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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Crossville Yearly Summary

Crossville Lions
Crossville High School

5405 Co. Rd. 28 Crossville, AL 35962
Stadium: Crossville Memorial Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Josh Taylor
Region: 5A-R7
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20215A*0-420164R70-20111 Josh Taylor  
20205A*3-7110266R72-443167 Dusty Darnell  
20195A*2-8117335R61-549190 Dusty Darnell  
20185A*2-8148387R61-5101262 Dusty Darnell  
20175A*4-72764020-1062R73-4187235 Miles Holcomb  
20165A*4-6249313R72-5173250 Miles Holcomb  
20154A*1-9106339R61-675250 Brian Clowdis  
20144A*0-10143396R60-788291 Brian Clowdis  
20134A*2-8186366R61-6122261 Brian Clowdis  
20124A*1-9164409R60-7119314 Robi Coker  
20114A*3-7116278R73-478177 Trey Pike  
20104A*6-4282210R73-4180146 William F. Smith  
20093A*3-7260379R62-5158227 William F. Smith  
20083A*3-7163292R63-4120189 Keith Garner  
20073A*1-9118369R61-678231 Keith Garner  
20063A*3-7175291R62-5116206 Keith Garner  
20053A*3-7158222R62-5101153 Danny L. Smith  
20043A*7-42932300-1734R64-3181150 Jeff Pugh  
20033A*6-52912400-1335R54-3175167 Jeff Pugh  
20023A*5-5185279R53-4124205 Chris Garmon  
20012A*6-4193147R73-4123114 Chris Garmon  
20002A*9-42341622-12925R74-3138107 Chris Garmon  
19993A*8-42862261-11048R103-113571 Chris Garmon  
19983A*6-52091690-1620R102-28370 Chris Garmon  
19973A*9-32171221-11022R13#3-08029 Chris Garmon  
19963A*10-22971041-12627R13#3-010912 Chris Garmon  
19952A*10-2264761-13320R13#2-03821 Chris Garmon  
19942A*7-41681280-1735R13#2-0206 Chris Garmon  
19932A*5-5162151R141-36062 Jerry Smith  
19922A*7-51881821-12739R143-15765 Jerry Smith  
19913A*3-81482470-1634R101-12248 Jerry Smith  
19903A*8-2235134R100-22159 Jerry Smith  
19893A*2-868191R100-31368 Jerry Smith  
19883A*8-32741600-11333R102-17744 Roger Hibbs  
19873A*11-23251242-13834R15#3-09841 Roger Hibbs  
19863A*15-04311465-010144R15#3-0826 Roger Hibbs  
19853A*13-14111333-18768R15#3-010019 Roger Hibbs  
19843A*7-61561972-13153R15#3-03314 Roger Hibbs  
19832A*3-782149R162-55592 Roger Hibbs  
19822A*10-1209470-1714R16#7-016927 Andy Chunn  
19812A*8-32101480-1642R16#6-115074 Andy Chunn  
19802A*7-3172111R164-312395 Jim May  
19792A*3-7113267R163-492166 Jim May  
19782A*8-215579R165-210573 Jim May  
19772A*7-314768R164-28846 Jim May  
19762A*4-615489R162-47656 Jim May  
19752A*9-114550R16 Jim May  
19742A*9-3231721-11913R16# Jim May  
19732A*2-895192 Jim May  
19722A*2-7-150178 Harold Bobo  
19712A*2-869186 Harold Bobo  
19703A*4-672220 Harold Bobo  
19693A*2-6-269180 Harold Bobo  
19683A*2-6-286174 Roy Fulmer  
19673A*4-6211187 Roy Fulmer  
19662A*4-5-1132203 Roy Fulmer  
19652A*8-218060 Roy Fulmer  
19642A*6-2-217459 Roy Fulmer  
1963*5-4-1143137 Roy Fulmer  
1962*8-1-118791 Robert Dobbs  
1961*10-031551 Charles Buddy Hearn  
1960*8-226277 Charles Buddy Hearn  
1959*5-2-316690 Charles Buddy Hearn  
1958*2-861190 Charles Buddy Hearn  
1957*4-665112 Charles Buddy Hearn  
1956*3-3-389140 Charles Buddy Hearn  
1955*6-4166110 Charles Buddy Hearn  
1954*5-4-1168148 Byron Shipp  
1953*0-1038183 Rosy Davis  
1952*0-933281 Rosy Davis  
1951*2-827140 Jack Jones  
1950*5-412593 Ralph Hampton  
1949*6-48195 Bruce Chase  
1948*7-3189104 Bill Isbell  
1947*7-1-217352 Bill Isbell  
1946*4-4-199157 Bill Isbell  
1945*6-1-217765 Bill Isbell  
1944*5-211165 Bill Isbell  
1943*5-477119 Bill Isbell  
1942*6-2-19156 Bill Isbell  
1941*5-3138110 Bill Isbell  
1940*3-4-1123102 Bill Isbell  
1939*2-5-17284 Bill Isbell  
1938*2-770152 Grady Gilbert  
1937*6-399103 Burton Keller  
1936*3-672177 Burton Keller  
1935*2-6-177135 Hack Wilson  
1934*5-39188 Ellis Houston  
1933*4-4-14957 Ellis Houston  
1932*8-1-115814 George Hulme  
1931*6-6121206 George Hulme  
1930*4-49763 George Hulme  
1929*7-1-216645 George Hulme  
1928*3-4-110491 George Hulme  
1927*4-5-157133 George Hulme  
1926*1-713166 Alton Daniel  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

In 1925 Langdale tied a record by defeating Milltown 125-0. Hamilton had set the record by thrashing Fayette 125-0 in 1915.