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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Thomasville Yearly Summary

Thomasville Tigers
Thomasville High School

777 Gates Drive Thomasville, AL 36784
Stadium: Anderson Field
Colors: Maroon & Gray
Coach: Vacant
Region: 3A-R3
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20203A*10-24461762-19564R35-122060 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20193A*4-6234294R13-3162172 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20183A*9-33381831-12121R14-2202111 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20174A*7-43502610-13235R14-2210141 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20164A*9-33752792-17963R15-1206128 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20154A*6-52872800-15354R15-1165107 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20144A*5-62492270-11427R13-3172107 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20134A*5-63452210-167R14-3271113 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20124A*8-34422320-12239R16-1326123 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20114A*10-24431781-18134R16-1257103 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20104A*15-06671575-023088R1#7-032256 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20094A*10-24651761-15635R16-1311109 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20084A*7-52662361-14231R15-2155138 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20074A*11-35622473-117291R1#7-0314116 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20064A*13-25052334-1159107R16-124598 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20054A*11-34672003-18688R15-227284 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20044A*10-24491351-14021R16-130499 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20034A*10-25011761-14952R16-1345117 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20024A*9-33901841-16135R16-1224108 Jack Hankins Jr.  
20014A*4-5182171R12-4113132 Stacy Luker  
20004A*4-61662140-12042R13-3107106 Stacy Luker  
19994A*7-3233180R20-21030 Stacy Luker  
19984A*10-33302072-16560R21-15628 Stacy Luker  
19974A*5-62202380-11433R22-15657 Stacy Luker  
19964A*2-8109276R21-25684 Buster Kizziah  
19954A*7-61722122-13234R21-13833 Terry Jones  
19944A*4-71501840-107R21-14730 Terry Jones  
19934A*4-71432700-1041R2#3-06218 Randy Nichols  
19924A*7-53392551-18047R2#3-012246 Bill McNair  
19914A*8-43031541-13954R2#4-014134 Bill McNair  
19904A*7-43152070-12325R2#4-020058 Bill McNair  
19893A*11-1367841-16024R2#2-0726 Bill McNair  
19883A*14-15081025-017547R2#2-04712 Bill McNair  
19874A*8-32761400-11415R2#3-013928 Bill McNair  
19864A*6-52572130-11420R2#3-012044 Bill McNair  
19854A*8-33151110-167R2#3-01230 Bill McNair  
19844A*5-63022730-11719R2#3-014334 Bill McNair  
19833A*9-22841360-11418R1#5-016251 Bill McNair  
19823A*9-131249R14-111940 Bill McNair  
19813A*10-1304840-1815R1#6-018643 Bill McNair  
19803A*8-32061070-107R1#5-112470 Nolan Atkins  
19792A*7-325583R14-116450 Ronny Massey  
19782A*8-42361291-12015R1#5-012319 Ronny Massey  
19772A*8-42591521-14933R1#4-111774 Ronny Massey  
19762A*7-3143103R13-15444 Ronny Massey  
19752A*8-52631282-19734R1#3-05120 Carvel Rowell  
19742A*7-3171107R12-04914 Carvel Rowell  
19732A*2-8100146 Carvel Rowell  
19722A*3-5-295213 Carvel Rowell  
19712A*7-2-1178116 Carvel Rowell  
19702A*8-230299 Carvel Rowell  
19692A*3-7128181 Jack Hicks  
19682A*6-4156162 Harry Hitchcock  
19672A*4-683177 Harry Hitchcock  
19662A*3-6-171100 Gary Spruce  
19652A*8-1-117364 Gary Spruce  
19642A*8-217288 Gary Spruce  
19632A*5-5103138 Gary Spruce  
1962*5-5122122 Gary Spruce  
1961*8-1-123925 Dovey Anderson  
1960*7-312885 Dovey Anderson  
1959*5-3-214997 Dovey Anderson  
1958*7-2-116283 Dovey Anderson  
1957*6-3-118670 Dovey Anderson  
1956*6-2-213276 Dovey Anderson  
1955*5-598131 Dovey Anderson  
1954*3-777195 Dovey Anderson  
1953*4-5-17797 Dovey Anderson  
1952*5-4139123 Dovey Anderson  
1951*6-4146150 Dovey Anderson  
1950*5-4-1198125 Dovey Anderson  
1949*5-5174104 Dovey Anderson  
1948*5-3-215437 Dovey Anderson  
1947*6-2-214728 Dovey Anderson  
1946*4-4-112471 Dovey Anderson  
19456-1-117438 Dovey Anderson  
1944*6-1-217356 Dovey Anderson  
1943      No Team
1942*6-2-111383 Dovey Anderson  
19414-3-18185 Dovey Anderson  
1940*7-2-1244105 Dovey Anderson  
1939*6-2-25753 Dovey Anderson  
1938*7-218680 Dovey Anderson  
1937*6-320182 Dovey Anderson  
1936*3-6-165127 Dovey Anderson  
1935*9-022028 Dovey Anderson  
1934*6-2-217649 Dovey Anderson  
1933*10-021112 Dovey Anderson  
19328-0-113719 Dovey Anderson  
1931*9-1-120939 Dovey Anderson  
19302-4-2666 H.P. Martin  
1929*8-1-329912 J.R. Moore  
19288-1-213053 Emile Red Barnes  
1927*8-02336 Aaron Weaver  
1926*3-3-19340 Paul Tubbs  
1925*4-2-211038 H.L. Stevenson  
19243-486161 Fred Mickey White  
19231-2-22461 T.L. Borom  
1922*5-3-116487 Andy Jafee  
1921*5-1-225327 Clyde Pruitt  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Clay County shutout an amazing eleven opponents in 1996. The Panthers outscored their opponents 613-42 finishing the season 15-0.