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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Boaz Yearly Summary

Boaz Pirates
Boaz High School

907 Brown St. Boaz, AL 35957
Stadium: L.F. Corley Field
Colors: Crimson & Gray
Coach: Jeremy Sullivan
Region: 5A-R7
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20225A*4-72743620-11063R73-3186170 Jeremy Sullivan  
20215A*6-53402440-12131R74-221493 Jeremy Sullivan  
20205A*5-62942860-1021R74-2191142 Jeremy Sullivan  
20195A*4-73032490-11441R63-3198130 Jeremy Sullivan  
20185A*7-43522630-13353R64-2173125 Jeremy Sullivan  
20175A*3-7227363R72-5162252 Jeremy Sullivan  
20165A*1-994423R71-673288 Eric Whaley  
20155A*2-8118321R71-562221 Eric Whaley  
20145A*6-52462640-1724R74-3179180 Eric Whaley  
20135A*2-8125278R72-5102199 Eric Whaley  
20125A*7-43072180-1741R74-3214122 Drew Noles  
20115A*5-61522650-11352R74-3104155 Drew Noles  
20105A*7-42301800-12021R75-2147121 Drew Noles  
20095A*7-32481770-12128R76-1181106 Drew Noles  
20085A*8-42371471-13727R75-213264 Drew Noles  
20074A*7-42641950-12127R65-217896 Drew Noles  
20064A*5-61672200-1726R64-3136118 Drew Noles  
20055A*4-6217216R63-4163141 Drew Noles  
20045A*2-8127304R62-5105191 Drew Noles  
20034A*11-24792062-18260R76-1279124 Drew Noles  
20024A*10-34662372-15870R76-130898 Drew Noles  
20015A*4-6196263R71-692241 Drew Noles  
20005A*3-7180193R71-6103162 Drew Noles  
19995A*5-5228208R141-367116 Jeff Milwee  
19985A*6-4286253R141-392161 Jeff Milwee  
19974A*5-62341890-1627R132-16939 Jeff Milwee  
19964A*4-679188R131-23570 Jeff Milwee  
19955A*2-8134280R120-31869 Randy Lill  
19945A*3-7178288R121-24891 Randy Lill  
19935A*4-71532480-11433R131-12146 Randy Lill  
19925A*5-61541790-1613R131-12341 Randy Lill  
19915A*3-7135258R130-454138 Joe Nettles  
19905A*4-6203270R130-445156 Joe Nettles  
19895A*2-873251R130-31462 Joe Nettles  
19885A*0-10105403R130-318152 Vance Robertson  
19874A*4-6129203R111-34096 John Beck  
19864A*4-6132147R112-24758 John Beck  
19854A*4-691121R121-23338 John Beck  
19844A*8-32161700-1818R122-14971 John Beck  
19833A*4-6149239R123-496170 John Beck  
19823A*3-7118188R123-4106132 John Beck  
19813A*6-4130114R124-37566 John Beck  
19803A*2-884186R121-659118 John Beck  
19793A*10-026319R125-01576 John Beck  
19783A*5-515783R121-35444 John Beck  
19773A*2-887229R121-24162 John Beck  
19763A*0-9-160181R120-635122 Eugene Grelp  
19753A*1-988211 Eugene Grelp  
19743A*2-871121 Dennis Hicks  
19733A*3-786173 Dennis Hicks  
19723A*7-1-2153118 Dennis Hicks  
19713A*2-8109258 Dennis Hicks  
19703A*6-4238105 Dennis Hicks  
19693A*7-3176113 Dennis Hicks  
19683A*3-770175 Dennis Hicks  
19673A*3-7116189 Dennis Hicks  
19663A*6-3-1209118 Billy Hugh Hudson  
19653A*5-5168153 Billy Hugh Hudson  
19643A*6-2-2189140 Billy Hugh Hudson  
19633A*8-1-117366 Billy Hugh Hudson  
1962*7-2-1170102 Billy Hugh Hudson  
1961*1-965347 Billy Hugh Hudson  
1960*3-6-1120239 Billy Hugh Hudson  
1959*4-692162 Ernest Ayers  
1958*3-777173 Joe Dean.  
1957*0-1021294 James Gunnin  
1956*3-6-1133201 James Gunnin  
1955*5-4-1147133 James Gunnin  
1954*4-5149127 James Gunnin  
1953*5-4104105 James Gilliland  
1952*2-6-274156 James Gilliland  
1951*5-410985 James Gilliland  
1950*6-1-211270 Bill Hammond  
1949*8-010618 Bill Hammond  
1948*5-3-19884 Cecil Wright  
1947*2-6-126113 Cecil Wright  
1946*4-4-185139 Cecil Wright  
1945*3-693175 Matthews  
1944*1-833173 Tommy Gibbs  
1943*6-315898 Tommy Gibbs  
1942*1-838209 Raymond Bates  
1941*2-6-152120 Russell Garrett  
1940*2-5-210182 Russell Garrett  
1939*8-112814 Russell Garrett  
1938*4-3-16359 Russell Garrett  
1937*3-5-13652 Russell Garrett  
1936*1-6-133128 Russell Garrett  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The Hazlewood Golden Bears have won 11 state titles. The most of any team in any classification since the playoffs began in 1966.