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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Banks All Star Players and Awards

Banks Jets
L.Frazier Banks High School

721 86th St. Birmingham, AL 35206
Stadium: Lawson Field
Colors: Red & Blue
Region: -
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 Honored Players 
 Player   Year   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Award   College   Source 
 All American 
 Jimmy Sidle1960 HB Sr.170 Auburn SS
 Jimmy Sidle1960 B Sr.6-0170 Auburn TM
 Gary Rutledge1969 QB Sr.6-1170 Alabama Coach & Athlete
 Jeff Rutledge1974 QB Sr.6-2175 Alabama Parade
 Jeff Rutledge1974 QB Sr.6-0185 Alabama Coach & Athlete
 All Southern 
 Jimmy Sidle1960 B Sr.170 Auburn Orlando Sentinel
 Alan Girardeau1965 G Sr.190 Auburn Orlando Sentinel
 Johnny Musso1967 B Sr.180 Alabama Orlando Sentinel
 Jerry Murphree1973 HB Jr. LSU Orlando Sentinel
 Jeff Rutledge1973 QB Jr.6-2175 Alabama Orlando Sentinel
 Freddie Knighton1973 T Sr. Alabama Orlando Sentinel
 Jeff Rutledge1974 QB Sr.6-2175 Alabama Orlando Sentinel
 AHSAA-University of Alabama All-Star Game 
 Jimmy Sidle1960 QB Sr.6-2180 Auburn 
 Joel White1961 T Sr.6-1194 Alabama 
 Tom Epps1962 DE Sr.6-1205 Mississippi State 
 Hiram Dodd1963 G Sr.5-10190  
 Ronnie Roddam1964 C Sr.6-2195 Alabama 
 Donny Johnson1964 HB Sr.5-11181 Alabama 
 Sam Chambliss1965 HB Sr.6-0165  
 Alan Girardeau1965 G Sr.5-11190 Auburn 
 Larry Willingham1966 FL Sr.6-0178 Auburn 
 Johnny Musso1967 HB Sr.5-11188 Alabama 
 John Howard1967 C Sr.6-1195 Livingston 
 Phil Cochran1967 MG Sr.6-0205 Auburn 
 Steve Lukey1968 E Sr.6-0185 Auburn 
 Mike Dulaney1968 G Sr.5-11205 Continental College 
 Ray Thompson1969 FL Sr.5-11175  
 Danny Mikul1969 G Sr.6-0225 Ole Miss 
 Rick Neel1970 SE Sr.5-10175 Auburn 
 Randy Durbin1971 G Sr.6-3230  
 Johnny Gunnels1972 DB Sr.6-0178 Alabama 
 Fred Dawson1972 T Sr.215 Alabama 
 Danny Neel1972 LB Sr.  
