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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Abbeville Yearly Summary

Abbeville Yellow Jackets
Abbeville High School

P.O. Box 519 Abbeville, AL 36310
Stadium: Memorial Stadium
Colors: Maroon, Gray & White
Coach: LaBrian Stewart
Region: 2A-R2
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20212A*1-6118303R21-5112290 LaBrian Stewart  
20202A*12-25452934-1212161R2#6-1267119 LaBrian Stewart  
20192A*8-33721740-13038R26-128282 Robin Tyra  
20182A*10-24401441-17641R2#7-029641 Robin Tyra  
20172A*9-33662631-15081R25-1220117 Robin Tyra  
20162A*4-73083730-12640R23-3190182 Robin Tyra  
20153A*3-7213365R22-4124230 Robin Tyra  
20143A*2-8100301R21-548199 Robin Tyra  
20133A*4-6200256R23-4122175 Alphus Shipman  
20123A*5-63413880-12055R24-3242218 Alphus Shipman  
20113A*8-33792370-12728R26-1245117 Alphus Shipman  
20103A*8-33452380-1642R25-2228155 Alphus Shipman  
20093A*5-62212790-1635R24-3159152 Alphus Shipman  
20083A*2-8183217R21-6111128 Alphus Shipman  
20073A*1-9208341R21-6154251 Alphus Shipman  
20063A*9-33762011-14055R25-2217104 Rico White  
20053A*2-8158348R11-681277 Andrew Varner  
20043A*3-7167250R11-670221 Andrew Varner  
20033A*0-1088378R20-774269 Andrew Varner  
20023A*2-8125368R22-579240 Andrew Varner  
20014A*0-1093412R20-787277 Dan Cappa  
20004A*0-1094414R20-768293 Dan Cappa  
19994A*1-974266R40-33292 Dan Cappa  
19984A*5-61332180-1035R42-13239 Dan Cappa  
19974A*7-42421700-12022R4#2-0546 Dale Barnes  
19964A*7-42081670-1614R4#2-05530 Dale Barnes  
19954A*6-4207177R41-23871 Dale Barnes  
19944A*10-23091501-12841R4#3-09436 Dale Barnes  
19934A*8-31621250-1026R42-12627 Dale Barnes  
19924A*8-32941870-11343R42-19849 Dale Barnes  
19914A*8-3224970-1028R42-18814 Dale Barnes  
19904A*3-81441890-1823R42-14246 Dale Barnes  
19894A*6-62071811-14560R42-16940 Dale Barnes  
19884A*7-3181100R41-25652 Dale Barnes  
19874A*5-5260134R40-22569 Dale Barnes  
19864A*7-52331621-12020R4#2-04324 Tom Vickers  
19854A*6-51701880-1029R4#3-07134 Tom Vickers  
19844A*4-71732250-1635R42-16157 Tom Vickers  
19833A*3-785187R33-479120 Tom Vickers  
19823A*2-873164R32-567106 Tom Vickers  
19813A*4-6139156R42-469111 David Barnes  
19803A*4-6132151R41-581121 David Barnes  
19792A*5-5165136R42-46974 David Barnes  
19782A*0-1060213R40-624121 David Barnes  
19772A*4-694107R42-43259 David Barnes  
19762A*8-224262R45-116125 David Barnes  
19752A*7-1-122556R45-114942 David Barnes  
19742A*7-315165R4 David Barnes  
19732A*8-213450 David Barnes  
19722A*3-6-166134 David Barnes  
19712A*12-0-1348672-0-1283 David Barnes  
19702A*8-233081 David Barnes  
19692A*10-1329800-11441 R.L. Godsey  
19682A*7-2-120899 R.L. Godsey  
19672A*5-3-1179100 R.L. Godsey  
19662A*9-129678 R.L. Godsey  
19652A*6-2-216040 R.L. Godsey  
19642A*4-4-210878 R.L. Godsey  
19632A*8-1-112440 R.L. Godsey  
1962*6-414378 Bobby Rainey  
1961*1-937250 Bobby Rainey  
1960*5-4-111078 Tom McLendon  
1959*9-120359 Tom McLendon  
1958*5-3-2106134 Tom McLendon  
1957*9-128119 Tom McLendon  
1956*5-3-294108 Tom McLendon  
1955*7-316466 Rayford Furlow  
1954*4-6112206 Rayford Furlow  
1953*5-5153166 William Bill Ellis  
1952*4-5144198 William Bill Ellis  
1951*10-044799 William Bill Ellis  
1950*7-3178116 William Bill Ellis  
1949*5-4-1165124 William Bill Ellis  
1948*8-227465 Leonard Blalock  
1947*7-319766 Leonard Blalock  
19462-4-291124 Leonard Blalock  
19454-2-114538 Harvey Bodiford  
19420-6-143145 P.E. Jones  
1941*3-463117 P.E. Jones  
19402-3-160101 P.E. Jones  
19373-439157 L.A. Clements  
19363-25333 Hugh Wynn  
19359-117588 Comer Sims  
19344-451129 Comer Sims  
19334-2-25949 Comer Sims  
19314-15425 V.C. Helms  
19300-7-139156 V.C. Helms  
19261-0270 O.W. Cain  
19250-1645 O.W. Cain  
19241-2-16034 O.W. Cain  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

From 1947 until his retirement in 1992 Glenn Daniel's teams won 302 games at Pine Hill and Luverne. He was the winningest coach in state history until 2010.