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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.


1967 Sidney Lanier Poets
10 SE Slade Rhodes     60 G Robert Braughton  
11 QB Withers Davis       G Dan Lowery  
15 QB Jeff Blitz     63 G Greg Carr  
18 QB Buddy Mesaris       C Jeff Suydam  
20 HB Johnny Batts       G John Robertson  
21 HB Hans Hardin       C Ronnie Poole  
23 LB Tres Rogers     64 G Al Campbell  
25 HB Danny Hall     65 G Wiley Richardson  
26 E Norman Barton     66 G Tommy Lowder  
28 HB Rusty Chumley     67 G Steve Dennis  
29 FB Jimmy Lowder     68 G Dan Pate  
30 FB Rae Jabour     69 G Tom Hurst  
31 FB Jerry Leachman       DG Jim Claunch  
33 FB Louie Lincoln       T Dave Campbell  
34 LB Robert Peak     72 T George Jeffcoat  
35 HB Bill Morrison     73 T Bill Schaum  
37 HB Bill Cook       G Al Butler  
40 WB Scott Gellerstedt     75 LB Mike Zeigler  
42 HB Jim Barkley     76 G Robert Crumpton  
  E Kenneth Doane     77 T Charles Saliba  
43 E Alec Spoon     79 T Drew Warren  
45 E Travis Mask     80 E Jack Harrell  
46 E Bruce Witzenburger     81 E Randy Moore  
48 T Frank Stephens       T Jim Seay  
50 C Glenn Bowron   83 E Willie Peak  
  C Pat Raines   84 E Sonny Cone  
53 LB David Huffman     85 E Jim Perkins  
55 C Dow Walker   86 E Raymond Glasscock  
56 C Dan Dubina   87 E Phillip Young  
57 T Dennis Williams       E Mike McKeever  
58 T Bart Wilson     89 E Rodney Waltman  
59 T George Vinson     90 E Don Esco  
  C Mercer Jones     91 E Greg Kuh  
        94 E Larry Norred  

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Collinsville completed the 1931 season with a record of 1-4-5. The five ties will forever be a state record since all games are now decided by overtime.