 Joe Shaw1973 DE Sr.6-5215 Auburn 
 Rick Neal1973 SE Sr.6-2205 Alabama 
 Joe Shaw1973 DE Sr.6-5215 Auburn 
 Jerry McDonald1974 WR Sr.5-10180  
 Fred Knighton1974 DT Sr.6-1215 Alabama 
 Greg Bell1976 FB Sr.5-11185 Georgia AHSAA
 Mike Hearon1978 SE Sr.6-0168 North Alabama 
 Steve Bearden1979 DT Sr.6-5220 Vanderbilt 
 James Taylor1980 DE Sr.6-0191 Southeastern Louisiana 
 Doug Hill1981 OL Sr.6-6235 Florida State 
 Derrick Slaughter1981 LB Sr.6-1232 Alabama 
 Scott Jackson1982 TE Sr.6-3230 Tulane 
 4A Back of the Year 
 Jeff Rutledge1974 QB Sr.6-2195 Alabama Bham Post-Herald
 Super All-State 
 Johnny Musso1967 B Sr.180 Alabama Bham News
 Steve Lukey1968 T Sr.6-0215 Auburn Bham News
 Johnny Gunnels1972 B Sr.178 Alabama Bham News
 Jerry McDonald1974 E Sr.175  Bham News
 Fred Knighton1974 T Sr.210 Alabama Bham News
 Jeff Rutledge1974 QB Sr.195 Alabama Bham News

 All State Players 
 Player   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Team   College   Source 
 1984   5A 
 Leroy MilesOL HM   ASWA
 Leroy MilesOL HM   BN
 1983   4A 
 Jeff HerodLB HM   ASWA
 Joe HerrodLB HM   BN
 1982   4A 
 Darryl MartinOL HM   BN
 David BrownDL Sr. HM   ASWA
 Orlando MilesLB Sr.6-1205 1st   BN
 Orlando MilesLB Sr.6-1205 1st   ASWA
 Orlando MilesL HM   BPH
 Pat LewisDB Sr. HM   BN
 Pat LewisDB Sr. 1st   ASWA
 Scott JacksonDL Sr.6-2225 2nd   BN
 Scott JacksonDL Sr.6-2225 HM   ASWA
 Scott JacksonL HM   BPH
 1981   4A 
 Derrick SlaughterL Sr.6-1230 1st   BN
 Doug HillL Sr.6-6235 HM   BN
 Jay MatthewsB HM   BN
 Jimmy HaywoodB Sr.160 HM   BN
 Jody RogersL Sr.238 2nd   BN
 1980   4A 
 Jimmy HaywoodRB Sr.160 2nd   BN
 1979   4A 
 Steve BeardenT Sr.6-5221 1st   BN
 Steve BeardenT Sr.6-5221 1st   BPH
 1978   4A 
 Steve BeardenL HM   BPH
 Steve SchneiderL HM   BPH
 1977   4A 
 Dyrie BurkettDL Sr.6-1215 1st   MA
 Dyrie BurkettT Sr.6-1215 HM   BN
 JacksonG HM   BN
 Scottie Roberson HM   MA
 1976   4A 
 BurketteT HM   BN
 Greg BellB Sr.6-0185 HM   BN
 Greg BellB Sr.6-0185 2nd   BPH
 1974   4A 
 Bob GrefsendLB Sr.6-2205 1st   MA
 Bob GrefsendLB Sr.6-2205 HM   BPH
 Bob GrefsendL Sr.6-2205 HM   BN
 Frank GunnelsL HM   BPH
 Fred KnightonL Sr.6-1220 2nd   BPH
 Fred KnightonT Sr.6-1210 1st   BN
 Greg RatcliffL HM   BN
 Jeff RutledgeQB Sr.6-2195 1st   BN
 Jeff RutledgeQB Sr.6-1195 1st   BPH
 Jerry McDonaldE Sr.5-10175 1st   BPH
 Jerry McDonaldDB Sr.6-0180 1st   MA
 Jerry McDonaldE Sr.5-10175 1st   BN
 Jerry MurphreeHB Sr.180 1st   BN
 John ShawL Sr.6-5210 HM   BN
 John ShawDE Sr.6-5210 1st   MA
 John ShawL Sr.6-5210 HM   BPH
 John WahlB HM   BN
 1973   4A 
 Fred KnightonG Jr.198 1st   BN
 Fred KnightonL Jr.198 1st   BPH
 Jeff RutledgeQB Jr.183 1st   BPH
 Jeff RutledgeB Jr.183 1st   BN
