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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Jacksonville Yearly Summary

Jacksonville Golden Eagles
Jacksonville High School

1000 George Douthit Dr. Jacksonville, AL 36265
Stadium: Golden Eagle Stadium
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Clint Smith
Region: 4A-R4
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20214A*4-4239201R43-2147104 Clint Smith  
20204A*7-42991791-14855R45-118271 Clint Smith  
20194A*12-36073424-1225116R6#7-0298150 Clint Smith  
20184A*11-13972421-15148R6#7-0249124 Clint Smith  
20174A*8-43902731-15945R56-1252142 Clint Smith  
20164A*8-23331960-12346R56-1251133 Clint Smith  
20154A*6-53182970-12135R64-3247188 Clint Smith  
20144A*9-33712051-17564R65-219693 Clint Smith  
20134A*8-43723341-15679R55-2199167 Clint Smith  
20124A*5-5267242R53-4189186 Clint Smith  
20114A*2-8238333R61-6169242 Roland Houston  
20104A*2-8240412R61-6167292 Roland Houston  
20094A*7-42542400-11928R64-3147176 Roland Houston  
20084A*3-7170318R62-588249 Roland Houston  
20074A*2-8105301R61-664202 Roland Houston  
20064A*2-8164269R62-5138183 Roland Houston  
20054A*3-7129248R62-584189 Ricky Rutledge  
20044A*4-6137208R63-498142 Ricky Rutledge  
20034A*3-7135192R63-4101123 Ricky Rutledge  
20024A*2-7154234R61-6110195 Russell Burroughs  
20015A*5-4149159R63-496153 Russell Burroughs  
20005A*2-777240R60-729208 Russell Burroughs  
19995A*10-12791401-12341R13#4-012748 Russell Burroughs  
19985A*7-42281981-12636R133-18076 Russell Burroughs  
19974A*7-3192173R102-25498 Russell Burroughs  
19964A*7-3344182R102-211481 Russell Burroughs  
19954A*3-7172266R111-239104 Russell Burroughs  
19944A*1-9140358R110-327127 Russell Burroughs  
19934A*1-884302R130-3099 Gary Fomby  
19924A*1-8103208R130-33361 Gary Fomby  
19915A*0-1049330R110-33095 Gary Fomby  
19905A*2-891223R111-23372 Ray Hammett  
19895A*6-410092R110-31374 Ray Hammett  
19885A*5-4164143R110-3690 Ray Hammett  
19875A*2-887244R120-31484 Ray Hammett  
19865A*1-9115251R120-31966 Robert Peppers  
19855A*3-6143183R121-25271 Robert Peppers  
19845A*9-22241241-12527R12#3-06731 Robert Peppers  
19833A*6-5174137R114-312388 Robert Peppers  
19823A*2-8123230R112-596149 Robert Peppers  
19813A*7-3246121R114-216175 Dexter Wood  
19803A*7-318394R114-29670 Dexter Wood  
19793A*3-780151R113-24554 Dexter Wood  
19783A*2-893210R111-42769 Dexter Wood  
19773A*0-1060327R110-640194 Cotton Clark  
19763A*6-4178147R114-2136113 Cotton Clark  
19753A*7-319794R11 Cotton Clark  
19743A*5-4123128 Cotton Clark  
19733A*6-3226107 Jim Currier  
19723A*6-4157128 Jim Currier  
19713A*5-5179162 Jim Currier  
19704A*2-5-2130215 Alton Yancey  
19694A*2-7112205 Danny Pounds  
19684A*2-798229 Grover Whaley  
19674A*3-6105120 Grover Whaley  
19664A*5-4130105 Lamar Caldwell  
19654A*3-4-259112 Lamar Caldwell  
19644A*5-3-18960 Ted Logan  
19634A*3-4-210550 Ted Logan  
1962*5-3-18834 Ernest Newman  
1961*5-4-111384 Ernest Newman  
1960*3-5-192115 Ernest Newman  
1959*4-4-110697 Ernest Newman  
1958*3-681189 Ernest Newman  
1957*6-1-218056 Ernest Newman  
1956*7-3267104 Ernest Newman  
1955*8-1-126197 Ernest Newman  
1954*5-4147155 Ernest Newman  
1953*2-7115172 Ernest Newman  
1952*8-221763 Ernest Newman  
1951*7-2163103 Ernest Newman  
1950*5-2-2190130 Ernest Newman  
1949*3-5-181101 Ernest Newman  
1948*5-3-111596 Ernest Newman  
1947*7-2-122583 James Manderson  
1946*2-635103 James Manderson  
19451-4-1980 Horace Lee Stevenson  
1944      No Team
1943      No Team
1942*1-6-139176 Horace Lee Stevenson  
1941*3-5-1103166 Horace Lee Stevenson  
1940*1-730170 Horace Lee Stevenson  
1939*1-6-22292 Horace Lee Stevenson  
1938*1-813153 Horace Lee Stevenson  
1937*3-64490 Horace Lee Stevenson  
1936*1-531123 Horace Lee Stevenson  
1935*1-3-23795 Horace Lee Stevenson  
1934*2-747143 Horace Lee Stevenson  
1933*2-6-178156 Fred Burnham  
1932*2-5-24179 Fred Burnham  
19311-6-17173 T.B. Shotts  
1930*8-217372 T.B. Shotts  
1929*6-3-113970 Julian Stephenson  
1928*7-3142174 Julian Stephenson  
1927*5-315185 Foster L. Lockridge  
19263-2-18639 M.L. Samuels  
1925*5-1-19124 M.L. Samuels  
1924*3-1-38552 Ed Wren  
19230-1013 Ed Wren  
19220-000 Ed Wren  
19210-1044 Ed Wren  
19206-0-1320 Ed Wren  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

In 1970 Monroe Academy won the first championship in the A.I.S.A. by defeating Lowndes Academy 6-0.