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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Oneonta Yearly Summary

Oneonta Redskins
Oneonta High School

27605 State Hwy. 75 Oneonta, AL 35121
Stadium: Gilbreath Stadium
Colors: Red, White & Blue
Coach: Phil Phillips
Region: 4A-R6
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20204A*7-52962241-14863R64-2173124 Phil Phillips  
20194A*8-43492731-14856R66-1235158 Phil Phillips  
20184A*10-44113383-114897R64-3177183 Phil Phillips  
20174A*3-7240304R52-5153204 Brandon Herring  
20164A*3-7174254R52-5135172 Don Jacobs  
20154A*5-62722450-11433R74-3223142 Don Jacobs  
20144A*9-33932921-16467R7#6-1270142 Don Jacobs  
20134A*14-16831665-022057R6#7-035166 Don Jacobs  
20124A*14-16651914-118288R6#7-037081 Don Jacobs  
20114A*12-35742424-117483R65-2283143 Don Jacobs  
20104A*8-44093391-16255R64-3235203 Don Jacobs  
20094A*8-33622180-12732R65-2225112 Gardner Gilliland  
20084A*10-34442672-17482R65-2236141 Gardner Gilliland  
20074A*5-62692840-11365R54-3184148 Gardner Gilliland  
20064A*5-5242232R53-4158136 Gardner Gilliland  
20053A*12-14321832-17648R4#7-027692 Gardner Gilliland  
20043A*15-04201435-011555R4#7-024476 Josh Niblett  
20033A*13-25011444-113879R56-125152 Josh Niblett  
20023A*11-23601052-14223R56-120155 Josh Niblett  
20013A*7-42351510-1027R65-218368 Josh Niblett  
20003A*5-62862370-11335R65-2197109 Josh Niblett  
19993A*1-9138347R111-390157 Maurice Carkuff  
19983A*3-7210238R112-212198 Maurice Carkuff  
19973A*7-42091620-12124R11#3-08932 Maurice Carkuff  
19963A*8-32521380-1724R11#3-09632 Maurice Carkuff  
19952A*4-6194221R111-24670 Maurice Carkuff  
19942A*8-32611490-1716R112-15645 Maurice Carkuff  
19933A*7-3246126R92-28038 Maurice Carkuff  
19923A*7-52081621-12044R9#4-010313 Maurice Carkuff  
19913A*8-42001411-12335R113-17928 Maurice Carkuff  
19903A*8-42261651-11941R11#4-012450 Maurice Carkuff  
19894A*7-52361241-15526R132-16535 Maurice Carkuff  
19884A*11-13281682-16459R13#3-08733 Maurice Carkuff  
19873A*13-24001484-111277R9#4-010812 Maurice Carkuff  
19863A*12-13961552-17765R9#4-014939 Maurice Carkuff  
19853A*13-23631464-112056R6#3-06714 Maurice Carkuff  
19843A*9-2227660-1718R6#3-0810 Robert Herring  
19832A*8-3219160R115-114185 Jerry Elmore  
19822A*5-5157105R113-38965 Hugh OShields  
19812A*9-2226670-1710R11#6-015429 Hugh OShields  
19802A*9-120242R115-113430 Hugh OShields  
19792A*10-2174811-1914R11#6-07312 Hugh OShields  
19782A*11-2239892-15539R11#6-011421 Hugh OShields  
19772A*6-52321430-1713R11#4-114555 Hugh OShields  
19762A*8-32941210-1014R11#5-018053 Hugh OShields  
19752A*6-414795R11 Hugh OShields  
19742A*6-4223146R11 Hugh OShields  
19732A*9-128658 Hugh OShields  
19722A*13-0443773-014940 Hugh OShields  
19712A*12-0-1453472-0-1523 Hugh OShields  
19702A*7-2-118253 Hugh OShields  
19692A*9-121850 Hugh OShields  
19682A*8-224490 Hugh OShields  
19672A*7-3203114 Hugh OShields  
19662A*8-1-122878 Hugh OShields  
19652A*9-130179 Bill Hawkins  
19642A*6-3-1171130 Bill Hawkins  
19632A*5-5156109 Bill Hawkins  
1962*8-212852 Bill Hawkins  
1961*5-3-2125122 Bill Hawkins  
1960*8-224473 Bill Hawkins  
1959*6-2-218085 Bill Hawkins  
1958*4-3-378105 Bill Hawkins  
1957*2-859177 Bill Hawkins  
1956*2-8181369 Pat Gallagher  
1955*1-8-1104303 Pat Gallagher  
1954*1-7-239187 Fred Grant  
1953*3-6136192 Collier Jordan  
1952*1-957212 Roy Jackson  
1951*9-0-124579 Arvel Holmes  
1950*6-3-1179100 Arvel Holmes  
1949*4-5138143 Glenn Holmes  
1948*6-320151 Gordon Golson  
1947*7-221451 James Porch  
1946*7-219674 James Porch  
1945*7-1-129483 Clair Strickland  
1944*6-014519 Clair Strickland  
1943*8-0-124659 Clair Strickland  
19425-219149 Clair Strickland  
1941*9-02426 Clair Strickland  
1940*9-018425 James Porch  
1939*3-6-186121 Clair Strickland  
19384-2-210664 Clair Strickland  
19372-33599 Breezy Beaird  
19366-1-113438 Breezy Beaird  
19353-1-25326 Nick Carter  
19347-213850 Nick Carter  
19335-3-158102 Nick Carter  
1932*2-731173 Eugene Wilson  
19310-21425 Eugene Wilson  
19303-582161 Eugene Wilson  
1929*5-2-29557 Eugene Wilson  
1928*7-310250 Marston Hunt  
1927*7-351114 Marston Hunt  
19253-2-16813 Chaplain  
19243-2-26732 Eubanks  
1921*4-773198 A.L. Holmes  
1918      No Team
1917*1-4-237179 Frank Wadsworth  
1916*0-716152 J.W. Hicks  
1915*3-46850 J.W. Hicks  
1914*4-3-115239 W.G. Bean  
1913*7-2156100 W.G. Bean  
19120-30206 W.A. McIntosh  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Hazlewood won an amazing seventeen consecutive region championships from 1986-2002.