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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Florala Yearly Summary

Florala Wildcats
Florala High School

P.O. Box 218 Florala, AL 36442
Stadium: Matthews Stadium
Colors: Green, Gold & White
Coach: Chris Littleton
Region: 1A-R1
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20201A*8-34532130-13032R15-2326132 Chris Littleton  
20191A*7-44053470-11848R25-2284210 Toby Greene  
20181A*5-63753310-1754R24-3264184 Scott Mason  
20171A*3-6306418R22-5258332 Scott Mason  
20161A*0-865435R20-759380 Brad Rhodes  
20151A*2-7176426R20-644318 Brad Rhodes  
20141A*6-4290232R22-4135199 Brad Rhodes  
20131A*6-4234263R23-4134221 Bubba Nall  
20121A*6-4319271R23-4179209 Justin Jones  
20111A*2-8167288R20-697206 Justin Jones  
20101A*1-9110411R21-675303 Chris Buckler  
20091A*1-981428R20-734347 Stan Gooden  
20081A*1-8140399R21-699331 Stan Gooden  
20071A*9-34213571-16268R26-1260203 Arlton Hudson  
20061A*5-62332550-1042R24-3191172 Arlton Hudson  
20051A*10-25561351-16048R26-134567 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20041A*7-43661850-13043R25-2252110 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20031A*5-62172780-1648R24-3144149 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20021A*1-9122370R21-695267 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20011A*0-1054430R20-632257 Clint Head  
20001A*0-10119445R20-674260 Barry Colburn  
19991A*8-54083122-16079R42-113893 Barry Colburn  
19981A*11-14691411-15433R4#3-015140 Arlton Hudson  
19972A*7-53062331-15414R3#2-18453 Arlton Hudson  
19962A*1-9174421R30-349123 Arlton Hudson  
19952A*7-2248146R31-24564 Arlton Hudson  
19942A*8-33181150-107R33-112761 Arlton Hudson  
19932A*4-6173184R31-22752 Arlton Hudson  
19922A*2-91222980-1648R31-23474 Leavy Boutwell  
19912A*0-1044254R30-432100 Leavy Boutwell  
19902A*4-6129179R31-32362 Scott Blackmon  
19892A*9-22851080-12023R32-16556 Scott Blackmon  
19882A*5-61482060-1912R32-16074 Scott Blackmon  
19872A*1-9105279R30-326114 Julius Head  
19862A*0-10105368R30-318107 Robert Smith  
19852A*4-6105255R31-23182 Robert Smith  
19842A*5-62182430-11435R3#3-08855 Donnie Jones  
19832A*4-7186231R33-3133105 Donnie Jones  
19822A*6-4187123R35-110972 Donnie Jones  
19812A*3-793108R31-35356 Randle Cassady  
19802A*6-41491630-1015R3#3-04613 Randle Cassady  
19792A*9-32031351-12021R3#4-09927 Mike Sasser  
19782A*6-4181178R32-37581 Paul Terry  
19772A*11-23961362-17340R3#6-018846 Paul Terry  
19762A*7-3264160R34-116271 Paul Terry  
19752A*11-1290951-12026R3#3-011528 Paul Terry  
19742A*5-4-11521280-1723R3# Paul Terry  
19732A*12-1449782-16436 Paul Godwin  
19722A*6-4175100 Paul Godwin  
19712A*2-7-186200 Vernon Baggett  
19702A*0-1024350 Vernon Baggett  
19692A*1-986386 Charles Nelson  
19682A*1-963339 John Treadwell  
19672A*6-3-175101 John Treadwell  
19662A*1-8-127176 John Treadwell  
19652A*7-3189102 Charles Stevenson  
19642A*4-5-1116135 Charles Stevenson  
19632A*3-792150 Charles Stevenson  
1962*1-981255 Charles Stevenson  
1961*7-313861 Parker White  
1960*7-2-1170113 Parker White  
1959*5-4-1155169 Parker White  
1958*1-9122306 Parker White  
1957*0-1022377 Hugh McCory  
1956*0-1098291 Neal Moseley  
1955*0-9-126218 Neal Moseley  
1954*3-7121143 Red Burgess  
1953*5-3-210370 Terry Hodges  
1952*6-4117144 Terry Hodges  
1951*6-4174108 Charlie Langner  
1950*10-029586 A.W. Buchanan  
1949*8-220283 A.W. Buchanan  
1948*3-5-2138120 Al Denham  
1947*3-763136 W.L. Hanks  
1946*3-66696 W.L. Hanks  
1945*2-5-25083 John F. Bludworth  
1944*6-2-17270 Jack Powell  
1943*6-314857 Jack Powell  
1942*4-34553 Hugh Mooney  
1941*6-27893 Jodie Rawls  
1940      No Team
1939      No Team
1938      No Team
1937      No Team
1936      No Team
1935      No Team
19342-52681 Bo Bagley  
1933*7-217841 W.B. Bully Hitchcock  
19326-2-112977 W.B. Bully Hitchcock  
1931*5-510377 W.B. Bully Hitchcock  
19303-3-11853 Bill McCollum  
1929*5-2-219483 James Jenkins  
1928*9-02030 James Jenkins  
1927*6-0-21596 James Jenkins  
1926*4-4-24234 James Jenkins  
1925*3-5-16662 H.B. Lyon  
19240-6076 T.G. Vaughn  
19231-4-12679 T.G. Vaughn  
1922*6-4-113979 Patterson Hicks  
1921*3-4-140156 Patterson Hicks  
1914*0-1049 Ernest Manning  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Bart Starr received coaching from Kentucky great Babe Parilli his senior season at Sidney Lanier in hopes of joining Bear Bryant at Kentucky. He had to settle for Alabama.