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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Corner Yearly Summary

Corner Yellow Jackets
Corner High School

4301 Warrior Jasper Rd. Dora, AL 35062
Stadium: Corner Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Jon Cooper
Region: 4A-R5
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20224A*0-000R5 Jon Cooper  
20215A*2-8184347R62-5143220 Jon Cooper  
20205A*4-6249338R63-4209261 Rusty Rouse  
20195A*7-42281900-11421R74-3120129 Jon Clements   
20185A*6-52732030-1834R74-3171118 Jon Clements   
20175A*5-62232400-1044R63-3146137 Zac Willis  
20165A*7-43233030-11742R63-3160154 Zac Willis  
20155A*2-8240332R51-6147261 Zac Willis  
20145A*2-8172354R50-7102282 Zac Willis  
20134A*5-5244226R43-4162172 Zac Willis  
20124A*7-42873150-11470R45-2203169 Zac Willis  
20114A*6-52342420-11033R54-3124148 Brent Smith  
20104A*5-5190215R53-4118145 Brent Smith  
20094A*2-7152229R51-587193 Brent Smith  
20084A*1-9134375R50-668261 Jeff Smith*  
20074A*1-9135300R50-787230 Jeff Smith*  
20064A*8-43492851-15470R54-3171173 Brent Smith  
20054A*0-10133420R50-7100294 Brent Smith  
20044A*5-5239243R52-5144184 Brent Smith  
20034A*3-7145224R52-597155 Brent Smith  
20024A*5-61481850-11422R54-393102 Russell Swann  
20014A*5-61842110-11442R54-3123118 Russell Swann  
20004A*6-51861660-11338R54-310892 Russell Swann  
19994A*5-5228249R101-35186 Dale Cook  
19984A*5-4234175R102-25959 Dale Cook  
19974A*1-992299R110-3698 Dale Cook  
19964A*7-3248167R112-17247 Dale Cook  
19954A*9-22371200-11421R102-14638 Dale Cook  
19944A*6-4157162R101-22259 Dale Cook  
19933A*4-6161181R71-24250 Ken Gleaton  
19923A*4-6162205R71-24855 Ken Gleaton  
19914A*3-71081750-1015R101-12228 Ken Gleaton  
19904A*3-683151R100-22062 Ken Gleaton  
19893A*1-939277R110-4799 Ken Gleaton  
19883A*6-4158147R113-17756 Ken Gleaton  
19874A*6-51242160-11833R10#1-12124 Ken Gleaton  
19864A*3-81301610-11434R10#2-0509 Ken Gleaton  
19854A*2-891219R130-420117 Ken Gleaton  
19844A*3-7118223R130-464136 Lonnie Haley  
19833A*3-695168R101-22673 Lonnie Haley  
19823A*6-4138133R101-22651 Lonnie Haley  
19813A*6-3-1160118R101-02012 Lonnie Haley  
19803A*8-2224126R101-0356 Lonnie Haley  
19793A*3-6136189R101-070 Lonnie Haley  
19783A*4-5-193123R101-0146 Lonnie Haley  
19773A*0-1083249R100-42784 Lonnie Haley  
19763A*1-981230R100-414123 Lonnie Haley  
19753A*4-6110190 Wayne Phillips  
19742A*7-3143116 Wayne Phillips  
19732A*1-986272 Marvin Rice  
19723A*1-7-190185 Marvin Rice  
19713A*2-7108198 Marvin Rice  
19703A*3-6146177 Marvin Rice  
19693A*1-8122273 Marvin Rice  
19683A*3-6144215 Marvin Rice  
19673A*4-6203183 Marvin Rice  
19663A*7-2-123177 Marvin Rice  
19653A*4-512294 Marvin Rice  
19643A*7-314575 Marvin Rice  
19633A*4-6125143 Marvin Rice  
1962*3-5-2126170 Marvin Rice  
1961*6-3-113677 Marvin Rice  
1960*1-965255 Marvin Rice  
1959*3-6-180266 Marvin Rice  
19584-4-113567 Marvin Rice  
1957*6-2-116353 Marvin Rice  
1956*8-1-127070 Marvin Rice  
1955*3-7160173 Marvin Rice  
1954*5-5208165 P.B. Vines  
1953*3-770256 P.B. Vines  
1952*0-8-118336 P.B. Vines  
1951*2-841290 P.B. Vines  
1950*5-493124 P.B. Vines  
1949*1-883246 P.B. Vines  
1948*0-912282 P.B. Vines  
1947*0-7-112136 P.B. Vines  
19460-724217 P.B. Vines  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The first football game played by a high school team in Alabama was in 1892 when Central Birmingham (Phillips) lost to Alabama 56-0 on November 11.