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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Arab Yearly Summary

Arab Arabian Knights
Arab High School

P.O. Box 740 Arab, AL 35016
Stadium: Arab City Schools Sports Complex
Colors: Royal, Gold & White
Coach: Lee Ozmint
Region: 5A-R7
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20225A*11-25131882-113475R7#6-024857 Lee Ozmint  
20216A*8-33111440-11442R75-114746 Lee Ozmint  
20206A*5-61782400-1045R72-487139 Lee Ozmint  
20195A*6-4406316R83-4273234 Lee Ozmint  
20185A*1-9192358R81-6127248 Oscar Glasscock  
20175A*2-8184354R72-5151243 Adam Gilbert  
20165A*6-53073000-13056R74-3220168 Adam Gilbert  
20156A*1-9108309R71-573161 Adam Gilbert  
20146A*7-43083010-1034R74-2197183 Adam Gilbert  
20135A*3-7248261R72-5172181 Watt Parker  
20125A*8-32792570-11449R75-2189157 Watt Parker  
20115A*3-7154224R72-599180 Watt Parker  
20105A*8-42611961-12230R75-2158131 Watt Parker  
20095A*5-5236194R73-4145146 Watt Parker  
20085A*2-8167302R71-691214 Watt Parker  
20075A*2-8138276R71-698207 Watt Parker  
20065A*4-6232263R72-5180214 Watt Parker  
20055A*1-9149344R71-697250 Keith Garner  
20045A*5-5288285R73-4178189 Keith Garner  
20035A*8-33332400-11434R75-2206140 Keith Garner  
20025A*4-6238223R73-4159137 Keith Garner  
20016A*2-8202351R71-6147269 Keith Garner  
20006A*0-10123351R70-796254 Keith Garner  
19996A*0-1095355R140-22162 Keith Garner  
19986A*0-1087355R140-22163 Randy Hallmark  
19976A*2-8116250R141-24781 Michael Shipp  
19966A*1-9107252R141-23279 Michael Shipp  
19956A*2-8137236R140-33581 Michael Shipp  
19946A*7-42161640-11325R142-16548 Larry Patterson  
19936A*9-22651100-179R14#2-0347 Larry Patterson  
19926A*5-61271680-1035R141-11619 Larry Patterson  
19915A*6-4210124R131-36691 Larry Patterson  
19905A*7-321599R132-27053 Larry Patterson  
19896A*7-3169149R161-24694 Larry Patterson  
19886A*3-7128197R160-32754 Richard Littleton  
19876A*0-1054274R160-3394 Ken Beard  
19866A*4-6165215R161-23961 Ken Beard  
19855A*2-8166242R141-27671 Ken Beard  
19845A*3-7160203R141-24363 Ken Beard  
19834A*3-7131185R100-21539 Wayne Trimble  
19824A*4-691158R101-12125 Wayne Trimble  
19814A*5-5191142R102-04927 Wayne Trimble  
19804A*6-4158119R101-13914 Wayne Trimble  
19794A*6-412979R101-12019 Wayne Trimble  
19784A*8-111163R102-02712 Wayne Trimble  
19774A*4-6105147R101-551126 Wayne Trimble  
19764A*5-5104154R101-544125 Wayne Trimble  
19754A*4-4-2136123 Wayne Trimble  
19744A*3-6-181130 Wayne Trimble  
19733A*7-317994 Wayne Trimble  
19723A*7-1-218894 Fred Buster Gross  
19713A*6-2-1181129 Fred Buster Gross  
19704A*9-119785 Fred Buster Gross  
19694A*7-3218128 Fred Buster Gross  
19684A*4-5-1136167 Fred Buster Gross  
19674A*7-316095 Fred Buster Gross  
19664A*6-2-223679 Fred Buster Gross  
19654A*5-3-2169113 Benny Nelson  
19644A*3-6-1184166 Harold Bentley  
19633A*5-4-184113 Harold Bentley  
1962*5-4-1114118 Harold Bentley  
1961*6-3-1193112 Earl Webb  
1960*6-422384 Earl Webb  
1959*6-416884 Earl Webb  
19582A*9-123275 Earl Webb  
1957*8-226566 Earl Webb  
1956*4-5-113997 Earl Webb  
1955*5-5125140 Earl Webb  
1954*2-6-175170 Lewis Clark  
1953*5-574152 Lewis Clark  
1952*4-6157193 Tom Meharg  
1951*8-222078 Tom Meharg  
19504-3-214191 Tom Meharg  
1949*8-1-114069 William Bemon Lyon  
1948*3-5-28985 William Bemon Lyon  
19476-1-28546 William Bemon Lyon  
1946*6-314365 William Bemon Lyon  
1945*7-1-111626 William Bemon Lyon  
1944*9-016838 William Bemon Lyon  
1943*5-3-112051 William Bemon Lyon  
19421-31259 Murray Yarbrough  
19413-36952 Murray Yarbrough  
19401-619166 Murray Yarbrough  
19394-46090 Billy Hicks  
19383-36858 Norman Garrett  
19373-4-17269 Norman Garrett  
19362-2-16645 Norman Garrett  
1935*6-1-1706 Norman Garrett  
19313-3-14990 Louie Rhudy  
19301-524136 Sam Bradley  
19290-6092 Spurgeon Long  
19280-3632 Spurgeon Long  
19271-4-12021 Spurgeon Long  
1926*8-1-114321 Alton B. Burdick  
1925*6-217038 Alton B. Burdick  
19221-36154 Roland Frickie  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Bart Starr received coaching from Kentucky great Babe Parilli his senior season at Sidney Lanier in hopes of joining Bear Bryant at Kentucky. He had to settle for Alabama.