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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

vincent Yearly Summary

vincent Yellow Jackets
vincent High School

42505 Hwy. 25 Vincent, AL 35178
Stadium: Harold Garrett Stadium
Colors: Black & Old Gold
Coach: Lucas Weatherford
Region: 2A-R4
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20202A*3-7177293R42-5144263 Lucas Weatherford  
20192A*2-8221312R42-4152161 Lucas Weatherford  
20182A*3-82054090-1056R42-496178 Lucas Weatherford  
20172A*5-5244274R53-4151187 Wiley McKeller  
20162A*1-9174452R51-6122310 Wiley McKeller  
20152A*0-1039507R40-613302 Jason Hill  
20142A*4-72403670-1767R43-3134157 Jason Hill  
20132A*6-4282274R63-4174221 Jason Hill  
20122A*7-44063400-1834R64-3290265 Zeb Ellison  
20112A*9-34202691-14987R46-1296124 Zeb Ellison  
20102A*5-62142150-1623R45-2194132 Dwight Spradley  
20092A*7-42752310-1033R44-3182133 Dwight Spradley  
20082A*5-5258242R43-4174183 Dwight Spradley  
20072A*3-7218230R52-5144149 Dwight Spradley  
20062A*6-51972610-11429R5#6-113287 Dwight Spradley  
20052A*6-52842460-12037R46-1209111 Dwight Spradley  
20042A*3-7218217R43-4168101 Dwight Spradley  
20032A*1-9159279R61-6108160 Dwight Spradley  
20022A*2-8201323R62-5146204 Dwight Spradley  
20012A*9-33321471-13326R55-220491 Dwight Spradley  
20002A*8-42941511-15155R5#6-119757 Don Harris  
19993A*7-43191740-12229R81-16850 Don Harris  
19983A*6-52682090-11538R81-15360 Don Harris  
19972A*5-73021151-13428R100-2720 Don Harris  
19962A*6-52111281-12235R102-06214 Don Harris  
19952A*4-6129171R81-23977 Don Harris  
19942A*7-41801780-1638R82-13246 Don Harris  
19933A*1-977191R60-32657 Don Harris  
19923A*1-9109270R60-32888 Jack Clayton  
19913A*5-5196256R61-26995 Jack Clayton  
19903A*4-6121130R61-24761 Jack Clayton  
19893A*3-7124181R72-26634 Jack Clayton  
19883A*2-875235R70-41966 Rob Crawford  
19873A*1-985231R81-34862 Rob Crawford  
19863A*4-7751580-11420R83-14743 Harold Garrett  
19853A*5-5120149R70-32059 Harold Garrett  
19843A*5-575106R71-22030 Harold Garrett  
19832A*3-8153257R73-28682 Harold Garrett  
19822A*4-6111133R72-36662 Harold Garrett  
19812A*3-772150R72-34379 Harold Garrett  
19802A*9-2200820-1616R7#5-09033 Harold Garrett  
19792A*8-2231133R73-19165 Gary Garrett  
19782A*6-4145113R73-15551 Gary Garrett  
19772A*5-5195164R74-212352 Gary Garrett  
19762A*5-5233147R74-216372 Gary Garrett  
19752A*8-215788R73-17332 Gary Garrett  
19742A*8-224475R7 Gary Garrett  
19732A*2-6-2101206 Gary Garrett  
19722A*3-756275 Dwayne Adams  
19712A*8-1-2195540-1313 Wayne Phillips  
19702A*9-2202920-1014 Wayne Phillips  
19692A*8-218095 Norrs Hamer  
19682A*6-3-1148129 James Jones  
19672A*2-878211 James Jones  
19663A*3-777175 James Jones  
19653A*6-4101124 James Jones  
19643A*7-3182109 James Jones  
19633A*7-3249114 Sammie Daniels  
1962*6-3-114499 Sammie Daniels  
1961*4-5-1161157 Sammie Daniels  
19602-768120 Sammie Daniels  
1959*2-7-132138 Sammie Daniels  
1958*2-7-177194 Robert Norred  
1957*5-5217125 Robert Norred  
1956*3-7117163 Whit Wyatt  
1955*3-6-1113182 Whit Wyatt  
19541-960170 Bud Mills  
19533-587151 W.G. DeMent  
1952*3-3-4120196 Excell Baker  
1951*3-787190 Jesse Arnold  
1950*7-2-1171121 Jesse Arnold  
1949*0-9-162193 William Friedman  
1948*1-918218 James Curtis  
1947*5-1-419031 James Curtis  
19463-55270 James Curtis  
19451-512159 Jack Galloway  
1942      No Team
19400-66228 Garland Hall  
19393-3-28467 Garland Hall  
19383-4-15497 Garland Hall  
19370-61395 E.P. Tucker  
19361-3-251155 E.P. Tucker  
1935*6-112927 Sam Bradley  
1934*4-547106 Loy Vaughn  
19332-3-26069 Loy Vaughn  
19322-42699 J.A. Baswell  
19313-1-18445 Paul Jones  
19303-3-27651 Paul Jones  
19291-1-21219 Paul Jones  
19280-3652 Fred Ballenger  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Parrish scored a record 77 points in a playoff game against Cedar Bluff in 2001. The Tornados were shutout the following week 19-0 by Courtland.