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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Geneva Yearly Summary

Geneva Panthers
Geneva High School

505 Panther Drive Geneva, AL 36340
Stadium: Hugh Owen Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Les Sanders
Region: 4A-R2
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20204A*4-5212251R23-3144121 Les Sanders  
20193A*8-33513170-13649R25-2199194 Les Sanders  
20183A*4-6302304R21-6190270 Les Sanders  
20173A*7-3216159R24-3123138 Les Sanders  
20163A*3-6213241R22-5168193 Les Sanders  
20153A*4-6286294R12-4171201 Les Sanders  
20143A*6-62622601-12348R13-3123121 Don Chesteen  
20133A*4-6273326R22-5182236 Don Chesteen  
20123A*4-6280276R22-5200195 Don Chesteen  
20113A*2-8194363R21-6118223 Jeff Williams  
20103A*2-7163282R22-5135213 Jeff Williams  
20093A*4-71952050-11935R23-412790 Jeff Williams  
20083A*6-4207155R24-3124101 Jeff Williams  
20073A*8-32892140-1027R26-1206135 Jeff Williams  
20063A*11-14511811-18147R2#7-026482 Mike McCombs  
20054A*11-23791342-14865R2#6-119249 Mike McCombs  
20044A*10-23111271-12439R26-119047 Mike McCombs  
20034A*5-5217167R24-3162101 Mike McCombs  
20024A*4-6180208R23-4144140 Leavy Boutwell  
20014A*9-23361061-14032R26-122774 Leavy Boutwell  
20004A*11-13821482-18876R2#7-021939 Leavy Boutwell  
19994A*12-14541082-18847R3#3-07421 Leavy Boutwell  
19984A*9-23271110-11637R3#3-09031 Leavy Boutwell  
19974A*7-3291163R31-22435 Leavy Boutwell  
19964A*3-798257R30-32497 Leavy Boutwell  
19954A*1-9122265R30-32777 John Poitevint  
19944A*1-9137347R31-249134 John Poitevint  
19933A*3-7120222R30-31291 John Poitevint  
19923A*6-4217143R31-23968 Jim Bixby  
19914A*0-1046289R30-3680 Jim Bixby  
19904A*4-6154252R31-24469 Rex Bynum  
19894A*1-9128208R30-36182 Rex Bynum  
19884A*4-6164153R31-24141 Rex Bynum  
19874A*9-43192002-16945R3#3-08712 Don Chesteen  
19864A*11-2242832-13926R3#3-08113 Don Chesteen  
19853A*10-32881132-17040R3#4-08418 Don Chesteen  
19843A*7-318587R33-16729 Don Chesteen  
19832A*8-327387R45-213645 Don Chesteen  
19822A*8-2241100R45-213087 Don Chesteen  
19813A*5-574112R3NE1-521102 Don Chesteen  
19803A*3-7110171R3NE1-640150 Lionel Fayard  
19793A*4-692210R33-468142 Max Griffin  
19783A*1-979320R31-653223 Max Griffin  
19773A*1-9117281R30-539150 Max Griffin  
19763A*5-5159133R32-24760 Max Griffin  
19753A*7-319289R32-24762 Max Griffin  
19743A*8-219966R3 Max Griffin  
19733A*9-122560 Max Griffin  
19723A*8-2222167 Max Griffin  
19713A*7-322576 Max Griffin  
19703A*8-217358 Max Griffin  
19693A*7-1-228280 Max Griffin  
19683A*7-318593 Max Griffin  
19673A*2-6-171179 Max Griffin  
19663A*3-6-1104211 Max Griffin  
19653A*4-6158175 John Sanders  
19643A*2-763195 John Sanders  
19633A*5-588164 Billy Ricketts  
1962*7-2-119871 Billy Ricketts  
1961*5-4-17250 Billy Ricketts  
1960*8-1-114665 Billy Ricketts  
1959*1-8-144239 Billy Ricketts  
1958*2-8144159 Charles Hataway  
1957*4-6150204 Charles Hataway  
1956*4-5152129 Guy Penny  
1955*4-679132 Guy Penny  
1954*3-647121 Guy Penny  
1953*3-5-163180 Guy Penny  
1952*3-5-295121 Guy Penny  
1951*3-7148177 Durwood Moore  
1950*6-4116132 Durwood Moore  
1949*1-835181 Durwood Moore  
1948*1-7-182162 Hannis Red Prim  
1947*2-630167 Hannis Red Prim  
1946*6-2-110089 Hannis Red Prim  
19453-1-21220 Dick Lewis  
1944*1-737125 A.D. Price  
1943*2-5-14770 John Earl Hughes  
1942*3-5-147128 Robert Maxwell  
1941*1-7-139215 Levaughn Hanks  
1940*4-4-199103 Glynn Kitchens  
1939*6-314745 Glynn Kitchens  
1938*8-120839 Dewey Findley  
1937*5-412864 Dewey Findley  
19362-51471 Dewey Findley  
19355-311947 Ervin Levi  
19342-5-145138 Ervin Levi  
19322-620255 Clayton Hudson  
1931*3-6-281109 Clayton Hudson  
1930*3-5-1111113 Bully Hitchcock  
1929*5-3-110271 Bully Hitchcock  
1928*4-4-28683 Bully Hitchcock  
19276-415132 Bully Hitchcock  
19255-2-16720 Herst Mauldin  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden was a star quarterback at Woodlawn high school in Birmingham.