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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Guntersville Yearly Summary

Guntersville Wildcats
Guntersville High School

4800 Hwy. 431 S. Guntersville, AL 35976
Stadium: Chorba-Lee Stadium
Colors: Cardinal & White
Coach: Lance Reese
Region: 5A-R7
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20225A*9-34511641-13358R74-224171 Lance Reese  
20215A*9-24692070-12028R7#6-030654 Lance Reese  
20205A*10-15421251-18345R7#6-032661 Lance Reese  
20195A*8-33643151-15265R85-2260210 Lance Reese  
20185A*3-71242540-1033R83-493148 Lance Reese  
20175A*9-2351800-12128R76-125333 Lance Reese  
20165A*6-53271640-12835R74-321188 Lance Reese  
20155A*12-14061402-14042R7#6-025870 Lance Reese  
20145A*12-13401982-14340R7#7-020277 Lance Reese  
20134A*10-24041481-15426R66-126472 Lance Reese  
20124A*4-6244229R63-4203170 Lance Reese  
20114A*8-33221500-1742R76-126867 Lance Reese  
20104A*7-42642090-12139R75-2174107 Lance Reese  
20094A*9-33241201-14222R7#6-121261 Phil Isom  
20084A*8-33111450-103R76-1250105 Phil Isom  
20074A*9-44191662-110472R65-221961 Phil Isom  
20064A*14-15401935-015253R66-128182 Phil Isom  
20054A*8-33321240-12028R75-222068 Phil Isom  
20044A*1-9292181R70-719891 Phil Isom  
20034A*5-62552660-11832R75-2178129 Phil Isom  
20024A*6-52161910-12128R74-3144121 Phil Isom  
20014A*7-42601300-11322R75-219481 Phil Isom  
20004A*8-32681160-11424R75-218264 Phil Isom  
19994A*9-32992091-13352R13#3-09322 Phil Isom  
19984A*2-8134259R130-35484 Jay Brown  
19974A*5-51891690-1713R14#3-010340 Jay Brown  
19964A*5-61332210-1724R14#3-07049 Jay Brown  
19954A*10-23681811-16051R12#3-01047 Phil Lazenby  
19944A*10-23461801-15147R12#3-011435 Phil Lazenby  
19935A*8-42401911-13833R13#2-0477 Phil Lazenby  
19925A*6-4225177R130-23850 Phil Lazenby  
19915A*4-6169193R132-26765 Phil Lazenby  
19905A*7-42191760-1737R133-19354 David Bucky Pitts  
19895A*4-71592180-12133R132-14645 David Bucky Pitts  
19885A*7-42451520-11421R132-17838 David Bucky Pitts  
19875A*6-4213110R151-24945 David Bucky Pitts  
19865A*7-42341440-11418R152-14432 David Bucky Pitts  
19855A*2-8134240R140-32977 David Bucky Pitts  
19845A*4-71872480-1042R142-15058 David Bucky Pitts  
19833A*3-798166R140-21449 David Bucky Pitts  
19823A*6-4236146R131-14744 David Bucky Pitts  
19813A*5-5232158R124-3189114 David Bucky Pitts  
19803A*2-8133266R122-596190 David Bucky Pitts  
19793A*5-5107132R123-465103 Thomas Walls  
19783A*3-7146191R123-4138141 Thomas Walls  
19773A*6-4138117R124-28367 Thomas Walls  
19763A*3-7120138R122-46893 Bill Rayburn  
19753A*5-4-21621090-1714R12# Bill Rayburn  
19743A*6-4162119R12 Bill Rayburn  
19733A*2-891262 David Hart  
19723A*3-7107204 David Hart  
19713A*7-2-1229123 David Hart  
19704A*6-4169139 Hollis Coleman  
19694A*3-6120148 Hollis Coleman  
19684A*7-3167136 Hollis Coleman  
19674A*9-22071520-1747 Hollis Coleman  
19664A*6-4142207 Jack Hicks  
19654A*6-4198134 Bill Oliver  
19643A*5-4-1178145 Bill Oliver  
19633A*2-8112186 Charles Buddy Hearn  
1962*0-1060318 Charles Buddy Hearn  
1961*0-10119275 Clifford Coggin  
1960*7-2-120690 Joe Chorba  
1959*8-217859 Joe Chorba  
1958*8-1-123985 Joe Chorba  
1957*8-220585 Joe Chorba  
1956*8-2234127 Joe Chorba  
1955*10-035435 Joe Chorba  
1954*7-318194 Joe Chorba  
1953*6-4184110 Joe Chorba  
1952*7-2-120658 Joe Chorba  
1951*9-123165 Joe Chorba  
1950*7-1-221684 Joe Chorba  
1949*7-2-123194 Joe Chorba  
1948*8-117446 Joe Chorba  
1947*4-6107128 Rudder Knox  
1946*4-3-29772 Woodrow Pig Davis  
1945*3-683105 R.B. Norrell/ Woodrow Davis  
1944*6-312768 John Tyson  
1943*0-843113 Russell Red Garrett  
1942*8-115938 W.R. McKinzey  
1941*6-316651 Fred Hutcherson  
1940*7-216666 Henry Lee Burgett  
1939*4-588111 Mack Campbell  
1938*8-0-11746 Henry Cochrane  
1937*7-2-115947 Aubrey Thomas  
1936*6-414278 Aubrey Thomas  
1935*1-6-232130 John Meeks  
1934*3-663106 John Meeks  
1933*9-02346 John Meeks  
1932*7-1-113429 John Meeks  
1931*9-029319 Ben Hudson  
1930*7-223164 Ben Hudson  
1929*5-4114123 Ben Hudson  
19283-5131119 Ben Hudson  
1927*9-027425 John Meeks  
1926*6-2-29865 John H. Howell  
1925*2-725214 John H. Howell  
19240-2625 Will H. Burton  
1923*5-28832 J.C. Goodwin  
1922*5-5166125 J.C. Goodwin  
1921*7-314254 C.C. Bush  
1920*5-3-115254 C.C. Bush  
1919*0-50115 C.C. Bush  
1918      No Team
1917      No Team
1916*5-1-19634 J.W. Stevenson  
1915*4-310247 J.W. Stevenson  
1914*2-33974 Stell Caldwell  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Luverne 'Toad' Wise was the first female football player in Alabama and may have been the first in the country. She was a kicker for the Escambia County Blue Devils in 1939-40.