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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Flomaton Yearly Summary

Flomaton Hurricanes
Flomaton High School

21200 Hwy. 31 Flomaton, AL 36441
Stadium: Hurricane Field
Colors: Green & White
Coach: Doug Vickery Jr.
Region: 3A-R1
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20213A*5-3219129R13-3127115 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20203A*8-3264760-1710R14-214846 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20193A*11-24012002-19061R1#5-1191105 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20183A*12-34342595-014176R14-2176123 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20173A*4-6235252R12-5126216 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20163A*3-7247233R11-6129189 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20152A*10-34212632-19665R15-2206144 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20142A*9-44123502-178113R14-3193189 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20132A*4-6265316R11-6156258 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20122A*5-5294245R13-4176169 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20112A*11-25411512-112756R16-127860 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20102A*6-4296172R13-4213159 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20092A*4-6249274R11-699224 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20082A*8-34082300-11432R15-2238169 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20072A*7-43351950-1729R14-3225140 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20062A*6-4289265R13-4192208 Doug Vickery Jr.  
20052A*2-8141384R10-774320 Don Thornton  
20042A*1-982318R10-721278 Don Thornton  
20032A*7-3348132R14-3195112 Don Thornton  
20022A*6-4259205R13-4163168 Don Thornton  
20013A*3-7159268R11-449126 Don Thornton  
20003A*8-42682081-12342R13-210870 Jerry Carpenter  
19993A*4-6183219R10-22169 Jerry Carpenter  
19983A*6-4267186R10-23258 Jerry Carpenter  
19972A*5-61762190-1621R12-14666 Jerry Carpenter  
19962A*7-3157115R11-24239 Jerry Carpenter  
19952A*5-51241260-107R21-13440 Jerry Carpenter  
19942A*11-1414801-15827R2#2-07914 Jerry Carpenter  
19932A*7-41861580-11520R21-12224 Royce Young  
19922A*5-62301900-1626R21-12729 Royce Young  
19913A*1-952270R10-3687 Royce Young  
19903A*3-81182620-1049R12-12658 Noah Addison  
19892A*7-3167129R21-23235 Doug Prater  
19882A*5-5145134R21-25260 Jerry Greene  
19872A*11-1382751-15632R2#3-01029 Ronnie Cottrell  
19862A*12-12691192-16052R2#3-07527 Ronnie Cottrell  
19852A*6-51651090-11926R2#2-14822 Ronnie Cottrell  
19842A*5-482104R21-21226 Guy Sawyer  
19832A*2-858217R31-43995 Guy Sawyer  
19822A*3-788181R32-33267 Guy Sawyer  
19812A*5-5192161R13-28972 Guy Sawyer  
19802A*5-5139153R12-36994 Guy Sawyer  
19792A*6-4148170R12-366112 David Nolin  
19782A*2-894135R11-44853 David Nolin  
19772A*4-6148112R12-38058 David Nolin  
19762A*6-4150104R11-12017 David Nolin  
19752A*4-6117153R11-12737 David Nolin  
19742A*0-1062385R1 David Nolin  
19732A*1-961321 Leon Jackson  
19722A*8-217567 Leon Jackson  
19712A*5-5168134 Leon Jackson  
19702A*1-8-183248 Leon Jackson  
19692A*5-5118136 Ronny Hoffman  
19682A*5-5172166 E.L. Godwin  
19672A*8-220293 Ed Comer  
19662A*5-5170183 Ed Comer  
19652A*6-421792 Ed Comer  
19642A*3-7118197 Frank Lynn  
19632A*4-6138153 Frank Lynn  
1962*3-5-277134 Bubba Warren  
1961*5-5169127 Thomas J. Lemaster  
1960*5-5107142 Thomas J. Lemaster  
1959*4-5-1121105 Thomas J. Lemaster  
1958*3-790174 Thomas J. Lemaster  
1957*9-129851 James Gorum  
1956*5-4-1184107 James Gorum  
1955*5-5140150 James Gorum  
1954*2-8139257 Jack Brewer  
19534-5118142 Jack Brewer  
1952*3-7105150 Jesse Arnold  
1951*1-8-147230 Frank Brown  
19503-5-192101 Frank Brown  
1949*2-731226 Frank Brown  
1948*5-5136115 Gene Elmore  
19471-554173 Shorty Foster  
1946*0-7-126171 Mac Vinson  
19443-452143 Brantley  
19420-50154 M.C. Vinson  
19411-5-18285 G.E. Thompson  
1940*4-4-110392 G.E. Thompson  
19390-5-130101 Theron Fisher  
19383-3-142104 W.C. Meriweather  
19362-52080 Moore  
19332-7-23140 E.L. Brantley  
19322-24659 E.L. Brantley  
19310-2732 E.L. Brantley  
19304-4-17680 E.L. Brantley  
19291-67173 H.P. Martin  
19285-284111 H.P. Martin  
19270-2075 Grady Mixon  
19263-2-110867 Grady Mixon  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Demopolis scored a record 761 points during the 2004 season. The Tigers finished the season 15-0.