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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Etowah Yearly Summary

Etowah Blue Devils
Etowah High School

316 Jones St. Attalla, AL 35954
Stadium: Jim Glover Field
Colors: Royal Blue & White
Coach: Matt Glover
Region: 4A-R6
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20224A*0-000R6 Matt Glover  
20214A*6-52682380-11431R65-119056 Ryan Locke  
20204A*9-43922083-113666R6#6-016349 Ryan Locke  
20195A*9-23862190-11342R6#6-026776 John Holladay  
20185A*12-14101132-17049R6#6-026021 Drew Noles  
20175A*11-23801842-15764R7#7-027169 Drew Noles  
20165A*9-34303031-17471R76-1267158 Drew Noles  
20155A*7-43311460-12127R75-121668 Drew Noles  
20145A*6-53161820-11024R75-224493 Drew Noles  
20135A*7-42861820-1040R75-222083 Drew Noles  
20125A*7-43142250-1649R75-2238118 Sam McCorkle  
20115A*10-23402271-16548R7#6-1198108 Sam McCorkle  
20105A*6-52773040-11241R74-3188175 Sam McCorkle  
20095A*4-6167250R74-3120117 Sam McCorkle  
20085A*3-7124168R73-49881 Gene Hill  
20075A*5-5161146R74-399113 Gene Hill  
20065A*8-32881720-11424R76-122992 Gene Hill  
20055A*10-23791891-13535R6#7-025284 Gene Hill  
20045A*8-32741820-11920R66-1233135 Gene Hill  
20035A*4-5206185R63-4177161 Gene Hill  
20025A*7-42961671-15825R6#6-1216116 Gene Hill  
20015A*4-72082830-12663R74-3136146 Raymond Farmer  
20005A*7-33411890-12131R76-1252101 Raymond Farmer  
19995A*14-05601865-021482R14#4-017142 Raymond Farmer  
19985A*10-43971964-111774R143-116960 Raymond Farmer  
19975A*12-23941394-110350R13#2-07425 Raymond Farmer  
19965A*8-43422251-17655R13#2-08427 Raymond Farmer  
19955A*3-7174151R121-24135 Raymond Farmer  
19945A*11-1239831-13517R12#3-04828 Raymond Farmer  
19935A*12-23191653-16824R12#3-010553 Raymond Farmer  
19925A*11-23011923-18984R12#3-07633 Raymond Farmer  
19915A*9-22441831-19596R122-16146 Wyman Townsel  
19905A*10-13661501-14827R12#3-09037 Wyman Townsel  
19896A*8-54002952-18057R16#3-010248 Wyman Townsel  
19886A*11-23441502-17253R16#3-013425 Wyman Townsel  
19875A*9-22191160-1313R163-17054 Wyman Townsel  
19865A*4-6115142R161-34182 Steve Clay  
19855A*3-7130180R130-35090 Steve Clay  
19845A*1-979248R130-32775 Steve Clay  
19833A*0-1048357R120-736253 Walker Alexander  
19823A*0-1025442R120-76302 Walker Alexander  
19814A*0-1054311R100-525135 Lyle Darnell  
19804A*2-865284R100-525138 Charles Buddy Hearn  
19794A*5-5148173R103-494116 Charles Buddy Hearn  
19784A*0-1080211R100-757164 Charles Buddy Hearn  
19774A*3-7115135R101-577103 James Glover  
19764A*4-6115136R101-548105 James Glover  
19754A*2-7101239R10 James Glover  
19744A*1-887210R9 James Glover  
19734A*3-7114213 James Glover  
19724A*0-9120255 James Glover  
19714A*7-315867 James Glover  
19704A*3-7138128 James Glover  
19694A*9-0-123567 James Glover  
19684A*8-1-117661 James Glover  
19674A*8-2205128 James Glover  
19664A*7-3242112 James Glover  
19654A*4-684149 James Glover  
19644A*6-3-1138106 James Glover  
19634A*7-324496 James Glover  
1962*8-226176 James Glover  
1961*7-2-119975 James Glover  
1960*8-1-121351 James Glover  
1959*7-2-118153 James Glover  
1958*10-026353 James Glover  
1957*2-6-1107133 James Glover  
1956*9-0-1224101 James Glover  
1955*5-3-2189142 James Glover  
1954*9-0-123374 James Glover  
1953*6-4166184 James Glover  
1952*5-4-1144133 James Glover  
1951*7-1-118940 James Glover  
1950*10-025156 James Glover  
1949*10-024860 James Glover  
1948*8-1-122258 James Glover  
1947*9-0-127118 James Glover  
1946*7-220334 Kilburn Elrod  
1945*6-2-112564 Clyde Childers  
1944*3-5-164114 Clyde Childers  
1943*1-838218 D.M. Crowder  
1942*5-3-116877 D.M. Crowder  
1941*6-2-115556 Travis Pedro Black  
1940*6-313154 Travis Pedro Black  
1939*3-5-17591 Travis Pedro Black  
1938*4-55885 Travis Pedro Black  
1937*4-59283 Travis Pedro Black  
1936*3-5-159109 F.M. Bull Spicer  
1935*4-512229 F.M. Bull Spicer  
1934*7-216775 F.M. Bull Spicer  
1933*9-026020 F.M. Bull Spicer  
1932*5-410365 F.M. Bull Spicer  
1931*8-117932 F.M. Bull Spicer  
1930*4-780116 F.M. Bull Spicer  
19294-563133 J.L. Couch  
19284-48393 F.M. Shamblin  
1927*3-57295 Benjamin Borum  
19261-61568 Toby Stubbs  
19253-45188 H.P. Martin  
1924*1-8-138201 Thomas  
19233-336100 Thomas  
1922*2-767155 W.L. Grubbs  
1921*7-0-114831 W.L. Grubbs  
19202-350112 H.G. Banks  
19195-211640 Lonnie Noojin  
1917*0-2-32657 Stephenson  
1915*4-2-18551 Shorty Hutto  
1911*0-2074 Paul Stevenson  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

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