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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Anniston Yearly Summary

Anniston Bulldogs
Anniston High School

1301 Woodstock Ave. Anniston, AL 26201
Stadium: Lott/Mosby Memorial Stadium
Colors: Cardinal, White, Black & Gray
Coach: Rico White
Region: 4A-R4
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20204A*3-6186223R43-3144135 Rico White  
20194A*9-54102053-19760R65-2266107 Rico White  
20184A*6-51951570-1721R65-2156105 Rico White  
20174A*3-7145210R52-5112159 Eddie Bullock  
20164A*2-8182316R52-5120182 Eddie Bullock  
20155A*4-61861660-1710R64-3147115 Eddie Bullock  
20145A*2-7132216R62-5120155 Eddie Bullock  
20134A*5-5233261R53-4153187 Eddie Bullock  
20124A*5-61842810-1047R54-3137124 Eddie Bullock  
20114A*9-54192453-19441R6#6-1295117 Eddie Bullock  
20104A*10-34602472-110274R6#7-0301119 Eddie Bullock  
20094A*7-52171871-13334R45-215082 Alex Wilson  
20084A*4-61351770-12036R44-3102111 Alex Wilson  
20075A*4-6126223R52-574166 Alex Wilson  
20065A*1-9196331R51-6157228 Mike Justice  
20054A*2-8172229R32-5134148 Mike Justice  
20044A*1-896300R31-676211 Chris Mahand  
20035A*8-32011810-12023R66-1145121 Douglas Davis  
20025A*5-61732040-1627R65-212791 Douglas Davis  
20015A*9-12811550-12931R6#7-019783 Douglas Davis  
20005A*9-22861071-14049R66-119051 Douglas Davis  
19995A*3-71161750-1025R133-15939 Douglas Davis  
19985A*6-52421271-14528R13#4-014332 Rodney Bivens  
19975A*7-62652442-16573R12#3-0796 Rodney Bivens  
19965A*3-71292110-1734R122-14740 Rodney Bivens  
19956A*6-415781R81-24130 Rodney Bivens  
19946A*13-23421335-010244R8#3-07413 Rodney Bivens  
19936A*6-4119120R80-21339 Rodney Bivens  
19926A*12-1250812-14617R8#2-04220 Rodney Bivens  
19916A*7-32471300-1041R81-15027 Berry Halladay  
19906A*5-51781210-1010R81-14136 Berry Halladay  
19896A*15-04851175-011532R9#2-09220 Berry Halladay  
19886A*8-52942182-17245R91-14238 Berry Halladay  
19876A*2-7113254R91-22873 Bill Farrell-4/Bernard Howard  
19866A*4-590132R91-22038 Bill Farrell  
19856A*1-869181R90-31269 Johnny Ingram  
19846A*1-883190R90-32338 Johnny Ingram  
19834A*7-3162143R101-13525 Johnny Ingram  
19824A*9-3166992-12845R10#2-03615 Johnny Ingram  
19814A*10-1-1322861-12726R10#5-017232 Johnny Ingram  
19804A*4-4-1130124R104-110369 Johnny Ingram  
19794A*5-416199R104-212875 Johnny Ingram  
19784A*5-4211165R103-3134110 Bill Farrell  
19774A*7-2235143R104-215493 Bill Farrell  
19764A*7-32151100-12127R10#6-013434 Bill Farrell  
19754A*6-4189217R10 Bill Farrell  
19744A*10-12831341-13839R9# Bill Farrell  
19734A*10-1334700-11316 Bill Farrell  
19724A*7-3228154 Bill Farrell  
19714A*2-5-165145 Bill Farrell  
19704A*2-7110188 John OLinger  
19694A*5-5182209 John OLinger  
19684A*3-687133 John OLinger  
19674A*2-774198 John OLinger  
19664A*3-6140193 Bill Rutherford  
19654A*5-414190 Bill Rutherford  
19644A*3-7100164 Bill Rutherford  
19634A*4-694138 F.L. Bulldog Johnson  
19624A*5-4-199112 F.L. Bulldog Johnson  
19614A*6-414896 F.L. Bulldog Johnson  
1960*5-4-1150141 F.L. Bulldog Johnson  
1959*5-4-1133126 F.L. Bulldog Johnson  
1958*5-4161121 F.L. Bulldog Johnson  
1957*4-4-2162166 Billy Bancroft  
19563A*6-4147107 Billy Bancroft  
19553A*8-1-125393 Billy Bancroft  
19543A*7-2-120474 Billy Bancroft  
1953*8-221573 Billy Bancroft  
1952*5-5123159 Billy Bancroft  
1951*6-3-1170131 Billy Bancroft  
19502A*5-4159124 Billy Bancroft  
1949*7-1-117134 Billy Bancroft  
1948*8-125039 Billy Bancroft  
1947*8-223545 Billy Bancroft  
1946*5-3-114865 Billy Bancroft  
1945*3-5-1117134 A.C. Curry  
1944*6-316177 A.C. Curry  
1943*6-1-114013 E.D. Chink Lott  
1942*7-0-117643 E.D. Chink Lott  
1941*5-3-117571 E.D. Chink Lott  
1940*7-1-121871 E.D. Chink Lott  
1939*8-118326 E.D. Chink Lott  
1938*8-0-115126 E.D. Chink Lott  
1937*6-2-115049 E.D. Chink Lott  
1936*8-116139 E.D. Chink Lott  
1935*6-2-117360 E.D. Chink Lott  
1934*7-1-125638 E.D. Chink Lott  
1933*4-3-19462 E.D. Chink Lott  
1932*6-320961 E.D. Chink Lott  
1931*7-1-111138 E.D. Chink Lott  
1930*5-4-1104114 E.D. Chink Lott  
1929*7-319554 Kenneth Howard  
1928*5-3-1143102 Kenneth Howard  
1927*7-217764 Kenneth Howard  
1926*7-321784 L.P. McLane  
1925*7-328576 L.P. McLane  
1924*9-129846 L.P. McLane  
1923*6-321957 William Cannonball White  
1922*1-5-13991 John D. Antony  
1921*3-35169 John D. Antony  
1920*1-414115 John D. Antony  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

In 1925 Langdale tied a record by defeating Milltown 125-0. Hamilton had set the record by thrashing Fayette 125-0 in 1915.