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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Jasper Yearly Summary

Jasper Vikings
Jasper High School

1501 Viking Drive Jasper, AL 35501
Stadium: Ki-Ro/Gambrell Field
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Philip Bailey
Region: 6A-R6
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20206A*1-444136R60-2782 Philip Bailey  
20195A*11-14831311-16234R7#7-033027 Bryan Moore  
20185A*11-24272432-19675R7#7-0258106 Bryan Moore  
20176A*3-7147311R61-577208 Heath Brunner  
20166A*4-6257248R61-5131190 Heath Brunner  
20156A*9-32821851-16357R5#6-117476 Heath Brunner  
20146A*6-52641830-1727R55-2170105 Heath Brunner  
20135A*8-2251105R67-021869 John Holladay1/Heath Brunner  
20125A*8-42792021-13037R6#7-022179 John Holladay  
20115A*6-52871560-11217R65-222266 John Holladay  
20105A*10-24541511-14240R66-127276 John Holladay  
20095A*9-33561421-13935R66-223773 John Holladay  
20085A*11-24431762-18082R67-127573 John Holladay  
20075A*8-33131540-11627R66-119486 John Holladay  
20065A*4-6146206R63-4109128 Shane Smothers  
20055A*6-52612240-1331R84-3177129 Shane Smothers  
20045A*5-62802720-13348R84-3143125 Bubba Davis  
20035A*6-4199153R54-3138118 Bubba Davis  
20025A*4-5160234R53-4115195 Bubba Davis  
20015A*10-24121791-13134R56-1244119 Bubba Davis  
20005A*10-23621212-13717R56-122889 Bubba Davis  
19995A*12-15311342-17668R12#3-011920 Bubba Davis  
19985A*8-33611860-14142R12#3-0867 Bubba Davis  
19976A*12-14462692-17040R13#2-07650 Bubba Davis  
19966A*8-33752410-12048R131-17547 Bubba Davis  
19956A*9-33371661-13020R131-15342 Bubba Davis  
19946A*3-81872910-1742R131-14147 Chris Yeager  
19936A*2-8138290R130-324114 Chris Yeager  
19926A*6-4195159R131-22350 Danny Gambrell  
19916A*5-5181204R101-377125 Danny Gambrell  
19906A*7-3214166R102-277103 Danny Gambrell  
19896A*5-5181187R120-423113 Danny Gambrell  
19886A*2-893155R120-41671 Danny Gambrell  
19876A*2-898186R120-43596 David Campbell  
19866A*4-6135204R121-33489 David Campbell  
19856A*5-5116117R122-24561 David Campbell  
19846A*5-5164129R121-35349 David Campbell  
19834A*7-4147131R82-34381 David Campbell  
19824A*5-5131107R81-43372 David Campbell  
19814A*4-6154142R82-26152 David Campbell  
19804A*6-51271030-11226R8#3-14710 David Campbell  
19794A*8-42381221-12122R82-17932 David Campbell  
19784A*9-1321124R83-110562 David Campbell  
19774A*12-23171253-17248R8#4-013722 David Campbell  
19764A*8-32071270-12841R8#4-09614 David Campbell  
19754A*7-3145102 David Campbell  
19744A*7-3211117 Larry Blakeney  
19734A*6-4149114 Larry Blakeney  
19724A*4-4-2172147 Larry Blakeney  
19714A*2-883218 Vic Karabasz  
19704A*6-413597 Vic Karabasz  
19694A*6-4129113 Vic Karabasz  
19684A*0-1066267 Al Lewis  
19674A*0-1063306 Al Lewis  
19664A*0-1019311 Joe Gambrell  
19654A*7-2-116187 Joe Gambrell  
19644A*7-3189140 Joe Gambrell  
19634A*7-215093 Joe Gambrell  
1962*6-3-1146161 Joe Gambrell  
1961*1-9139254 Joe Gambrell  
1960*8-221661 Joe Gambrell  
1959*5-3-2197184 Joe Gambrell  
1958*5-3-2133111 Joe Gambrell  
1957*10-023120 Joe Gambrell  
1956*6-2-216789 Joe Gambrell  
1955*7-1-119360 Joe Gambrell  
1954*5-3-111795 Joe Gambrell  
1953*8-224773 Joe Gambrell  
1952*4-517159 Joe Gambrell  
1951*6-4140135 Sam Cain  
1950*4-4-1101150 Bull Smith  
1949*2-892219 Harley Smalley  
1948*5-4-1174117 Don Sanford  
1947*4-4-1101101 Harley Smalley  
1946*6-312266 Paul Red Hudson  
1945*6-2-111042 James Erwin  
1944*6-2-115727 Foster L. Lockridge  
1943*8-119719 Foster L. Lockridge  
1942*3-682162 Foster L. Lockridge  
1941*4-2-310051 Paul Red Hudson  
1940*6-210437 Shott Senn  
1939*3-3-37266 Harry Erwin  
1938*8-113747 James Erwin  
1937*6-313852 James Erwin  
1936*5-3-17461 Al Blanton  
1935*7-1-119325 Al Blanton  
1934*4-57571 Red Gibson  
1933*8-0-123519 Ebb James  
1932*3-6157157 Ebb James  
1931*8-4171120 Ebb James  
1930*11-035227 Ebb James  
1929*7-2-114328 R.J. Flivver Ford  
1928*3-651121 Mike Norton  
1927*4-412065 Mike Norton  
1926*8-221446 Harry Erwin  
1925*9-118832 Harry Erwin  
1924*4-5-25869 John Goodwin  
1923*4-3-16663 J.H. Jackson  
1922*8-1-120429 L.P. McLane  
1921*9-034420 F.E. Christopher  
1920*1-4-27347 Cranford Johnson  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

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