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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Alexandria Yearly Summary

Alexandria Valley Cubs
Alexandria High School

353 Stadium Drive Alexandria, AL 36250
Stadium: Lou Scales Stadium
Colors: Orange & Black
Coach: Todd Ginn
Region: 5A-R6
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20225A*5-53032830-11443R64-2203174 Todd Ginn  
20215A*11-15131581-18647R6#7-032271 Todd Ginn  
20205A*11-25272262-19676R6#7-030795 Todd Ginn  
20195A*8-32931541-13735R65-120084 Todd Ginn  
20185A*6-53402380-11518R63-3181111 Todd Ginn  
20175A*8-33681830-11440R75-222198 Frank Tucker  
20165A*5-4318214R74-3249158 Frank Tucker  
20155A*11-24882713-113591R6#6-1242117 Frank Tucker  
20145A*6-43282820-13038R65-2226196 Frank Tucker  
20134A*3-7180273R53-4156181 Frank Tucker  
20124A*6-52522230-12844R5#6-1193120 Frank Tucker  
20114A*9-34073711-174100R65-2250210 Frank Tucker  
20104A*6-52352540-12427R64-3156154 Frank Tucker  
20094A*8-43292151-14744R65-2215128 Frank Tucker  
20084A*9-33652101-18262R65-2202108 Frank Tucker  
20074A*6-42962010-11231R65-2232144 Frank Tucker  
20064A*12-15172503-113492R6#7-0297116 Larry Ginn  
20054A*12-25882523-1169108R6#6-1307106 Larry Ginn  
20044A*11-34601933-114783R66-122652 Larry Ginn  
20034A*12-14482073-1149112R6#7-023795 Larry Ginn  
20024A*4-5192136R62-5123123 Larry Ginn  
20014A*5-3237150R64-3204121 Larry Ginn  
20004A*8-23161351-13526R66-124195 Larry Ginn  
19994A*10-13461631-15533R11#3-010433 Larry Ginn  
19984A*11-1358952-16619R11#3-013035 Larry Ginn  
19974A*13-14581525-015253R10#4-013435 Larry Ginn  
19964A*11-14502162-18894R10#4-016235 Larry Ginn  
19954A*15-04921395-016349R11#3-010236 Larry Ginn  
19944A*11-23501863-110872R112-16039 Larry Ginn  
19934A*7-3240102R101-37555 Larry Ginn  
19924A*6-52502230-1626R103-18250 Larry Ginn  
19914A*10-13731610-12631R11#4-013261 Larry Ginn  
19904A*7-51871992-14857R113-17551 Larry Ginn  
19894A*4-6101156R111-34274 Larry Ginn  
19884A*7-41891640-11427R112-28372 Larry Ginn  
19874A*11-43381784-112869R12#3-07915 Larry Ginn  
19864A*8-32461500-1713R12#3-08954 Larry Ginn  
19854A*13-23901255-016835R112-17334 Lou Scales  
19844A*6-52321890-12228R112-16050 Lou Scales  
19833A*8-21731410-1041R11#6-113585 Lou Scales  
19823A*6-4143131R114-3108100 Lou Scales  
19813A*3-6122193R111-569144 Lou Scales  
19803A*2-8143266R111-592186 Lou Scales  
19793A*5-5131129R112-33349 Lou Scales  
19783A*8-41991681-14135R11#4-18141 Lou Scales  
19773A*5-5142162R113-372113 Lou Scales  
19763A*6-413685R113-37062 Lou Scales  
19753A*6-4177122R11 Lou Scales  
19742A*12-13671452-110062R8# Lou Scales  
19732A*4-3-2121114 Lou Scales  
19722A*10-2251981-14354 Lou Scales  
19712A*6-3172100 Lou Scales  
19703A*6-3-114694 Lou Scales  
19693A*1-8-1116226 Lou Scales  
19683A*4-5165132 Lou Scales  
19673A*8-2288133 Lou Scales  
19663A*5-4112110 Lou Scales  
19653A*6-312972 Lou Scales  
19643A*6-4148123 Lou Scales  
19633A*6-213646 Lou Scales  
1962*5-414690 Lou Scales  
1961*6-3-1219134 Lou Scales  
1960*2-5-276158 Lou Scales  
1959*3-6101132 Lou Scales  
19582A*6-317464 Lou Scales  
19572A*7-0-217685 Lou Scales  
1956*6-4228107 Lou Scales  
1955*2-6102216 Lou Scales  
19542A*6-3236133 Lou Scales  
19532A*6-3177123 Lou Scales  
19522A*9-123073 Lou Scales  
19512A*5-3-119588 Lou Scales  
19502A*8-031181 Lou Scales  
1949*6-2-218085 Lou Scales  
1948*1-954201 Lou Scales  
1947*2-6-231245 Sam Red Phillips  
1946*3-4-13273 Sam Red Phillips  
19451-6-119138 Johnny Waters  
19441-52593 Johnny Waters  
1943*0-97223 Johnny Waters  
1942*4-3-198118 Johnny Waters  
1941*6-2-116874 Hugh Jack Clark  
1940*5-2-19080 Hugh Jack Clark  
1939*3-4-15989 Hugh Jack Clark  
1938*3-4-18898 Hugh Jack Clark  
1937*5-3-19559 Hugh Jack Clark  
1936*6-2-110059 M.C. Strickland  
1935*7-217150 M.C. Strickland  
1934*5-210651 M.C. Strickland  
1933*6-0-317019 M.C. Strickland  
1932*3-3-14947 M.C. Strickland  
1931*6-411885 M.C. Strickland  
1930*4-69688 M.C. Strickland  
19291-5191 J.W. Sparks  
19281-5-136110 Louis Nash  
19277-121039 Hubert Flowers  
19265-214931 Hubert Flowers  
1925*6-314573 Hugh Toland  
19241-2-11853 A.H. Parsons  
1923*0-1033 A.H. Parsons  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

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