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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Greenville Yearly Summary

Greenville Tigers
Greenville High School

100 Tiger Drive Greenville, AL 36037
Stadium: Tiger Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Josh McLendon
Region: 5A-R2
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20205A*0-000R2 Josh McLendon  
20195A*7-52251391-12824R24-212462 Josh McLendon  
20185A*11-34612333-113079R2#6-022978 Josh McLendon  
20175A*5-52302210-12023R23-3150110 Josh McLendon  
20165A*2-7219284R22-4167169 Josh McLendon  
20155A*11-13831601-16539R2#6-020981 Josh McLendon  
20145A*10-34221942-17675R2#6-023176 Patrick Plott  
20135A*2-8222200R31-6147148 Earnest Hill  
20125A*6-63152011-13962R34-320298 Earnest Hill  
20115A*11-13532131-17473R3#7-020663 Earnest Hill  
20105A*7-43902580-11228R35-2288165 Ben Blackmon  
20095A*11-14591261-15833R3#6-023458 Ben Blackmon  
20085A*7-43532020-11415R34-2207129 Ben Blackmon  
20075A*6-52271470-11435R24-314473 Ben Blackmon  
20065A*10-33361762-15244R26-118192 Bryant Vincent  
20055A*2-862282R21-638202 Mike Williams  
20045A*1-9135273R21-6101164 Alvin Briggs  
20035A*6-51932010-12334R24-3115101 Alvin Briggs  
20025A*5-61461590-1633R24-311478 Alvin Briggs  
20015A*6-51761190-11316R25-114244 Alvin Briggs  
20005A*2-8145261R22-4100122 Terry Moore  
19995A*3-71062590-1040R32-16732 Gene Allen  
19985A*6-51981591-14838R32-16319 Gene Allen  
19975A*11-13951281-13417R4#3-011628 Gene Allen  
19965A*7-42762080-1022R4#3-09656 Gene Allen  
19955A*6-41651440-1733R43-110357 Gene Allen  
19945A*13-13451395-010848R4#4-013450 Gene Allen  
19935A*13-23861564-110557R4#3-013514 Gene Allen  
19925A*8-32481751-12721R42-19258 Gene Allen  
19915A*5-5118147R41-23130 Gene Allen  
19905A*9-32211181-15221R4#3-05614 Danny Adams  
19895A*8-32761100-12124R3#3-08813 Danny Adams  
19885A*12-13761092-15641R3#3-013834 Willis Wright  
19875A*13-23981445-011748R3#3-08713 Willis Wright  
19865A*3-5103112R32-12614 Willis Wright  
19855A*12-1422723-18166R3#3-01020 Wayne Woodham  
19845A*12-3354804-19716R3#3-0720 Wayne Woodham  
19833A*7-319375R23-29054 Wayne Woodham  
19823A*10-32941102-14930R2#5-012741 Wayne Woodham  
19813A*11-1320741-12120R2#5-01459 Wayne Woodham  
19803A*9-3241951-11915R2#4-112246 Wayne Woodham  
19793A*1-8-151185R21-445113 Bill Whalen  
19783A*5-5185168R20-44099 Bill Whalen  
19773A*8-2204100R24-210486 Bill Whalen  
19763A*4-6135160R23-310898 Bill Whalen  
19753A*6-4151139R30-31597 Bill Whalen  
19743A*2-872205R3 Bill Whalen  
19733A*2-6-265159 John Davis  
19723A*1-8-188254 John Davis  
19713A*0-1012428 John Davis  
19703A*1-858214 Ed Comer  
19693A*2-880207 Ed Comer  
19683A*4-5-1136156 Roland Atkins  
19673A*4-5-1168142 Davis Melton  
19663A*5-4-1231208 Davis Melton  
19653A*2-886195 Davis Melton  
19643A*0-1052244 Chuck Allen  
19633A*1-971316 Chuck Allen  
1962*3-6-1108171 Luke Whetstone  
1961*2-7-167186 Luke Whetstone  
1960*5-4-1168137 Luke Whetstone  
1959*3-7174244 Luke Whetstone  
1958*5-5153151 Luke Whetstone  
1957*2-7-198178 Luke Whetstone  
1956*7-3198140 Luke Whetstone  
1955*10-029268 Luke Whetstone  
1954*9-123782 Luke Whetstone  
1953*9-0-122692 Luke Whetstone  
1952*5-4-112899 Luke Whetstone  
1951*5-5162148 Luke Whetstone  
1950*4-6125154 Luke Whetstone  
1949*7-2-125182 Luke Whetstone  
1948*7-2-122277 Luke Whetstone  
1947*3-6-152165 Luke Whetstone  
1946*5-46867 Theron Fisher  
1945*4-4-194104 Theron Fisher  
1944*7-216977 Theron Fisher  
1943*7-215550 R.L. Beaird  
1942*8-125719 Jack McCullough  
1941*3-697155 Dewey Finley  
1940*7-1-116547 Dewey Finley  
1939*2-741122 Dewey Finley  
1938*6-312575 Comer Sims  
1937*4-55999 Comer Sims  
1936*4-56334 Comer Sims  
1935*2-4-35272 Aubrey Miller  
1934*1-4-43290 Aubrey Miller  
19335-2-18832 Aubrey Miller  
19323-55084 Aubrey Miller  
1931*8-2192104 Aubrey Miller  
19306-116035 Aubrey Miller  
1929*7-118080 Aubrey Miller  
19284-3-2205108 Aubrey Miller  
19273-43668 Aubrey Miller  
19262-4-163132 Tommy Belser  
1925*5-314345 Dick Emmette  
1924*9-04186 Dick Emmette  
1923*7-313063 Walter Hovater  
1922*6-112324 Mercer Gewin  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Clay County shutout an amazing eleven opponents in 1996. The Panthers outscored their opponents 613-42 finishing the season 15-0.