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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

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Alabama High School Football Teams


Team City     Complete
  First Season     1974-2021     All-Time     Coaches  
 D.A. Smith    Ozark   1968  NA     
 D.A.R.    Grant   2006  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 D.C. Wolfe    Shorter   1967  Complete  Researched  Complete 
 Dadeville    Dadeville   1921  Complete  Researched  Complete 
 Dale County    Midland City   1922  Complete  Researched  R 
 Daleville    Daleville   1965  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Dallas County    Plantersville   1919  Complete  Researched   
 Danville    Danville   1976  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Daphne    Daphne   1989  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Daphne Normal    Daphne   1925  NA  Researched   
 Darden    Opelika   1935  NA  Researched   
 Davidson    Mobile   1961  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Davidson Centreville    Centreville   1968  NA     
 Daviston    Daviston   1926  NA  Researched   
 Decatur    Decatur   1917  Complete  Researched   
 Decatur Heritage Christian    Decatur   2010  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Demopolis    Demopolis   1920  Complete  Researched   
 Demopolis Academy    Demopolis   1972  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Deshler    Tuscumbia   1917  Complete  Researched  Complete 
 Dinkins Military    Selma   1920  NA  Researched   
 Disque    Gadsden   1909  NA  Researched   
 Dixie Academy    Louisville   1967         
 Dixon Mills    Dixon Mills   1928  NA  Researched   
 Doby    Wetumpka   1933  NA  Researched   
 Donoho    Anniston   1972  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Dora    Dora   1925  Complete  Researched  Complete 
 Dothan    Dothan   1912  Complete  Researched  Complete 
 Dothan High    Dothan   2019  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Douglas    Douglas   1970  Complete  Complete  Complete 
 Douglasville    Douglasville   1949  NA  Researched   
 Dozier    Dozier   1928  Complete  Researched   
 Drake    Auburn   1935  NA  Researched   
 Druid    Tuscaloosa   1931  Complete  Researched   
 Dunbar    Bessemer   1939  NA     
 Dunbar Mobile    Mobile   1929  NA  Researched   

* Complete = All information completed.
* Researched = Team has been researched to the best of our ability.
* If the first season for a team is unknown it is assigned a first year based on research.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Marion County defeated Meek 83-6 in a playoff game in 2012. It is the most points scored by a team in a playoff game.