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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Gaston Yearly Summary

Gaston Bulldogs
Gaston High School

4550 US Hwy. 411 Gaston, AL 35901
Stadium: Captain Bill Boyd Field
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Matt Harris
Region: 2A-R6
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20202A*1-991414R60-727284 Matt Harris  
20192A*0-1048438R60-628283 Swane Morris  
20182A*1-9134406R61-5100286 Swane Morris  
20172A*1-983361R61-665235 Swane Morris  
20162A*6-52923270-11368R65-2240161 Swane Morris  
20152A*7-42752770-1735R73-3132189 Swane Morris  
20142A*8-42992581-12746R74-2154165 Swane Morris  
20132A*7-43262850-13466R74-3168145 Swane Morris  
20122A*0-10134397R70-7114297 Josh Averett  
20111A*6-42471970-1628R74-217488 Josh Averett  
20101A*5-62053180-12052R74-3142185 Josh Averett  
20091A*9-44092812-14663R6#6-1298112 Swane Morris  
20081A*11-35052543-116193R6#7-0314102 Swane Morris  
20071A*8-44662281-15964R75-2331109 Swane Morris  
20061A*8-33561770-1714R76-1300116 Swane Morris  
20052A*6-52362540-1029R65-2202146 Swane Morris  
20042A*10-23111461-14230R66-120586 Swane Morris  
20032A*10-33612182-18569R75-2154119 Swane Morris  
20022A*7-42582230-11234R74-3162132 Swane Morris  
20012A*1-969321R71-669222 Swane Morris  
20002A*3-7179238R72-5112177 Tom McDowell  
19992A*5-62412520-11531R102-15447 Tom McDowell  
19982A*4-6170243R100-328110 Tom McDowell  
19971A*1-867269R120-3789 Tom McDowell  
19961A*5-52281620-12033R12#3-010827 Tom McDowell  
19952A*3-81801550-167R121-14219 Tom McDowell  
19942A*0-921231R120-21454 Mike Argo  
19932A*1-9103234R120-3651 Mike Argo  
19922A*3-7126198R121-25950 Mike Argo  
19912A*3-7104183R141-35280 Richard Bishop  
19902A*9-43321912-15177R143-112563 Richard Bishop  
19892A*10-23341171-13155R14#3-01150 Richard Bishop  
19882A*11-1248991-11431R14#3-01026 Richard Bishop  
19872A*9-22621371-16355R10#3-09714 Richard Bishop  
19862A*2-7105260R101-227101 Richard Bishop  
19852A*6-4184920-1722R12#2-0417 Jerry Smith  
19842A*11-13021111-11434R12#2-05814 Jerry Smith  
19832A*8-217499R8B3-26852 Jerry Smith  
19822A*5-5143156R8B1-441109 Jerry Smith  
19811A*9-133980R125-122846 Jerry Smith  
19801A*6-4212112R124-216580 Jerry Smith  
19791A*8-32411130-107R12#4-09439 Jerry Smith  
19781A*3-795168R122-24560 Jerry Smith  
19771A*6-4171203R122-391106 Jerry Smith  
19761A*5-5236178R123-213697 Dennis Simmons  
19751A*6-3171102 Dennis Simmons  
19741A*3-7114213 Dennis Simmons  
19731A*5-5133179 Dennis Simmons  
19721A*2-5-397159 Wayne Stevens  
19711A*3-793173 Wayne Stevens  
19702A*1-974276 Wayne Stevens  
19692A*9-120068 H.K. Reeves  
19682A*5-5143119 Alton Shell  
19672A*2-7-185220 Alton Shell  
19662A*4-6198176 Robert McGee  
19652A*4-5-1115168 Don Enis  
19642A*5-4-1160106 Don Enis  
19632A*3-6-1121142 John McCabe  
1962*5-4-1129124 John McCabe  
1961*6-420175 John McCabe  
1960*6-4193120 John McCabe  
1959*4-5-1164238 John McCabe  
1958*1-857298 Ted Wallace  
1957      No Team
1956      No Team
1955      No Team
1954      No Team
1953      No Team
1952      No Team
1951      No Team
1950      No Team
1949      No Team
1948      No Team
1947      No Team
1946      No Team
1945      No Team
1944      No Team
1943      No Team
1942      No Team
1941      No Team
1940*2-5-239140 Hal Brown  
19392-621137 Hal Brown  
1938*1-87184 Hal Brown  
1937*0-2051 Thomas Bonds  
1936      No Team
1935      No Team
1934      No Team
1933      No Team
19321-413121 W.O. Wooley  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The Tuscaloosa Black Bears were considered one of the best programs in the nation from 1925-1931. Their record over that span was an amazing 61-0-3.