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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Scottsboro Yearly Summary

Scottsboro Wildcats
Scottsboro High School

25050 John T. Reid Pkwy. Scottsboro, AL 35768
Stadium: Pat Trammell Stadium
Colors: Black & Old Gold
Coach: Cris Bell
Region: 6A-R7
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20216A*2-692226R71-455137 Cris Bell  
20206A*2-8146239R71-597167 Don Jacobs  
20195A*9-33062111-12740R86-1229122 Don Jacobs  
20185A*4-6188279R83-4159161 Don Jacobs  
20175A*5-5238243R73-4147173 Don Jacobs  
20165A*12-15862472-1115104R7#7-0360109 Patrick Nix  
20156A*5-63113410-1935R73-3176190 Patrick Nix  
20146A*4-73083810-15085R73-3158176 Patrick Nix  
20135A*7-42842230-1024R76-1195137 Patrick Nix  
20125A*2-8235349R72-5175240 Swane Morris  
20115A*2-8141284R71-695178 Swane Morris  
20105A*1-979284R71-657185 Swane Morris  
20095A*1-9116227R70-764146 Freddie Tidmore  
20085A*5-62152430-1741R74-3138125 Freddie Tidmore  
20075A*6-52462450-11435R75-2195137 Freddie Tidmore  
20065A*5-63303190-12037R74-3238194 Freddie Tidmore  
20055A*0-10147285R70-796192 Freddie Tidmore  
20045A*10-24192311-17557R7#7-0233116 Larry Morris  
20035A*8-43672661-13668R75-2241137 Larry Morris  
20025A*4-72332750-12249R74-3184158 Larry Morris  
20015A*1-9129272R70-785198 Larry Morris  
20005A*8-33972710-12132R76-1273186 Larry Morris  
19995A*7-3277239R153-2133119 Larry Morris  
19985A*3-7253303R150-5126188 Larry Morris  
19975A*10-33742043-111261R14#2-18369 Larry Morris  
19965A*11-14022432-111380R14#3-09775 Larry Morris  
19955A*11-13151891-14460R13#3-08657 Larry Morris  
19945A*6-62302131-14947R131-24975 Larry Morris  
19935A*2-883190R140-2650 Larry Morris  
19925A*4-6150151R140-22347 Larry Morris  
19916A*5-61942090-1628R14#3-08421 Larry Morris  
19906A*5-61641990-1743R14#2-16738 Rick Brown  
19896A*8-43232081-14462R162-18552 Lyle Darnell  
19886A*2-91252520-11621R162-12859 Lyle Darnell  
19876A*4-71242260-1338R162-13846 Lyle Darnell  
19866A*0-1092283R160-32180 Randy Ross  
19855A*6-51481650-1631R142-14734 Randy Ross  
19845A*5-5156152R141-23841 Wayne McNutt  
19834A*5-5159158R110-533128 Wayne McNutt  
19824A*4-6133192R112-371103 Wayne McNutt  
19814A*5-599100R111-33339 George Hoblitzell  
19804A*9-32051461-11435R11#3-18259 Lyle Darnell  
19794A*2-8109188R110-52992 Larry Keys  
19784A*4-6154147R111-450103 Larry Keys  
19773A*4-6121163R122-37481 Larry Keys  
19763A*8-2-12681420-1734R12#6-017959 Larry Keys  
19753A*4-5140176R12 Larry Keys  
19744A*6-4173122 Larry Keys  
19734A*5-5118216 Larry Keys  
19724A*2-883156 Jim Tompkins  
19714A*3-7105205 Morris Higginbotham  
19704A*10-22531441-13235 Morris Higginbotham  
19694A*7-214785 James Buddy Moore  
19683A*6-4209106 Bill Hawkins  
19673A*6-484114 Bill Hawkins  
19663A*4-5129142 Bill Hawkins  
19653A*10-026758 John Meadows  
19643A*6-2-1147103 John Meadows  
19633A*9-127068 John Meadows  
1962*6-1-317242 John Meadows  
1961*9-126187 John Meadows  
1960*10-023560 John Meadows  
1959*5-4-1116117 John Meadows  
1958*2-870257 John Locklear  
1957*7-326282 Jack Cornelius  
1956*9-142569 Jack Cornelius  
1955*6-3-1237105 Jack Cornelius  
1954*3-6-1139163 Ed Spears  
1953*4-5-184137 Ed Spears  
1952*5-4-1153175 Ed Spears  
1951*3-778155 R.L. Bates  
1950*4-4-2199140 R.L. Bates  
1949*4-4-1109144 R.L. Bates  
1948*5-5134140 Jerry Odom  
1947*6-3-1111116 J.B. McClendon  
1946*6-315184 J.B. McClendon  
1945      No Team
1944*1-668161 Melvin Vines  
1943*4-470112 Russell Garrett  
1942*3-5-110188 Russell Garrett  
1941*3-5-2104218 James Bludworth  
1940*2-6-179137 Raymond Wedgeworth  
1939*7-213251 Raymond Wedgeworth  
1938*4-4-28857 Raymond Wedgeworth  
1937*5-3-114045 J.H. Dawson  
1936*6-39638 J.H. Dawson  
1935*7-221275 Billy Hicks  
1934*5-2-29164 Billy Hicks  
1933*7-1-117924 Billy Hicks  
1932*7-0-112819 Billy Hicks  
1931*7-2-117572 Billy Hicks  
1930*5-4-114091 J.O. Davie  
1929*5-215664 J.O. Davie  
19283-27744 J.O. Davie  
19270-2-1025 Kenneth Howard  
1926*5-3-112841 Kenneth Howard  
1925*3-3-33041 Kenneth Howard  
19241-3-12090 Noisy Cresham  
1923*2-5-15181 Noisy Cresham  
1922*5-211167 E.E. Harris  
19210-1021 E.E. Harris  
1920*2-28046 Wimberly  
1919*4-4-1152109 Wimberly  
1918      No Team
19164-4-116273 Student  
1915*4-5102196 Taylor  
1914*2-2-15659 Student  
1913*0-3-11857 Student  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Woody Clements was the head coach at Holt for a record 41 straight seasons.