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   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.


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          There was a time between 1957 and 1970 that the city of Montgomery dominated the sport of high school football in the state. Prior to the beginning of the playoffs, Either Lee or Lanier was awarded a state championship by one source in every season from 1957-1964. When the playoffs began in 1966, the reign of Montgomery continued when Lanier won the first three titles and Lee then next two. In 1966 Lanier defeated Lee in the championship game 9-7.

          So, between 1957 and 1970 one of these two schools was awarded a mythical championship or earned a championship on the football field every season except 1965. Now that is domination.

          The two teams share a stadium at the Cramton Bowl so the teams never have a so called home field advantage. Until 1957, Sidney Lanier owned the city of Montgomery. The sports program was second to none especially when it came to the game of football. The Poets had won championships as the largest school in the state and no competition in Montgomery. All that changed in 1955 when Robert E. Lee High School opened.

          The series began in 1957 two years after Lee opened it's doors with a 14-12 win by the Poets. Lee gained their initial victory in the series the next season by defeating the long time powerhouse 26-19. The biggest upset in the series came in 1959 when Lanier kept Lee from the ranks of the undefeated teams with a season ending 14-6 victory.

          Over the next fifteen years, the teams fought annually on even terms and following the 1970 season, Lee held a slim 8-7 lead in the series. In 1961 the only loss suffered by Lee came at the hands of the Poets. In 1964, the Generals once again handed the Poets their only loss of the season. In 1966 Lee loss two games. Both came at the hands of Lanier.

          In recent history the series has lost much of its luster with the changing times in the Capital City. Both teams have struggled to win with any consistency except for a run by Lee under the direction of coach Spence McCracken when they won three state championships from 1996-1992.

          Since 2002, Lee has had one winning season and won a single playoff game. Lanier has not fared much better with only one winning season and two playoff victories. The Generals have won the last seven games in the series. They also won seventeen consecutive against the Poets from 1983-1999.

Total Meetings:  61
Series Record:  Lee leads 41-18-2
First Meeting:  11/15/1957, Sidney Lanier 14, Lee, 12
Last Meeting:  8/20/2015, Lee Montgomery 34, Sidney Lanier, 0
Longest Winning Streak:  Sidney Lanier 4 (1966-1968), Lee Montgomery 16 (1983-1999)
Biggest Wins:  Sidney Lanier 41-7 (2008), Lee Montgomery 55-7 (1991)

Biggest Upsets:  1959 - Lanier (4-6) upset Lee (9-1) 14-6

Robert E. Lee vs. Sidney Lanier
2015 Lee Montgomery 34-0 Sidney Lanier
2014 Lee Montgomery 15-0 Sidney Lanier
2013 Lee Montgomery 14-0 Sidney Lanier
2012 Lee Montgomery 13-12 Sidney Lanier
2011 Lee Montgomery 16-6 Sidney Lanier
2010 Lee Montgomery 45-0 Sidney Lanier
2009 Lee Montgomery 21-0 Sidney Lanier
2008 Sidney Lanier 41-7 Lee Montgomery
2007 Sidney Lanier 34-14 Lee Montgomery
2006 Sidney Lanier 26-7 Lee Montgomery
2005 Lee Montgomery 33-26 Sidney Lanier
2004 Sidney Lanier 12-0 Lee Montgomery
2003 Lee Montgomery 7-6 Sidney Lanier
2002 Lee Montgomery 24-12 Sidney Lanier
2001 Lee Montgomery 17-14 Sidney Lanier
2000 Lee Montgomery 21-19 Sidney Lanier
1999 Sidney Lanier 13-10 Lee Montgomery
1999 # Lee Montgomery 15-12 Sidney Lanier
1998 Lee Montgomery 20-13 Sidney Lanier
1997 Lee Montgomery 30-20 Sidney Lanier
1996 Lee Montgomery 28-15 Sidney Lanier
1995 Lee Montgomery 23-7 Sidney Lanier
1994 Lee Montgomery 45-0 Sidney Lanier
1993 Lee Montgomery 40-14 Sidney Lanier
1992 Lee Montgomery 31-7 Sidney Lanier
1991 Lee Montgomery 55-7 Sidney Lanier
1990 Lee Montgomery 31-7 Sidney Lanier
1989 Lee Montgomery 22-15 Sidney Lanier
1988 Lee Montgomery 44-3 Sidney Lanier
1987 Lee Montgomery 28-16 Sidney Lanier
1986 Lee Montgomery 29-0 Sidney Lanier
1985 Lee Montgomery 15-0 Sidney Lanier
1984 Lee Montgomery 7-0 Sidney Lanier
1983 Lee Montgomery 9-7 Sidney Lanier
1982 Sidney Lanier 18-7 Lee Montgomery
1981 Sidney Lanier 21-0 Lee Montgomery
1980 Lee Montgomery 16-6 Sidney Lanier
1979 Lee Montgomery 20-3 Sidney Lanier
1978 Sidney Lanier 19-6 Lee Montgomery
1977 Sidney Lanier 7-3 Lee Montgomery
1976 Sidney Lanier 20-18 Lee Montgomery
1975 Lee Montgomery 20-0 Sidney Lanier
1974 Lee Montgomery 42-20 Sidney Lanier
1973 Lee Montgomery 31-8 Sidney Lanier
1972 Lee Montgomery 21-14 Sidney Lanier
1971 Sidney Lanier 12-7 Lee Montgomery
1970 Lee Montgomery 28-7 Sidney Lanier
1969 Lee Montgomery 35-0 Sidney Lanier
1968 Sidney Lanier 27-7 Lee Montgomery
1967 Sidney Lanier 7-0 Lee Montgomery
1966 Sidney Lanier 10-0 Lee Montgomery
1966 # Sidney Lanier 9-7 Lee Montgomery
1965 Sidney Lanier 6-6 Lee Montgomery
1964 Lee Montgomery 13-7 Sidney Lanier
1963 Sidney Lanier 0-0 Lee Montgomery
1962 Lee Montgomery 7-0 Sidney Lanier
1961 Sidney Lanier 14-13 Lee Montgomery
1960 Lee Montgomery 47-7 Sidney Lanier
1959 Sidney Lanier 14-6 Lee Montgomery
1958 Lee Montgomery 26-19 Sidney Lanier
1957 Sidney Lanier 14-12 Lee Montgomery

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