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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

McAdory Yearly Summary

McAdory Yellow Jackets
McAdory High School

4800 McAdory School Rd. McCalla, AL 35111
Stadium: McAdory Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Aryvia Holmes
Region: 6A-R4
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20206A*4-72092450-11326R43-3167145 Bart Sessions  
20196A*6-53001880-12048R43-312488 Bart Sessions  
20186A*10-22551441-11730R45-114185 David Powell  
20176A*6-52401610-1713R45-116669 David Powell  
20166A*8-43621931-14934R45-122095 David Powell  
20156A*10-24131931-13837R4#6-023792 David Powell  
20146A*12-13651892-18282R4#6-016268 David Powell  
20135A*10-33501612-19452R5#6-115260 David Powell  
20125A*14-14102014-110086R5#7-021374 David Powell  
20115A*6-52151750-106R44-3161122 David Powell  
20105A*11-34192333-16769R45-2225129 David Powell  
20095A*11-23792003-110089R5#7-022374 David Powell  
20085A*6-42721690-11417R55-220895 David Powell  
20075A*10-1346690-12023R3#7-024040 David Powell  
20065A*10-23941171-17345R3#6-121850 David Powell  
20055A*10-23641221-14629R4#7-024052 David Powell  
20045A*10-23191111-14622R4#7-019249 David Powell  
20035A*7-43081510-11417R44-3176121 David Powell  
20025A*9-3317981-14215R45-216160 David Powell  
20015A*9-22681020-1612R46-117458 David Powell  
20005A*10-33591162-18458R46-119640 David Powell  
19995A*8-32261060-11921R92-15140 David Powell  
19985A*8-32151340-11435R9#2-13420 David Powell  
19975A*8-43231541-15449R92-18941 David Powell  
19965A*3-7167198R91-25857 David Powell  
19955A*7-42831700-13941R82-16942 David Powell  
19945A*7-43032130-1933R8#3-012542 David Powell  
19935A*2-8103298R91-334127 Bob Smith  
19925A*3-685182R93-15335 Bob Smith  
19915A*4-71762450-11224R93-19980 Butch Caldwell  
19905A*4-72021580-11416R93-110544 Dick Atchison  
19895A*9-22601221-13028R8#3-010731 Dick Atchison  
19885A*7-42221440-12831R83-16936 Dick Atchison  
19875A*5-71341581-11923R82-12752 Dick Atchison  
19865A*8-41411071-11522R8#3-02813 Dick Atchison  
19855A*2-91052140-12025R91-24152 Dick Atchison  
19845A*3-773134R91-22353 Dick Atchison  
19833A*8-313095R95-15633 Dick Atchison  
19823A*4-59889R92-44968 Dick Atchison  
19813A*8-2255138R95-116888 Dick Atchison  
19803A*8-219685R95-112243 Dick Atchison  
19793A*10-1167690-11018R9#6-09222 Jim Berryman  
19783A*5-5186123R92-38250 Jim Berryman  
19773A*7-3236144R93-210868 Bobby Johns  
19763A*4-6143210R92-377111 Bobby Johns  
19753A*3-6127209R9B Jimmy Gregg  
19743A*8-119582R9B Jerry Gregg  
19733A*5-5184131 Jerry Gregg  
19723A*5-4-117290 Jerry Gregg  
19713A*3-7104144 Jerry Gregg  
19703A*5-5107164 Jerry Gregg  
19693A*3-5-296162 Jimmy Jobe  
19683A*4-5108168 Doug Killough  
19673A*2-872197 Doug Killough  
19663A*4-412893 Doug Killough  
19653A*4-58366 Joe Dean..  
19643A*2-890173 Joe Dean..  
19633A*4-6125138 Joe Dean..  
1962*0-926219 Bob Norred  
1961*7-2-117670 Bob Norred  
1960*7-317370 Bob Norred  
1959*2-7-167161 Bob Norred  
1958*4-5-1139124 Paul Foote  
1957*7-223066 John Roper  
1956*2-8134145 John Roper  
1955*2-6-198126 Paul Foote  
1954*2-778120 Paul Foote  
1953*9-117963 Paul Foote  
1952*7-2-1216113 L.C. Garner  
1951*4-3-28157 L.C. Garner  
1950*6-2-1134106 L.C. Garner  
1949*6-4145111 William Granger  
1948*3-4-215856 William Granger  
1947*1-925263 Harvey Pugh  
1945*0-7-112138 H.H. Wade  
1944*1-22643 H.H. Wade  
1943      No Team
19423-25071 A.L. Borden  
19412-4-13070 Marvin Vines  
19403-45264 Marvin Vines  
19390-56112 Marvin Vines  
19382-25264 Marvin Vines  
1937      No Team
1936      No Team
19341-2-11925 William Granger  
1933*7-0-112619 William Granger  
19302-5-190130 Herbert Pugh  
1929*3-3-27271 Echols Darden  
1928*4-59180 J.G. Burrows  
1927*3-3-3108111 J.G. Burrows  
19262-358132 J.G. Burrows  
19250-5-16193 Walter D. Stead  
19240-413121 W.R. Lindsey  
1923*2-643140 R.D. Taylor  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Foley outscored their opponents 433-6 in 1961. The Lions were named state champions by the Alabama Sports Writers Association that season.