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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Albertville Yearly Summary

Albertville Aggies
Albertville High School

402 E. McCord Ave. Albertville, AL 35950
Stadium: McCord Field
Colors: Red & Black
Coach: Chip English
Region: 7A-R4
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20227A0-000R4 Chip English  
20217A*1-9182453R41-6133334 Chip English  
20207A*2-8104404R41-664304 Cliff Mitchell  
20196A*5-63002620-12061R82-3132113 Cliff Mitchell  
20186A*6-52132360-1047R82-379122 Dale Pruitt  
20176A*5-5230192R72-484139 Dale Pruitt  
20166A*8-33562040-1721R74-2192143 Dale Pruitt  
20156A*7-42721860-13537R74-214588 Dale Pruitt  
20146A*4-5231244R72-4137170 Joel Poole8/Cliff Mitchell  
20136A*4-6210234R72-5127186 Joel Poole  
20126A*1-9161321R71-6114246 Joel Poole  
20115A*7-43242540-12158R75-2231130 Joel Poole  
20105A*5-5280293R73-4187224 Joel Poole  
20095A*5-62032370-1738R74-3127115 Joel Poole  
20085A*3-7178241R72-5107176 Tommy Tharp  
20075A*6-52391970-11421R75-2164115 Tommy Tharp  
20065A*4-6240282R73-4176235 Tommy Tharp  
20055A*1-998391R60-764294 Tommy Tharp  
20045A*0-10168419R60-7141296 Sam Graham  
20035A*3-7141278R62-585206 Sam Graham  
20025A*9-43032062-14955R64-3161116 John Grass  
20015A*2-897229R72-579152 Randy Hallmark  
20005A*2-8125189R71-679140 Randy Hallmark  
19995A*1-9131325R140-432125 Randy Hallmark  
19985A*8-2254216R142-279140 Paul McAbee  
19975A*4-6151201R140-33876 Paul McAbee  
19965A*6-4240134R141-26980 Paul McAbee  
19955A*4-6205219R130-33183 Paul McAbee  
19945A*7-3270175R131-27573 Paul McAbee  
19935A*5-61861830-11528R141-14642 Paul McAbee  
19925A*5-71592561-12956R141-13448 Paul McAbee  
19916A*7-42131340-1030R142-17714 Paul McAbee  
19906A*4-6194214R142-18769 Paul McAbee  
19896A*4-6154153R160-34180 Dennis Hicks  
19886A*2-8100290R161-22677 Dennis Hicks  
19876A*6-51962030-1643R14#2-13354 Conrad Nix  
19866A*4-71541940-1728R141-23848 Conrad Nix  
19856A*7-3226168R162-16347 Vernon Wells  
19846A*5-5215189R160-34372 Vernon Wells  
19834A*8-2220128R103-210584 Vernon Wells  
19824A*1-974263R100-523126 Vernon Wells  
19814A*7-3121130R103-25677 Vernon Wells  
19804A*5-5172143R101-470110 Vernon Wells  
19794A*3-776163R102-552118 Vernon Wells  
19784A*2-7-179164R101-650133 Vernon Wells  
19774A*7-3174172R104-2112138 Vernon Wells  
19764A*7-2-117568R104-212054 Vernon Wells  
19754A*8-220762R9 Vernon Wells  
19744A*2-8126201R9 Vernon Wells  
19734A*5-5213190 Vernon Wells  
19724A*3-7102258 Ken Barrett  
19714A*3-6-1162227 Ken Barrett  
19704A*0-9-185280 Richard Cole  
19694A*3-7103174 Richard Cole  
19684A*2-7-179207 Richard Cole  
19674A*2-7-1134228 Jimmy Jobe  
19664A*2-7-1156192 Jimmy Jobe  
19654A*8-1-117761 G.B. Beasley  
19644A*4-6130147 G.B. Beasley  
19633A*3-7150145 G.B. Beasley  
19623A*4-4-27575 G.B. Beasley  
19613A*3-6-1137146 Bobby Golden  
1960*2-7-1112218 Bobby Golden  
1959*6-3-1167114 Bobby Golden  
1958*6-418499 Bobby Golden  
1957*6-4168173 Bobby Golden  
1956*6-4224154 Ralph Reed  
1955*5-4-1147176 Ralph Reed  
19542A*9-120859 Ralph Reed  
19532A*7-2-121985 Vernon Wells  
19522A*6-3-1251135 Vernon Wells  
19512A*3-7128190 Vernon Wells  
19502A*8-2245118 Vernon Wells  
1949*7-319476 Vernon Wells  
1948*7-2-114379 Thomas Scoop Howard  
1947*5-2-213577 Thomas Scoop Howard  
1946*3-5-176118 Pat Courington Sr.  
1945*5-3-115589 Raymond Bates  
1944*5-410171 Raymond Bates  
19432-3-15076 Raymond Bates  
19423-444111 T.B. Red Keller  
1941*5-413797 Wheeler Garrett  
1940*5-412190 Comer Sims  
1939*5-3-18072 Comer Sims  
1938*1-7-146172 J.R. Monk Campbell  
19377-211151 J.R. Monk Campbell  
19364-2-17119 J.R. Monk Campbell  
19355-1-111513 J.R. Monk Campbell  
19340-51358 J.R. Monk Campbell  
19331-5-13176 Rudy/Levie  
19323-1-22831 Hoyt Levie  
19316-1-19438 Hoyt Levie  
1930*4-611992 Hoyt Levie  
1929*10-234226 Hoyt Levie  
1928*6-0-413342 Hoyt Levie  
1927*8-125430 Jack Frost  
19262-4-148106 Flivver Ford  
19253-56065 Dwight Taylor Keith  
1924*6-319458 Dwight Taylor Keith  
19235-1-115338 Dwight Taylor Keith  
1922*8-211766 M.M. Green  
1921*7-119326 J.C. Goodwin  
1920*7-0-130014 J.C. Goodwin  
1919*8-121652 J.C. Goodwin  
1918*0-000 J.C. Goodwin  
1917*4-1-16750 J.C. Goodwin  
1916*3-1-24876 T.H. Sewell  
1915*5-0-16421 T.H. Sewell  
1914*3-2-19532 Caesar Hohn  
1913*4-310872 Caesar Hohn  
1912*5-1-121421 Caesar Hohn  
1911*8-028212 Lonnie B. Noojin  
1910*5-11938 Ben Rabbit Harris  
1909*2-38847 Ben Rabbit Harris  
1908*5-16621 Bill Keeling  
1907*3-0-19412 Bill Keeling  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Woody Clements was the head coach at Holt for a record 41 straight seasons.