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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Aliceville Yearly Summary

Aliceville Yellow Jackets
Aliceville High School

417 3rd St. SE Aliceville, AL 35442
Stadium: Memorial Stadium
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Melvin Pete Jr.
Region: 2A-R5
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20202A*8-52823012-189111R5#5-1168118 Melvin Pete Jr.  
20192A*8-33151470-12225R5#6-019332 Melvin Pete Jr.  
20182A*11-34012103-19280R5#6-023126 Melvin Pete Jr.  
20172A*7-53702051-17648R4#6-021258 Melvin Pete Jr.  
20162A*13-26203124-1163140R4#6-031587 Rico Jackson  
20153A*6-52381880-1614R44-215490 Rico Jackson  
20143A*9-22951830-11417R45-1144119 Charles Moody Jr.  
20132A*7-44182350-12232R46-129489 Charles Moody Jr.  
20122A*7-54453271-14980R45-2311174 Charles Moody Jr.  
20113A*5-62873190-12856R45-2233167 Charles Moody Jr.  
20103A*6-41582030-1049R45-2120124 Joe Hurst  
20093A*5-61102220-1642R44-398124 Robin Tyra  
20083A*4-71623080-11431R44-3113149 James Rush  
20073A*5-62242220-11426R44-3158157 Patrick Plott  
20063A*10-24111821-14128R4#6-1254118 Patrick Plott  
20053A*11-14881131-16363R3#7-030836 Patrick Plott  
20043A*8-33291730-1229R35-2229130 Michael Bridges  
20033A*8-3277990-1610R46-120562 Maurice Belser  
20023A*8-42211661-12042R45-2162110 Maurice Belser  
20013A*11-2373672-14427R46-122033 Joe Hurst  
20003A*15-05901025-019461R4#7-029433 Wade Streeter  
19993A*10-33861433-19850R72-19042 Jackie Hurst  
19983A*12-25041663-113285R72-110928 Jackie Hurst  
19973A*13-23461505-011370R2#3-012312 Jerry Dismukes  
19963A*9-43831572-110047R2#3-016218 Bob Johnson  
19953A*3-792206R80-31855 Bob Johnson  
19943A*4-6170187R81-26058 Bob Johnson  
19933A*5-5242179R112-15047 Peirce McIntosh  
19923A*9-43591572-16027R112-17152 Peirce McIntosh  
19913A*6-4169960-106R71-14817 Peirce McIntosh  
19903A*5-485100R71-173 James Williams  
19893A*0-10159243R60-452128 James Williams  
19883A*1-974314R60-434140 James Williams  
19874A*1-8102245R71-37088 Theodore Cleveland  
19864A*2-763210R71-34072 Theodore Cleveland  
19854A*4-6148139R80-33060 Theodore Cleveland  
19844A*5-5136136R80-32767 Theodore Cleveland  
19833A*6-4211120R54-316194 Theodore Cleveland  
19823A*4-5136195R53-4106158 Theodore Cleveland  
19813A*2-8107255R52-582168 Theodore Cleveland  
19803A*4-6111191R54-311194 Theodore Cleveland  
19793A*10-2254831-14022R5#6-116243 Theodore Cleveland  
19783A*7-325672R56-122247 Theodore Cleveland  
19773A*4-5122143R53-28765 Theodore Cleveland  
19763A*1-8-142221R51-528106 Theodore Cleveland  
19753A*4-691166R53-378104 Theodore Cleveland  
19743A*6-4162144R5 Andrew Gibson  
19733A*5-5107133 Andrew Gibson  
19723A*3-6-1142141 Andrew Gibson  
19713A*2-852200 Billy Collins  
19702A*3-7132183 Jerry Wayne Evans  
19692A*10-1268551-11533 Ronny Davis  
19682A*5-3-113980 Ronny Davis  
19672A*3-5-255174 Jim Lawrence  
19662A*8-1-125548 Clell Hobson  
19652A*10-022720 Clell Hobson  
19642A*6-3-113689 Clell Hobson  
19632A*2-7-146190 Doug Killough  
1962*5-4-1125103 Joe Elmore  
19611A*9-120679 Joe Bradshaw  
1960*5-412189 Joe Bradshaw  
1959*4-6109117 W.R. McKinzey  
1958*5-4-1151120 W.R. McKinzey  
1957*4-4-2105115 W.R. McKinzey  
19561A*6-4171147 W.R. McKinzey  
1955*7-2-119677 W.R. McKinzey  
1954*5-4117109 W.R. McKinzey  
1953*7-2-118074 W.R. McKinzey  
1952*8-1-117192 W.R. McKinzey  
1951*4-5-1107166 W.R. McKinzey  
1950*1-8-120184 W.R. McKinzey  
1949*7-2216100 Bob Cadenhead  
1948*1-8-133234 Bob Cadenhead  
1947*9-126640 Jim Grantham  
1946*9-029433 W.C. Hickman  
1945*9-033126 W.C. Hickman  
1944*8-12916 David Shelton  
19437-114622 Ralph Brandon  
19422-33962 Ralph Brandon  
1941*7-221643 H.A. Varhely  
1940*8-01887 W.R. McKinzey  
1939*3-69661 W.R. McKinzey  
1938*6-39553 W.R. McKinzey  
19375-2-112973 W.R. McKinzey  
1936*4-3-17197 D.E. Roberts  
19351-537129 D.E. Roberts  
1934      No Team
1933      No Team
1932      No Team
19310-3227 Joseph Sargent  
19304-34864 Joseph Sargent  
19292-432140 Clay Durrett  
19284-0-14125 Stevens  
19272-436132 Clay Durrett  
19262-3-24560 John M. Brown  
19254-37264 John M. Brown  
19243-2-12818 Sanders  
19214-4241154 Thomas Sanders  
19204-19944 E.A. Thomas  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Spence McCracken won a record 21 Area/Region Championships at Montgomery Academy, Lee Montgomery and Opelika during his coaching career.