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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Eufaula Yearly Summary

Eufaula Tigers
Eufaula High School

530 Lake Drive Eufaula, AL 36027
Stadium: Tigers Stadium
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Ed Rigby
Region: 5A-R2
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20225A0-000R2 Ed Rigby  
20216A*5-61981860-11350R24-312571 Ed Rigby  
20206A*9-34332261-18069R25-2230101 Ed Rigby  
20196A*9-34992981-18462R24-118398 Ed Rigby  
20186A*5-62802630-11738R23-3155129 Ed Rigby  
20175A*9-34102631-16150R25-1203105 Bryan Moore  
20165A*8-33382210-12141R25-1228109 Bryan Moore  
20155A*9-34582381-16975R25-123089 Bryan Moore  
20145A*5-61812760-12428R24-2123121 Dan Klages  
20135A*6-53202920-11532R25-2225146 Dan Klages  
20125A*8-33632000-1736R26-1273114 Dan Klages  
20115A*10-24592081-16373R26-127191 Dan Klages  
20105A*9-33722341-16250R2#7-0220107 Dan Klages  
20095A*6-52422480-11445R25-2147101 Dan Klages  
20085A*6-51881790-1730R24-311877 Dan Klages  
20075A*9-32681031-1303R26-119452 Dan Klages  
20065A*14-15271444-113443R2#7-027360 Dan Klages  
20055A*11-13661721-14855R2#7-0266100 Dan Klages  
20045A*6-51361570-1030R24-36681 Dan Klages  
20035A*11-13201361-12942R2#7-020953 Shayne Wasden  
20025A*9-23321320-11324R2#7-023256 Shayne Wasden  
20015A*9-33481391-13432R35-118468 Shayne Wasden  
20005A*5-51861820-12028R34-210462 Shayne Wasden  
19995A*13-13991433-110556R5#3-07314 Mike Owens  
19985A*9-32551551-13343R52-15352 Mike Owens  
19975A*4-6164182R51-25955 Mike Owens  
19965A*10-23241281-13439R52-18957 Rush Propst  
19955A*5-5297215R51-28987 Rush Propst  
19945A*3-7140205R51-24970 Rush Propst  
19935A*6-61852191-13049R51-13162 Rush Propst  
19925A*4-5149168R50-22658 Wayne Woodham  
19915A*3-7147185R50-2731 Wayne Woodham  
19905A*2-8149246R50-22449 Wayne Woodham  
19895A*8-52581282-16235R4#3-08821 Wayne Woodham  
19885A*7-42781380-1621R42-110427 Wayne Woodham  
19875A*6-42541370-11538R42-19839 Wayne Woodham  
19865A*10-33351373-15742R4#3-012913 Wayne Woodham  
19855A*7-31831150-11220R42-17354 George Cochran  
19845A*9-2271851-12835R4#3-09423 George Cochran  
19833A*10-23361031-12729R4#5-020820 George Cochran  
19823A*8-2231281-12816R4#5-01630 George Cochran  
19813A*13-1365824-010046R4#6-018813 George Cochran  
19803A*8-2-1296890-11012R4#6-022357 George Cochran  
19793A*9-2238391-14117R4#4-01467 George Cochran  
19783A*12-0279324-0910R4#4-09912 George Cochran  
19773A*8-222871R43-11147 George Cochran  
19763A*8-2272130R43-112769 George Cochran  
19753A*5-5150161R42-110026 Ed Comer  
19743A*7-42371170-189R4# Ed Comer  
19733A*4-619795 Ed Comer  
19723A*8-219379 Ed Comer  
19713A*2-8102265 Ed Comer  
19703A*0-1095361 John David Ramsey  
19693A*5-5134163 John David Ramsey  
19683A*5-5180146 Joe Hubbert  
19673A*5-5129132 Al Hammond  
19663A*6-4215192 Buddy Nix  
19653A*2-7-154192 Buddy Nix  
19643A*4-5-178154 Bill Buchanan  
19633A*6-4164139 Bill Buchanan  
1962*5-4-1153147 Bill Buchanan  
1961*7-321393 Bill Buchanan  
1960*5-3-2131114 Bill Buchanan  
1959*4-4-1142150 Bill Buchanan  
1958*7-217558 Bill Buchanan  
1957*7-215981 Bill Buchanan  
1956*8-1-1226124 Bill Buchanan  
1955*5-4141126 Bill Buchanan  
1954*5-3-2174152 A.W. Buchanan  
1953*8-221881 A.W. Buchanan  
1952*10-025248 A.W. Buchanan  
1951*9-120773 A.W. Buchanan  
1950*5-1-3184104 Gordon Pettus  
1949*5-5142105 Gordon Pettus  
1948*6-3-114641 Gordon Pettus  
1947*4-6228111 Gordon Pettus  
1946*5-4147110 George Little  
1945*4-4-1157145 George Little  
1944*5-4136119 George Little  
1943*5-4168142 George Little  
1942*6-3160104 George Little  
1941*3-5-1122137 O.B. Carter  
1940*4-4-111165 O.B. Carter  
1939*3-4-2139100 O.B. Carter  
1938*7-220657 O.B. Carter  
1937*5-4135105 O.B. Carter  
1936*7-1-116233 T.J. Campbell  
1935*9-032370 T.J. Campbell  
1934*8-0-133532 T.J. Campbell  
1933*5-3-113882 T.J. Campbell  
19321-6-113110 T.J. Campbell  
1931*4-491111 T.J. Campbell  
1930*6-4212127 T.J. Campbell  
19296-215476 T.J. Campbell  
1928*7-3144110 T.J. Campbell  
19274-25737 T.J. Campbell  
19261-31345 T.J. Campbell  
19250-2079 T.J. Campbell  
19243-4-26133 T.J. Campbell  
19233-4-166117 J.S. Herlong  
19226-3133113 A.B. Hollingsworth  
19213-39061 A.B. Hollingsworth  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Marion County defeated Meek 83-6 in a playoff game in 2012. It is the most points scored by a team in a playoff game.