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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Parker Yearly Summary

Parker Thundering Herd
A.H.Parker High School

900 4th St. N. Birmingham, AL 35204
Stadium: Major Brown Memorial Stadium
Colors: Purple & White
Coach: Frank Warren
Region: 5A-R5
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20205A*1-46695R51-2252 Frank Warren  
20195A*5-62953310-11241R44-3213180 Andre Robinson  
20185A*4-6233245R43-4193162 Andre Robinson  
20176A*3-6234211R52-4129169 Andre Robinson  
20166A*5-4218203R52-4170175 Andre Robinson  
20155A*7-53311851-14862R54-321478 Andre Robinson  
20145A*10-23381981-15644R5#6-1208130 Andre Robinson  
20135A*8-42771691-12431R55-213970 George Bates  
20125A*4-6233219R52-5130143 George Bates  
20115A*3-7191313R42-5129227 Cedric Blair  
20105A*1-9125317R41-684214 Cedric Blair  
20095A*5-52362140-11532R54-3184154 Cedric Blair  
20085A*2-6188155R52-516099 Cedric Blair  
20075A*5-62071670-1835R43-411491 Cedric Blair  
20065A*6-51711150-12731R44-39843 Cedric Blair  
20055A*10-23391201-15652R56-120541 Cedric Blair  
20045A*8-42871211-12846R55-219049 Cedric Blair  
20036A*8-33921700-1028R54-1145102 Andre Robinson  
20026A*10-2300911-13242R54-110037 Andre Robinson  
20016A*5-5249229R63-4176180 Andre Robinson  
20006A*3-7200340R62-5144258 Andre Robinson  
19995A*2-8123229R100-32176 Andre Robinson  
19985A*7-62943302-18288R102-18884 Andre Robinson  
19975A*4-6216224R101-27167 Andre Robinson  
19965A*6-3252142R101-26879 Tyrone King  
19956A*4-585151R111-22449 Tyrone King  
19946A*1-9155199R110-34461 Tyrone King  
19936A*1-9124279R111-24169 Tyrone King  
19926A*3-741175R111-21233 Cecil Leonard  
19916A*8-42971921-17466R12#3-06930 Cecil Leonard  
19906A*5-5170159R121-24275 Cecil Leonard  
19896A*9-42901953-17970R13#4-011254 Cecil Leonard  
19886A*5-424695R132-212451 Cecil Leonard  
19876A*9-34242121-17643R133-110342 Cecil Leonard  
19866A*9-32001011-12721R133-16144 Cecil Leonard  
19856A*7-42131450-11419R132-27268 Cecil Leonard  
19846A*6-4143184R132-24268 Cecil Leonard  
19834A*9-2321960-1725R6#5-016118 Cecil Leonard  
19824A*5-419993R62-38365 Cecil Leonard  
19814A*6-425197R54-214851 Cecil Leonard  
19804A*12-2416853-19929R55-123856 Cecil Leonard  
19794A*5-4-18994R52-42968 John Willis  
19784A*1-919365R51-614343 John Willis  
19774A*4-5153112R53-312796 Wendell Jones  
19764A*1-886226R50-442117 Wendell Jones  
19754A*6-4185135R52-499122 Wendell Jones  
19744A*6-4154130R5 Cecil Leonard  
19734A*3-695180 Cecil Leonard  
19724A*1-8-179236 William Horn  
19714A*2-776243 William Horn  
19704A*3-3-17097 William Brown  
19694A4-484172 William Brown  
1968AIAA*5-3-1160131 A.O. Ward  
1967AIAA*5-4-1108144 Rufus Harris Jr.  
1966AIAA2-4-16752 Rufus Harris Jr.  
1965AIAA*2-664124 Rufus Harris Jr.  
1964AIAA4-26933 Major Brown  
1963AIAA*5-3-210596 Major Brown  
1962AIAA*6-313193 Major Brown  
1961AIAA7-218851 Major Brown  
1960AIAA*5-2-212950 Major Brown  
1959AIAA*3-5-110496 Major Brown  
1958AIAA*4-58778 Major Brown  
1957AIAA5-2101110 Major Brown  
1956AIAA*5-0-37737 Major Brown  
1955AIAA*4-48286 Major Brown  
1954AIAA*6-2-114281 Major Brown  
1953AIAA*7-2-114069 Major Brown  
1952AIAA*9-023220 Major Brown  
1951AIAA*9-132949 Major Brown  
1950AIAA*5-412066 Major Brown  
1949AIAA4-2-114245 Major Brown  
1948AIAA*5-3-112251 Major Brown  
1947AIAA*8-011720 Major Brown  
1946AIAA*5-0-314443 Major Brown  
1945AIAA7-01420 Major Brown  
1944AIAA6-115722 Major Brown  
1943AIAA*4-1-117121 Major Brown  
1942AIAA8-024623 A.D. Yak Collins  
1941AIAA*8-0-244746 A.D. Yak Collins  
1940AIAA1-33897 A.D. Yak Collins  
1939AIAA*4-313352 A.D. Yak Collins  
1938AIAA1-345112 A.D. Yak Collins  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The first night game played between high school teams in the state occurred on September 23, 1927 when Pike Road and Cloverdale met in the Cramton Bowl in Montgomery.