 Jerry MurphreeB Sr.180 HM   BN
 Jerry MurphreeB Jr.195 2nd   BPH
 Joe ShawE Sr.210 2nd   BPH
 Joe ShawT Sr.210 1st   BN
 Ricky NealE Sr.201 1st   BN
 Ricky NealLB Sr.201 2nd   BPH
 1972   4A 
 Danny CollinsL HM   BPH
 Danny CollinsC Sr.185 2nd   BN
 Danny NealG/C HM   BN
 Danny NealLB Sr.6-2190 1st   BPH
 Frank DelizL HM   BPH
 Fred DawsonL 2nd   BPH
 Fred DawsonT Sr.215 1st   BN
 Jeff RutledgeQB 2nd   BPH
 Johnny GunnelsB Sr.6-2185 1st   BPH
 Johnny GunnelsB Sr.178 1st   BN
 Rodney JohnsonB HM   BN
 Rush GirardeauL HM   BPH
 Tommy SafflesB HM   BPH
 1971   4A 
 Johnny GunnelsB HM   BN
 1970   4A 
 Billy ShieldsT Sr.235 2nd   BN
 Rick NealB Sr.5-10175 HM   BN
 Rick NealB Sr.170 1st   BPH
 1969   4A 
 Danny MikutT 3rd   BPH
 Gary RutledgeB Sr.6-1170 HM   BPH
 Gary RutledgeB Sr.6-1170 1st   BN
 Gary RutledgeB Sr.6-1170 HM   AP
 Greg LunaE HM   BPH
 Ricky NeelB HM   BPH
 1968   4A 
 DavidsonC HM   BN
 Gary RutledgeB Jr. HM   BN
 PharesB HM   BN
 ShieldsE HM   BN
 Steve LakeyT Sr.6-0215 1st   BN
 Steve LakeyT Sr.6-0215 1st   BPH
 1967   4A 
 Johnny MussoB Sr.180 1st   BPH
 Johnny MussoB Sr.180 1st   AP
 Johnny MussoB Sr.180 1st   BN
 Phil CochranC Sr.195 1st   BN
 Phil CochranC Sr.195 1st   AP
 Phil CochranLB Sr.195 1st   BPH
 1966   4A 
 Johnny MussoB HM   BPH
 Johnny MussoB Jr. HM   BN
 Larry WillinghamE Sr.178 2nd   BN
 Larry WillinghamE Sr.178 HM   BPH
 Larry WillinghamE Sr.178 2nd   MA
 Phil CochraneC HM   BPH
 1965   4A 
 Alan GirardeauG Sr.191 1st   AP
 Alan GirardeauG Sr.191 1st   BN
 Alan GirardeauG Sr.194 1st   BPH
 Billy StricklandT Sr.205 2nd   BPH
 Billy StricklandT Sr.202 2nd   BN
 John StricklandT HM   AP
 Sam ChamblissB Sr.160 2nd   BN
 Sam ChamblissFB Sr.160 2nd   BPH
 1964   4A 
 Donny JohnsonB HM   BN
 EasleyE HM   BN
 Ronnie RoddamC HM   BN
 Tommy BaileyB HM   BPH
 1963   4A 
 Bobby JohnsB HM   BN
 Bobby JohnsB HM   BPH
 Paige CutcliffeT HM   BN
 Paige CutcliffeT HM   BPH
 1962   3A 
 Paige CutcliffeT HM   BN
 Tom EppsE HM   BN
 Tom EppsE 3rd   BPH
 1961   3A 
 Bob TarrantB HM   BN
 Gene AtkinsonE HM   BPH
 Jerry PopwellB HM   BN
 Jerry PopwellC HM   BPH
 Joel WhiteT HM   BN
 1960   3A 
 George MorrisE Sr.180 2nd   BN
 George MorrisE Sr.180 HM   MA
 George MorrisE Sr.180 2nd   BPH
 George MorrisE Sr.180 HM   ASWA
 Jimmy SidleB Sr.170 2nd   ASWA
 Jimmy SidleB Sr.170 1st   BPH
 Jimmy SidleB Sr.170 1st   MA
 Jimmy SidleB Sr.170 1st   BN
 1959   3A 
 Jimmy SidleB Jr.175 2nd   BN

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Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The first night game played between high school teams in the state occurred on September 23, 1927 when Pike Road and Cloverdale met in the Cramton Bowl in Montgomery.