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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Cordova Yearly Summary

Cordova Blue Devils
Cordova High School

#1 Blue Devil Way Cordova, AL 35550
Stadium: Hudson-Kerby Field
Colors: Red & Blue
Coach: Justin Palmer
Region: 5A-R5
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20205A*0-000R5 Justin Palmer  
20194A*5-62873030-12655R53-3191181 Justin Jones  
20184A*1-9150342R51-5128196 Jimmy Gay  
20174A*4-71823600-1835R63-3122182 Jimmy Gay  
20164A*9-33411931-16044R64-216587 Jimmy Gay  
20154A*13-15002203-110273R5#6-025984 Jimmy Gay  
20144A*10-44373283-1130130R54-2201106 Jimmy Gay  
20133A*2-8216344R71-6115232 Jimmy Gay  
20123A*3-7177260R72-5129181 Woody Smothers  
20113A*6-52732910-11438R55-2207155 Woody Smothers  
20103A*10-25581831-18961R56-136190 Pete Bush  
20093A*13-25052374-116096R4#7-024896 Pete Bush  
20083A*11-45874624-1204183R4#6-1310189 Pete Bush  
20073A*15-06642075-018186R4#7-030170 Scott Basden  
20063A*9-33831981-14944R46-1231112 Scott Basden  
20052A*10-24441281-15136R7#7-027845 Scott Basden  
20042A*3-7150266R73-4139186 Scott Basden  
20032A*5-62642450-11254R45-2197100 Heath Harmon  
20022A*2-8161259R42-5117176 Heath Harmon  
20012A*2-8169332R52-5129244 Kevin Sparks  
20002A*5-5224290R52-5146225 Chris Hill  
19993A*3-7148213R132-28663 Brian Maner  
19983A*1-9114367R131-355129 Brian Maner  
19973A*9-33222051-13535R7#2-07632 Brian Maner  
19963A*3-81402920-11346R71-12721 Randy Smith  
19953A*13-24311565-010641R9#3-09834 Brian Maner  
19943A*10-23901121-16139R9#3-0956 Brian Maner  
19932A*6-42041700-11013R10#2-07014 Brian Maner  
19922A*5-62022391-11852R101-15249 Joe Nettles  
19912A*12-14101603-110555R9#3-010012 Tim Oneal  
19902A*12-24071723-110242R9#3-09626 Tim Oneal  
19892A*8-2247760-1714R11#3-01030 Tim Oneal  
19882A*11-33921213-18830R112-18833 Tim Oneal  
19873A*7-51811601-12320R71-13435 Tim Oneal  
19863A*6-71332062-14834R71-11721 Tim Oneal  
19853A*9-23321020-11422R10#3-010719 Tim Oneal  
19843A*9-124396R102-15932 Tim Oneal  
19832A*6-61702110-1721R10#5-112782 Tim Oneal  
19822A*7-3254137R104-215882 Tim Oneal  
19812A*2-8147285R100-579171 Tim Oneal  
19802A*5-5181155R104-114452 Jerry Pitts  
19792A*7-318393R104-111945 Sam McCorkle  
19782A*5-5127160R102-376104 Sam McCorkle  
19772A*8-32261400-1028R9#4-19343 Bobby Russell  
19762A*8-2229110R94-112054 Bobby Russell  
19752A*7-3156119R9 Charles Brown  
19742A*7-42171620-1038R9# Charles Brown  
19732A*6-317298 Charles Brown  
19722A*12-1241832-14459 Charles Brown  
19712A*7-3183111 Charles Brown  
19703A*6-3-1145108 Charles Brown  
19693A*1-9102197 Larry Hancock  
19683A*7-3167101 Johnny Grubb  
19673A*8-224091 Johnny Grubb  
19662A*5-3-213189 Johnny Grubb  
19652A*9-119568 Wayne Grubb  
19642A*7-2-121299 Wayne Grubb  
19632A*9-0-126458 Wayne Grubb  
1962*8-1-117141 Wayne Grubb  
1961*4-5-1116144 Wayne Grubb  
1960*2-6-1100143 Tom Langston  
1959*5-3-1154132 Tom Langston  
1958*6-3187138 Tom Langston  
1957*7-3185119 Fred Knight  
1956*7-2211109 Fred Knight  
1955*7-222346 Fred Knight  
1954*8-228550 Fred Knight  
1953*7-2-1256136 Fred Knight  
1952*8-1-116638 Fred Knight  
1951*8-218252 Jack Cornelius  
1950*8-220356 Jack Cornelius  
1949*10-023643 Jack Cornelius  
1948*6-3-116084 Foster L. Lockridge  
1947*5-3-16345 Foster L. Lockridge  
1946*7-1-114552 C.A. Douglas  
1945*6-317184 C.A. Douglas  
1944*4-554101 C.A. Douglas  
1943*4-4-1128105 C.A. Douglas  
1942*8-118670 C.A. Douglas  
1941*7-29733 C.A. Douglas  
1940*4-4-19667 C.A. Douglas  
1939*4-4-110495 C.A. Douglas  
1938*4-4-112674 C.A. Douglas  
1937*3-5-18594 C.A. Douglas  
1936*7-210764 C.A. Douglas  
19351-5-11977 Neil Jones  
1934*6-1-113049 Neil Jones  
19334-2-16962 Neil Jones  
19320-724189 Hargrove  
1931*5-4-19598 Hargrove  
1930*4-3-19049 O.P. Mitchell  
19291-2724 O.P. Mitchell  
19282-22658 O.P. Mitchell  
1927*2-521109 Fred Ballenger  
1926*2-619254 Fred Ballenger  
19254-3-16971 Fred Ballenger  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

In 1969 the two point conversion was adopted for play following a touchdown. Until that time all conversions were worth one point.