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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Dale County Yearly Summary

Dale County Warriors
Dale County High School

P.O. Box 1140 Midland City, AL 36350
Stadium: Warrior Stadium
Colors: Red, White & Columbia Blue
Coach: Don Moore
Region: 4A-R2
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20174A*7-43372450-11241R23-3176145 Pate Harrison  
20164A*7-42212610-1036R25-1150136 Pate Harrison  
20153A*1-9134463R21-5107249 Pate Harrison  
20143A*14-16622654-1210145R2#6-027961 Pate Harrison  
20133A*11-14881491-17335R2#7-028185 Pate Harrison  
20123A*6-52442630-11050R25-2179125 Pate Harrison  
20113A*1-9127377R21-684242 Jeff Torrence  
20103A*1-9171306R20-7112249 Donnie Smith  
20093A*1-9105183R21-665113 Todd Horne  
20083A*6-52162120-1642R24-3127104 Todd Horne  
20073A*2-8187320R21-6103221 Todd Horne  
20063A*4-685222R22-555177 Todd Horne  
20053A*0-1089333R10-756224 Will Randolph  
20043A*4-6198288R13-4152189 Danny Whiddon  
20034A*2-8170281R22-5128182 Danny Whiddon  
20024A*7-43331950-11442R25-2259130 Danny Whiddon  
20014A*12-16052222-110475R2#7-0373104 Chuck Monday  
20004A*9-23781700-11421R26-1197100 Chuck Monday  
19994A*8-32941210-11342R32-14924 Chuck Monday  
19984A*6-52502190-11838R32-13943 Chuck Monday  
19974A*11-14311461-14739R3#3-09820 Chuck Monday  
19964A*4-6205209R31-26883 Chuck Monday  
19954A*9-23531200-1021R4#3-011632 Chuck Monday  
19944A*9-23481650-167R42-18346 Chuck Monday  
19934A*3-7159229R41-25759 Chuck Monday  
19924A*0-1043361R40-326139 Marty Marler  
19914A*1-940242R31-21977 Phillip Parker  
19904A*3-7136167R30-32179 Phillip Parker  
19894A*7-3214137R41-24362 Phillip Parker  
19884A*2-8107230R40-32996 Phillip Parker  
19874A*1-939189R31-21936 Bill Robertson  
19864A*3-7107198R31-22559 Bill Robertson  
19854A*3-81282330-12057R42-15418 Jerry Herring  
19844A*3-7101138R41-25947 Jerry Herring  
19832A*1-863164R41-645121 Jerry Herring  
19822A*8-31841030-1713R4#5-210874 Jerry Herring  
19813A*2-891213R31-539123 Jerry Herring  
19803A*0-1063243R30-744184 Allen Quinn  
19793A*5-5188165R32-38791 John Glasscock  
19783A*6-4209122R34-112861 John Glasscock  
19773A*7-318796R3NE John Glasscock  
19763A*2-8125219R3NE Curtis Davis  
19753A*0-1053309R30-314101 Gordon Weldow  
19743A*0-9-1134316R3 Donald Murphy  
19733A*2-862250 Donald Murphy  
19723A*3-6-1128151 Bobby Devane  
19713A*5-5218178 Bobby Devane  
19703A*3-7137231 Bobby Devane  
19693A*7-3206181 Lavon Kelly  
19683A*6-4146139 Lavon Kelly  
19673A*9-131283 Wayne Trawick  
19662A*6-3206117 Wayne Trawick  
19652A*5-410087 Wayne Trawick  
19642A*1-6-23899 Joe Anglin  
19632A*5-412686 Joe Anglin  
1962*3-5-1183142 Grady Elmore  
1961*3-5-2104125 Mac Palmer  
1960*7-2-118151 Charles Stevenson  
1959*3-4-2136144 Jim Whatley  
1958*8-221270 Jim Whatley  
1957*5-5169113 Jim Whatley  
1956*0-9-154293 Jim Whatley  
1955*4-5-199182 James Reeves  
1954*6-3-115982 James Reeves  
1953*3-6-1132147 James Reeves  
1952*7-2-116378 James Reeves  
1951*3-6-1123127 James Reeves  
1950*4-56070 Homer Underwood  
1949*3-771192 Latham Sibert  
1948*1-956285 Wallace Joiner  
1947*5-412985 Roy Knapp  
1946*7-214250 Roy Knapp  
19450-5783 Stough Parker  
19416-312062 Roy Knapp  
19403-03419 LeVaughn Hanks  
19391-12026 LeVaughn Hanks  
1935*6-318896 J.C. Lewis  
19344-29092 J.C. Lewis  
19330-41954 Matson ONeal  
19230-3-10114 R.R. Pippen  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The first football game played by a high school team in Alabama was in 1892 when Central Birmingham (Phillips) lost to Alabama 56-0 on November 11.