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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Cleveland Yearly Summary

Cleveland Panthers
Cleveland High School

71 High School St. Cleveland, AL 35049
Stadium: Michal Dixon Memorial Stadium
Colors: Black & White
Coach: Gardner Gilliland
Region: 2A-R6
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20202A*8-43111601-16648R65-220683 Gardner Gilliland  
20192A*5-63402980-12127R64-2196165 Gardner Gilliland  
20182A*5-63552810-1063R63-3219159 Gardner Gilliland  
20172A*7-43091990-11933R75-118283 Gardner Gilliland  
20162A*8-43372381-14163R74-2162118 Gardner Gilliland  
20152A*12-15622412-18982R7#6-0288111 Gardner Gilliland  
20142A*9-34142541-12329R74-2228150 Gardner Gilliland  
20133A*5-5295282R53-4193245 Gardner Gilliland  
20123A*3-7173237R51-6103192 Danny Adams  
20112A*3-7172225R72-6138203 Danny Adams  
20102A*9-34582781-15545R76-2331205 Mark OBryant  
20092A*5-62692720-11845R74-3189164 Mark OBryant  
20082A*3-7195267R71-6148212 Anthony Reed  
20072A*7-42942360-13770R55-2181119 Anthony Reed  
20062A*4-6203197R53-4148125 Anthony Reed  
20052A*2-8192307R71-6131209 Anthony Reed  
20042A*5-5251259R73-4158184 Anthony Reed  
20032A*7-42031920-11428R65-2162122 Gary Godfrey  
20022A*6-51762340-11435R66-1156107 Gary Godfrey  
20012A*2-8166251R62-5137178 Gary Godfrey  
20002A*7-43282020-1014R64-3200133 Gary Godfrey  
19992A*2-8239298R130-35187 Gary Godfrey  
19982A*1-9154311R130-33989 Gary Godfrey  
19972A*0-1091379R120-329125 Gary Godfrey  
19962A*9-32801841-14548R12#3-09136 Gary Godfrey  
19952A*9-33061411-15827R11#3-08937 Gary Godfrey  
19942A*5-5199162R112-15856 Gary Godfrey  
19932A*3-7111140R131-23747 Rodney Green  
19922A*5-5132181R131-22891 Rodney Green  
19912A*6-61912421-12349R131-11445 Rodney Green  
19902A*5-61651210-11324R13#1-1714 Rodney Green  
19892A*9-32451231-12135R122-17135 Gary Godfrey  
19882A*7-3238127R121-24951 Gary Godfrey  
19872A*4-6138169R120-34661 Gary Godfrey  
19862A*5-5140128R121-23340 Gary Godfrey  
19852A*2-866125R150-31456 Gary Godfrey  
19842A*5-5110123R151-23541 Gary Godfrey  
19832A*7-4115147R114-27191 Gary Godfrey  
19822A*6-4119130R114-27884 Gary Godfrey  
19812A*7-3168100R116-114880 Joe Hazelrig  
19802A*7-315652R114-210141 Joe Hazelrig  
19791A*6-4155106R113-18227 Joe Hazelrig  
19781A*6-4178120R113-18934 Joe Hazelrig  
19771A*4-71261740-11821R11#2-13420 Joe Hazelrig  
19761A*5-5139199R112-13126 Scott Blackmon  
19751A*1-9115268R11 Scott Blackmon  
19741A*4-71371530-1027R11# Gene Vinson  
19731A*6-2-219748 Gene Vinson  
19721A*9-1200116 Gene Vinson  
19711A*2-845236 Gene Vinson  
19701A*1-964240 Gene Vinson  
19691A*3-7112223 Lewayne Vandgandt  
19681A*3-759141 Andrew Page  
19671A*5-4-113394 Andrew Page  
19661A*5-5115164 Andrew Page  
19651A*4-4-166105 Hugh OShields  
19641A*3-6-179192 Hugh OShields  
19631A*6-2-216058 Hugh OShields  
19626-2-17548 Hugh OShields  
1961*8-0-217355 Hugh OShields  
1960*7-315282 Hugh OShields  
1959*8-0-126131 Hugh OShields  
1958*8-1-121591 Hugh OShields  
19577-314985 Hugh OShields  
19562-547109 Hugh OShields  
19555-3-113146 Hugh OShields  
1954*8-0-221243 Hugh OShields  
19534-2-17470 Hugh OShields  
1952*4-2-211578 Hugh OShields  
19512-2-17765 Hugh OShields  
1950*6-418162 John Newcome  
19490-733129 John Newcome  
19452-2-14676 Gene Self  
19445-212955 Gene Self  
19430-3085 Gene Self  
19422-2-13952 Gene Self  
19413-0850 Gene Self  
19404-357113 Gene Self  
19391-52453 Gene Self  
19382-25555 Gene Self  
19370-2021 Gene Self  
19360-2627 Gene Self  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Woody Clements was the head coach at Holt for a record 41 straight seasons.