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The History of High School Sports in Alabama

   Welcome to the Alabama High School Football Historical Society. We have expanded our research to include all team sports in Alabama. Initially our goal is to preserve the history of every team sport played within the state. We also provide other important information including coaching records, tournament results, state championship summaries and much more. If you can provide accurate scores or any other information related to our efforts we encourage you to contact us.

Alabama High School Softball

 2024 Softball State Champions
1A Skyline Junior Lewis (33-12)  9-0  Leroy
2A Wicksburg Nathan Rainey (26-12-1)  10-0  Thorsby
3A Opp David McVay (43-6-1)  4-2  Plainview
4A Orange Beach Shane Alexander (42-1)  2-1  Brooks
5A Jasper Brandi Hall (34-7-1)  3-2  Moody
6A Athens Travis Barnes (29-14)  12-9  Hartselle
7A Hewitt-Trussville Taylor Burt ()    Daphne
AISA-A Lowndes Academy Matt Marshall (26-14)  10-8  Crenshaw Christian
AISA-AA Hooper Academy Elyse Grier (32-8)  6-5  Abbeville Christian
AISA-AAA Macon-East Academy Glynn Lott (42-16-1)  3-1  Lee-Scott Academy

Past Fast Pitch Softball State Champions

Alabama High School Fast Pitch Softball

    Softball has evolved since the early days of it's existence in the 1970s to become a favorite among student athletes and fans alike in Alabama.

    Although played at the high school level since about 1970, it did not become a sanctioned sport by the AHSAA until 1986. The first statewide tournament was held that spring with Satsuma winning the 4A-6A tournament and Pleasant Valley bringing home the crown for classes 1A-3A.

    Slow pitch softball dominated the sport in Alabama until the late 1990s. Robertsdale took home the first state title in fast pitch in 1995 when only a few teams had switched to the faster paced sport.

    The last slow pitch teams moved to fast pitch following the 2002 season. Since then the sport has continued to grow in popularity across Alabama.


Fast Pitch Championships

Most Championships
          11 - Macon-East Academy    (AISA)
          10 - Pisgah
          9 - Alabama Christian
          7 - Edgewood Academy    (AISA)
          7 - Glenwood School    (AISA)
          7 - Lowndes Academy
          6 - Brantley
          6 - Cornerstone Christian    (AISA)
          6 - Hatton
          6 - Marengo Academy    (AISA)
          6 - Sparkman

Most Championship Game Appearances
          16 - Pisgah
          15 - Alabama Christian
          14 - Macon-East Academy    (AISA)
          11 - Edgewood Academy    (AISA)
          11 - Glenwood School    (AISA)
          10 - Hartselle
          10 - Sparkman
          9 - Ider
          9 - Lowndes Academy
          9 - Marengo Academy    (AISA)
          9 - Mortimer Jordan
          8 - Brantley
          8 - St. James

Slow Pitch Championships

Most Championships
          12 - Glenwood School    (AISA)
          9 - Pleasant Valley
          8 - Faith Academy    (AISA)
          7 - Catherine Academy    (AISA)
          7 - South Choctaw Academy    (AISA)
          5 - Hazel Green
          5 - Waterloo
          4 - Gaston
          4 - New Hope

Most Championship Game Appearances
          15 - Glenwood School    (AISA)
          11 - Pleasant Valley
          9 - South Choctaw Academy    (AISA)
          8 - Catherine Academy    (AISA)
          8 - Faith Academy    (AISA)
          7 - Athens

AHSAA Softball Playoffs

  Most Final Four Appearances (Fast Pitch)
          39 - Alabama Christian
          30 - Pisgah
          27 - Hartselle
          26 - Mortimer Jordan
          21 - Hatton
          20 - Springville
          19 - Hoover
          19 - Ider

  Most Final Four Appearances (Slow Pitch)
          20 - Athens
          19 - Hatton
          19 - Waterloo
          18 - Pleasant Valley


Coaching Changes

Every year we try to track all the Softtball Coaching changes. If you can assist us with the ones we miss please let us know.
               2024-25 Coaching Changes

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Fast Pitch Softball

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Slow Pitch Softball

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Most Championships All Sports

  Which teams have won the most state championships? AHSFHS has compiled a list of the teams that have won titles over the past 100+ years in Alabama.

Most Championships

 Championships by Year

 Championships by School


The Coaches

Distinguished Fast Pitch Softball Coaches.

Fast Pitch Softball Coaches Win Totals

  Which coaches have won the most state championships? A list of the coaches with the most state titles in Fast Pitch Softball.

Softball Coaches 

Most Championships
          13 - Glynn Lott    (AISA)
          10 - Billy Duncan
          10 - Woodie Head    (AISA)
          8 - Michael Stamps
          7 - Denise Ainsworth
          7 - Dusty Perdue    (AISA)
          7 - Sandy Hunter
          7 - Tony Scarbrough
          6 - Cindy Hawthorne
          6 - Dale Palmer
          6 - Mark Armstrong    (AISA)
          5 - Jim Brown
          5 - Matt Marshall    (AISA)
          5 - Shane Alexander
          4 - Anita Campbell
          4 - Bill Benson
          4 - Dan Camp    (AISA)
          4 - Jessica Aderholt
          4 - John Smith
          4 - Karl Smeltzer
          4 - Lissa Walker
          4 - Lori Wyatt
          4 - Mike Leopard
          4 - Robbie James    (AISA)
          4 - Taylor Burt
          3 - Brian Pittman    (AISA)
          3 - Danny Stenz    (AISA)
          3 - David Hughes
          3 - J. Grant    (AISA)
          3 - Jim Crawford    (AISA)
          3 - Lamar Harris
          3 - Laura Rickman
          3 - Patricia Hicks
          3 - Randy White
          3 - Rebecca Lee
          3 - Sheila Kilgore
          3 - Terry Scott

    Following years of research, in June of 2007 the website became a reality. Many people have gotten involved to assist us  with research of the schools and teams to make this a reality.

    Other team sports have joined football as a part of our research. Initially will include information about coaches, state playoffs, all state teams, player awards and team records.

    It is virtually impossible to provide scores for every  game for every team. Who knows, later even that may be a possibility. There is still a lot of work to do with the all state teams of years past but our intentions are to find every team.

    We encourage everyone to get involved in helping us provide the most accurate information possible. If you have information that would be useful to us please let us know.


Great Moments in Alabama High School Sports History

The Alabama High School Athletic Association was first organized in 1921.