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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Bullock County Yearly Summary

Bullock County Hornets
Bullock County High School

911 Sardis Rd. Union Springs, AL 36089
Stadium: Bryant Foster Field
Colors: Black & Old Gold
Coach: Derrick Levett
Region: 4A-R2
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20214A*2-7128294R21-6121255 Derrick Levett  
20204A*4-5152180R23-4132140 Sheldon Ward  
20193A*6-52872550-1036R34-3193177 Willie Spears  
20183A*5-5289283R33-4201224 Willie Spears  
20174A*2-8194296R20-662190 Heath Laney  
20164A*3-7252281R20-6102183 Heath Laney  
20154A*1-9132324R20-790260 Heath Laney  
20144A*1-977379R20-747293 Martae Wyckoff  
20134A*0-1058503R20-732350 Charles Winchester Jr.5/Joshua Chambers  
20124A*0-10138516R20-792388 Charles Winchester Jr.  
20114A*1-9119370R20-761269 Rico White  
20104A*0-10133385R20-798312 Rico White  
20094A*2-8114292R21-6102238 Patrick Plott  
20084A*1-7138257R21-6132243 Leon Day  
20074A*1-9172374R20-7130299 Leon Day  
20064A*1-9104354R21-684257 LaBrian Stewart  
20054A*0-1053390R20-739290 LaBrian Stewart  
20044A*2-8107403R21-656323 LaBrian Stewart  
20034A*1-982341R20-756245 Clint Foster  
20024A*0-1066390R20-724281 Clint Foster  
20014A*1-882410R21-668314 James Foulks  
20004A*3-7180232R22-5134164 James Foulks  
19994A*2-8131377R51-244136 James Foulks  
19984A*1-982381R51-25088 James Foulks  
19974A*5-5154173R40-21847 James Foulks  
19964A*5-5252222R40-23269 James Foulks  
19954A*2-8122227R31-23058 James Foulks  
19944A*3-7171274R30-352109 James Foulks  
19934A*2-8114282R30-3894 Lorenza Smith  
19924A*1-954310R30-38118 Lorenza Smith  
19914A*2-8134308R40-326118 Theodore Washington  
19904A*1-885309R40-334107 Theodore Washington  
19895A*3-7162210R40-32278 Theodore Washington  
19885A*4-6133281R40-36136 Theodore Washington  
19875A*2-8114314R40-226100 Theodore Washington  
19865A*3-797243R40-26109 James Henderson  
19855A*3-7113223R50-31492 James Henderson  
19845A*5-4113124R51-22873 James Henderson  
19833A*0-1062292R40-431179 James Henderson  
19823A*3-7102250R40-432146 James Henderson  
19813A*1-973217R41-547148 Kenneth Williams  
19803A*1-948359R41-528248 Jerry Dukes  
19793A*4-580182R41-334121 Jerry Dukes  
19783A*2-766149R40-41366 Don McGown  
19773A*1-738150R40-4087 Charles Lampton  
19763A*2-670175R41-230101 Willie Thomas  
19753A*1-966356R40-32588 Richard Carter  
19743A*3-774112R4 Richard Carter  
19733A*1-739171 Richard Carter  
19723A*9-118267 Richard Chapman  
19713A*3-7136253 Richard Chapman  
19703A*5-3-118084 Richard Chapman  
19693A*7-3189106 Ben Baker  
19682A*5-4-112190 Joe Hendrickson  
19672A*3-6-183201 Joe Hendrickson  
19662A*6-3-1158152 Carlton Smith  
19652A*8-225199 Carlton Smith  
19642A*8-227239 Carlton Smith  
1963*7-2-116167 Carlton Smith  
1962*2-6-295273 Carlton Smith  
1961*1-8-185280 R.G. Cook  
1960*0-1056325 R.G. Cook  
1959*1-927276 R.G. Cook  
1958*1-950236 R.G. Cook  
1957*9-124433 R.G. Cook  
19561A*10-034120 R.G. Cook  
19551A*6-3-1143100 R.G. Cook  
19541A*5-4-1137159 R.G. Cook  
19531A*4-5-190124 R.G. Cook  
19521A*3-769215 R.G. Cook  
19511A*9-121478 J.E. Elmore  
19501A*9-126082 Bill Screws  
1949*10-027339 Bill Screws  
1948*3-6-1126170 Alton Dean  
1947*3-793227 Alton Dean  
19460-713188 Morris Ward  
1945*1-735220 McNair  
1944      No Team
1943      No Team
1942      No Team
19413-457102 Kelly Horn  
1940*4-5102156 H.J. McInnish  
1939*4-5128137 H.J. McInnish  
1938*4-4-111472 H.J. McInnish  
1937*7-0-21876 H.J. McInnish  
1936*3-4-269121 H.J. McInnish  
19354-498109 H.J. McInnish  
1934*4-3-28682 H.J. McInnish  
19338-114134 H.J. McInnish  
19322-2-29652 H.J. McInnish  
19312-35661 H.J. McInnish  
1930*7-2-114964 W.M. Davis  
1929*7-4210107 W.M. Davis  
1928*5-5-1133223 W.M. Davis  
1927*3-4-262100 W.M. Davis  
1926*3-55289 George OKelley  
1925*4-4152152 L.J. Campbell  
1924*1-6-129112 O.R. Cottle  
19212-2-13240 Red Howard  
1918      No Team

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The first night game played between high school teams in the state occurred on September 23, 1927 when Pike Road and Cloverdale met in the Cramton Bowl in Montgomery.