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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Sheffield Yearly Summary

Sheffield Bulldogs
Sheffield High School

2800 19th Ave. Sheffield, AL 35660
Stadium: Walton R. Wright Stadium
Colors: Purple & Gold
Coach: Brian Dickerson
Region: 2A-R8
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20222A*1-04720R8 Brian Dickerson  
20212A*2-8198321R81-5111181 Harold Wisdom  
20202A*3-7250354R82-4190250 David Hufstedler  
20192A*6-52792760-1048R73-3150133 David Hufstedler  
20182A*6-52262380-1026R73-3121109 David Hufstedler  
20172A*4-71932980-1048R83-3145144 David Hufstedler  
20162A*9-33942211-16154R85-1187105 David Hufstedler  
20153A*4-6273370R83-4190273 David Hufstedler  
20143A*4-6277295R83-4185231 David Hufstedler  
20132A*4-72003190-11249R84-3149159 David Hufstedler  
20122A*6-63672931-15657R85-2262149 David Hufstedler  
20113A*9-32841761-16248R86-116667 David Hufstedler  
20103A*4-71922050-1035R84-314381 Chris Tucker  
20093A*1-9159258R80-7116173 Chris Tucker  
20083A*5-61742490-1735R83-4125159 Chris Tucker  
20073A*3-7149265R81-689178 Chris Tucker  
20063A*6-52962160-11442R84-3208129 Kevin Rose  
20053A*4-72132780-11420R83-4145135 Kevin Rose  
20043A*1-9184358R81-6136232 Kevin Rose  
20033A*5-62793280-1749R84-3180176 Kevin Rose  
20023A*6-52502120-11442R84-3171109 Kevin Rose  
20013A*12-15301482-19954R8#7-032160 Kevin Rose  
20003A*9-23311290-1624R86-126363 Kevin Rose  
19994A*8-33181920-12025R163-110881 Johnny Wright  
19984A*6-4243300R161-381145 Johnny Wright  
19974A*3-7158230R161-25371 Johnny Wright  
19964A*3-81993180-1034R162-16766 Johnny Wright  
19954A*6-51662390-1049R152-17056 Johnny Wright  
19944A*5-62402030-1714R152-17934 Johnny Wright  
19934A*9-33621891-16020R16#3-012433 Johnny Wright  
19924A*9-43141912-16437R16#3-08133 Johnny Wright  
19914A*7-42351840-11419R16#3-07427 Johnny Wright  
19904A*3-7167226R161-26662 Johnny Wright  
19894A*4-71652100-11427R16#3-06722 Johnny Wright  
19884A*6-51571640-1047R16#3-07835 Johnny Wright  
19875A*3-7100193R140-32756 Johnny Wright  
19865A*4-6101189R141-21850 Jack Weaver  
19854A*11-22061312-13439R16#4-09034 Jack Weaver  
19844A*3-7139226R161-34495 Jack Weaver  
19833A*7-4161123R166-4158123 Jack Weaver  
19823A*7-316177R167-316177 Jack Weaver  
19813A*2-894163R162-47493 Wayland Blake  
19803A*5-5118133R163-25461 Wayland Blake  
19793A*4-6173182R163-311196 Wayland Blake  
19783A*4-5167135R163-312784 Wayland Blake  
19773A*9-32081011-12719R16# Wayland Blake  
19763A*4-6147222R162-376115 Robert Butterworth  
19753A*2-8110236R16 Robert Butterworth  
19743A*10-43231653-17849R16# Roland Atkins  
19733A*8-32491040-1010 Roland Atkins  
19723A*6-3-1155126 Roland Atkins  
19713A*7-3215140 Roland Atkins  
19704A*5-5170128 Roland Atkins  
19694A*2-8102233 Bob James  
19684A*2-7-181228 Bob James  
19674A*4-6147136 WIlliam Whitlock  
19663A*5-4-1160142 WIlliam Whitlock  
19653A*0-8-219188 WIlliam Whitlock  
19643A*1-998267 Walton Wright  
19633A*5-4-1138140 Walton Wright  
1962*2-881158 Walton Wright  
1961*4-6123156 Walton Wright  
1960*3-6-180128 Walton Wright  
1959*7-316156 Walton Wright  
1958*6-414165 Walton Wright  
1957*5-3176113 Walton Wright  
1956*1-8-163174 Walton Wright  
1955*5-5152141 Walton Wright  
1954*4-5-1116153 Walton Wright  
1953*4-5-1184104 Walton Wright  
1952*5-4-114771 Walton Wright  
1951*9-1259108 Walton Wright  
1950*6-1-217968 Walton Wright  
1949*7-322774 Walton Wright  
1948*6-3-1194114 Walton Wright  
1947*5-414790 Walton Wright  
1946*3-5-111287 Walton Wright  
1945*9-024137 Walton Wright  
1944*9-036425 Walton Wright  
1943*8-121633 Walton Wright  
1942*7-1-119846 Walton Wright  
1941*4-4-18198 Walton Wright  
1940*7-216267 Walton Wright  
1939*7-217853 Walton Wright  
1938*7-1-122558 Walton Wright  
1937*8-126532 Walton Wright  
1936*3-3-310545 C.M. Brewster  
1935*2-5-257228 C.M. Brewster  
1934*6-211546 C.M. Brewster  
1933*4-3-210272 C.M. Brewster  
1932*4-594104 C.M. Brewster  
1931*8-1-112744 C.M. Brewster  
1930*8-219933 C.M. Brewster  
1929*9-0-125512 C.M. Brewster  
1928*6-2-214865 C.M. Brewster  
1927*5-3-110974 C.M. Brewster  
1926*3-410163 Grubb  
19252-54294 Grubb  
1924*2-4-16184 Grubb  
19232-3-14444 Grubb  
1922*4-36166 Grubb  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The first football game played by a high school team in Alabama was in 1892 when Central Birmingham (Phillips) lost to Alabama 56-0 on November 11.