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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Andalusia Yearly Summary

Andalusia Bulldogs
Andalusia High School

701 3rd St. Andalusia, AL 36420
Stadium: Memorial Stadium
Colors: Cardinal & White
Coach: Trent Taylor
Region: 5A-R2
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20245A*0-000R2 Trent Taylor  
20234A*10-24501321-15037R26-129277 Trent Taylor  
20224A*14-15992285-014878R26-131994 Trent Taylor  
20215A*9-54032713-111080R24-2226116 Trent Taylor  
20205A*7-42971461-16535R25-117173 Trent Taylor  
20194A*10-44081753-110231R15-221771 Trent Taylor  
20184A*9-53422393-111075R14-3151109 Trent Taylor  
20174A*12-25392373-114570R1#6-024083 Trent Taylor  
20164A*12-24871313-113350R1#5-122348 Trent Taylor  
20154A*11-24392192-112359R2#7-0258109 Trent Taylor  
20144A*5-5259252R24-3199140 Brian Seymore  
20134A*8-33202380-13334R16-1207139 Brian Seymore  
20124A*6-52341670-1812R14-317498 Brian Seymore  
20114A*10-13981190-11521R2#7-029361 Brian Seymore  
20104A*9-22731480-1619R2#7-019574 Brian Seymore  
20094A*6-52112430-11621R14-3136167 Brian Seymore  
20084A*2-8189305R11-6131214 Brian Seymore  
20074A*11-24082112-18789R2#7-022172 Heath Harmon  
20064A*10-44342743-19284R26-1260119 Tom Causey  
20054A*7-43542390-11724R15-2240160 Tom Causey  
20044A*5-62082690-11328R15-2147140 Tom Causey  
20034A*2-8143297R12-5113192 Tom Causey  
20024A*5-5236205R13-4158126 Paul Woolley  
20014A*5-62122480-1731R13-3131150 Paul Woolley  
20004A*3-7171205R12-481110 Paul Woolley  
19995A*6-52351800-11428R41-16564 Paul Woolley  
19985A*2-8130249R40-21876 Richard Robertson  
19975A*2-887252R41-22083 Richard Robertson  
19965A*6-4211198R41-26081 Richard Robertson  
19955A*4-6146224R42-26163 Richard Robertson  
19945A*0-1054335R40-412149 R.L. Watson  
19935A*1-957207R40-31495 R.L. Watson  
19925A*1-9110267R41-24089 Douglas Prater  
19915A*5-5176168R40-33162 Douglas Prater  
19905A*2-8152291R41-23390 Douglas Prater  
19895A*7-3266120R31-26456 Mike Williams  
19885A*6-42471480-1012R32-15169 Mike Williams  
19875A*5-51391670-1921R32-15331 Mike Williams  
19865A*7-41791361-13035R3#2-15239 Gene Burleson  
19855A*3-7125197R31-21337 Gene Burleson  
19845A*3-71401970-11328R32-14039 Gwin Burkett  
19833A*6-4157145R33-310071 Gwin Burkett  
19823A*7-312376R35-27933 Gwin Burkett  
19813A*7-316992R35-110356 Gwin Burkett  
19803A*6-4180101R33-310361 Rick Rhoades  
19793A*7-3229113R33-19933 Don Sharpe  
19783A*8-1339152R34-120198 Don Sharpe  
19773A*14-0422764-08314R3#5-016342 Don Sharpe  
19763A*13-0-1442843-0-19828R3#5-019541 Don Sharpe  
19753A*13-14811503-110261R3#4-015045 Don Sharpe  
19743A*10-1256911-12339R3# Don Sharpe  
19733A*11-1-1414952-16430 Don Sharpe  
19723A*8-227770 Wayne Trawick  
19713A*8-1-127849 Wayne Trawick  
19703A*6-1-322559 Wayne Trawick  
19693A*6-3-1163103 Wayne Trawick  
19683A*4-6119171 Wayne Trawick  
19673A*3-6-1107149 Larry Hancock  
19663A*6-3-114177 Doug Barfield  
19653A*9-1258101 Doug Barfield  
19643A*5-3-2154109 Shelby Searcy  
19633A*5-3-211458 Shelby Searcy  
1962*7-2-119259 Shelby Searcy  
1961*5-3-214893 Shelby Searcy  
1960*4-690156 Shelby Searcy  
1959*6-3-114391 Grady Elmore  
19582A*10-028249 Grady Elmore  
1957*5-5170159 Grady Elmore  
1956*2-8134249 Grady Elmore  
1955*6-4220134 Fred Taylor  
1954*5-5178189 Fred Taylor  
1953*6-4164118 Fred Taylor  
19522A*5-4-1165132 Bob Cochran  
1951*2-8112181 Bob Cochran  
1950*2-8121200 William L. Stanford  
1949*6-2-217477 William L. Stanford  
1948*5-5192106 William L. Stanford  
1947*10-029013 William S. Norred  
1946*5-3-112242 William S. Norred  
1945*8-112772 William S. Norred  
19442-6-124118 H.H. McInnis  
1943      No Team
1942*5-2-210365 R.L. Beaird  
1941*6-37060 R.L. Beaird  
1940*4-594127 R.L. Beaird  
1936*3-657143 Nurmi Nelson  
19356-2-118646 Nurmi Nelson  
19345-311153 Nurmi Nelson  
19334-36552 Nurmi Nelson  
1932*8-126432 Nurmi Nelson  
1931*8-119252 Nurmi Nelson  
19291-6-164134 J.A. Thompson  
19274-36268 Fats Thomas  
19262-4-23646 Fats Thomas  
19251-4-31887 Fats Thomas  
19247-1-211611 M.M. Green  
1923*5-4-112037 M.M. Green  
1922*9-2-120047 Robert Mayo  
1921*3-4-27234 R.C. Red Brown  
1920*6-2109101 R.C. Red Brown  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

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