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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Demopolis Yearly Summary

Demopolis Tigers
Demopolis High School

701 Hwy. 80 W. Demopolis, AL 36732
Stadium: Tiger Stadium
Colors: Royal Blue & White
Coach: Brian Seymore
Region: 5A-R3
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20205A*11-13541891-14456R3#6-0248100 Brian Seymore  
20195A*7-42501260-11234R34-217140 Brian Seymore  
20185A*10-33921822-16954R3#6-025150 Brian Seymore  
20175A*11-34631463-19240R3#6-028650 Brian Seymore  
20165A*7-43502040-12427R3#6-026748 Stacy Luker  
20155A*10-34631792-18965R4#7-031155 Stacy Luker  
20145A*8-34072020-12728R4#7-030996 Tom Causey  
20135A*7-43612020-11421R34-3203106 Tom Causey  
20125A*9-33931881-16358R36-124176 Tom Causey  
20115A*6-53262970-11421R36-1255145 Tom Causey  
20105A*8-43592411-14542R3#7-0280101 Tom Causey  
20095A*12-34492595-0150103R34-221594 Tom Causey  
20085A*8-54963312-112087R35-1292151 Tom Causey  
20075A*9-23861860-1828R36-124094 Tom Causey  
20065A*8-33671610-1719R35-2228130 Doug Goodwin  
20054A*12-1561632-110431R4#7-032426 Doug Goodwin  
20044A*15-0761915-018443R4#7-040941 Doug Goodwin  
20034A*13-15031093-17762R4#7-028826 Doug Goodwin  
20024A*13-15561773-19770R4#7-035688 Doug Goodwin  
20015A*6-53132200-1635R44-3209124 Doug Goodwin  
20005A*8-32722530-11434R45-2176167 Doug Goodwin  
19995A*7-42672150-1731R7#3-011661 Doug Goodwin  
19985A*8-33422210-1721R7#3-010048 Cody Keene  
19975A*8-2235680-1714R71-15825 Cody Keene  
19965A*10-33181273-17363R7#2-05816 Cody Keene  
19955A*8-2195116R71-22835 Cody Keene  
19945A*4-61491620-1720R7#2-15538 Cody Keene  
19935A*8-42411831-17466R7#2-13440 Shaun Bonds  
19925A*7-42161160-12634R72-18141 Shaun Bonds  
19915A*2-8127206R70-342108 Shaun Bonds  
19905A*6-4198182R71-24180 Rusty Nichols  
19895A*4-71432000-11421R72-13325 Rusty Nichols  
19885A*0-1025252R70-3946 Rusty Nichols  
19875A*4-6201225R71-22356 Fred Schoenrock  
19865A*4-6124165R71-22440 Fred Schoenrock  
19855A*6-51681380-1633R72-16325 Fred Schoenrock  
19845A*10-33181063-18049R7#3-0940 Fred Schoenrock  
19833A*11-2412972-15537R6#4-018213 Fred Schoenrock  
19823A*9-3372821-15022R6#4-019021 Fred Schoenrock  
19813A*7-3261122R56-121059 Fred Schoenrock  
19803A*6-420984R55-217543 Fred Schoenrock  
19793A*7-3229102R56-118841 Fred Schoenrock  
19783A*9-3414871-13021R5#7-031614 Fred Schoenrock  
19773A*9-2381720-107R5#6-029233 Fred Schoenrock  
19763A*9-33011191-12821R5#6-020322 Fred Schoenrock  
19753A*10-23571091-11722R5#7-029146 Fred Schoenrock  
19743A*8-33561110-1812R5# Fred Schoenrock  
19733A*5-4-1144122 Jackie Karr  
19723A*1-7-273213 Jackie Karr  
19713A*2-827234 Ronnie Davis  
19703A*4-6117146 Ronnie Davis  
19693A*5-5115190 Wayne Phillips  
19683A*5-3-213577 Wayne Phillips  
19673A*6-3-117371 Dan Pitts  
19662A*8-1-119262 Dan Pitts  
19652A*8-212159 Dan Pitts  
19642A*8-219471 Jack Rutledge  
19632A*5-514188 Jack Rutledge  
1962*3-790165 Jack Rutledge  
1961*3-6-147120 Charles Stough  
1960*2-7-196137 Charles Stough  
1959*7-2-114669 Harold Johnson  
1958*7-2-118640 Harold Johnson  
1957*7-316577 E.D. Chink Lott  
1956*8-1-1245118 E.D. Chink Lott  
1955*7-2-119664 E.D. Chink Lott  
1954*8-220571 E.D. Chink Lott  
1953*6-2-216469 E.D. Chink Lott  
1952*9-123551 E.D. Chink Lott  
1951*9-033020 E.D. Chink Lott  
1950*9-126352 E.D. Chink Lott  
1949*8-221370 E.D. Chink Lott  
1948*6-2-211334 E.D. Chink Lott  
1947*7-2-122463 E.D. Chink Lott  
1946*5-3-112098 John Wilson  
1945*3-3-15969 W.B. Bully Hitchcock  
1944      No Team
19435-211833 W.B. Bully Hitchcock  
1942*0-612161 Brown Wigginton  
1941*7-212557 J.E. Williams  
1940*6-2-114950 W.B. Bully Hitchcock  
1939*8-114932 Louie James  
1938*6-311745 Louie James  
1937*8-0-120739 Louie James  
1936*4-588110 Louie James  
1935*1-3-32645 Louie James  
1934*5-2-19427 Louie James  
1933*2-4-256112 Louie James  
1932*3-3-36570 Louie James  
1931*6-3-112051 Louie James  
1930*5-3-115167 Brown Wigginton  
1929*5-5-1153128 Brown Wigginton  
19282-537137 Bud Brown  
1927*6-213727 Bud Brown  
1926*5-2-113443 Bud Brown  
1925*6-0-113522 Bud Brown  
19245-1-14243 Bud Brown  
19231-4-145131 A.R. Barnes  
1922*6-1-312946 D.D. White  
19214-2-18193 Byars  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

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