  Researched   
 Georgia Alabama Christian    Phenix City   2010  Complete     
 Georgiana    Georgiana   1926  Complete  Researched   
 Geraldine    Geraldine   1923  Complete  Researched   
 Glen Iris Christian    Birmingham   1976         
 Glencoe    Glencoe   1922  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Glenn    Birmingham   1962      Researched  Complete 
 Glenwood    Glenwood   1925  NA  Researched   
 Glenwood School    Phenix City   1970      Researched   
 Golden Acres Christian    Phenix City   2008         
 Good Hope    Cullman   1970  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Goodwater    Goodwater   1924  Complete  Researched  Complete 
 Gordo    Gordo   1915  Complete  Researched   
 Gorgas    Samantha   1947  NA  Researched  Complete 
 Goshen    Goshen   1953  Complete  Researched   
 Grace Christian    Prattville   1976         
 Grand Bay    Grand Bay   1951  Complete  Researched  Complete 
 Graysville    Graysville   1969  NA     
 Greene County    Eutaw   2000  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Greensboro    Greensboro   1919      Researched   
 Greenville    Greenville   1920  Complete  Researched  Complete 
 Greenville Academy    Greenville   1971      Researched   
 Gregory    Collinsville   1948  NA     
 Greystone Christian    Mobile   1970         
 Grimsley    Ashford   1968  NA     
 Grissom    Huntsville   1970  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Gulf Shores    Gulf Shores   2000  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Gunn Christian    Birmingham   2015  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Guntersville    Guntersville   1914  Complete  Researched  Complete 

* Complete = All information completed.
* Researched = Team has been researched to the best of our ability.
* If the first season for a team is unknown it is assigned a first year based on research.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Parrish scored a record 77 points in a playoff game against Cedar Bluff in 2001. The Tornados were shutout the following week 19-0 by Courtland.