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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

2019 Class 2 Semi-Finals Playoff Preview

2019 Class 2A Semi-Finals Playoffs
Collinsville at Fyffe
at Paul Benefield Stadium
 Site  PF   Opponent  PA   WLT 
50   Plainview W
40   Crossville 13 W
54   North Sand Mountain 28 W
 Fyffe 24 L
60   Ider W
41   Section W
56   Asbury W
35   Sand Rock W
38   Cedar Bluff W
42   Valley Head W
63   Colbert County 18 W
21   Ohatchee 14 W
37   North Sand Mountain 28 W
 Site  PF   Opponent  PA   WLT 
28   Geraldine W
49   Section W
24   Collinsville W
47   Asbury W
35   Plainview W
55   Sand Rock W
42   Cedar Bluff W
62   North Sand Mountain 14 W
47   Ider W
42   Sylvania W
48   Sheffield W
38   Ranburne W
45   Red Bay W

2019 Season Records
The Collinsville Panthers defeated North Sand Mountain 37-28 in the quarterfinals of the playoffs last Friday at home.

The Panthers enter the game with a 12-2 record.... The Panthers' offense is averaging 38.6 points a game.... The Panthers' defense is only allowing 11.3 points a game.

They qualified for the playoffs by finishing 2nd in Class 2A Region 8.

The Panthers have made 23 playoff appearances with an overall record of 17-22.... They are 0-2 on the road in the semi-finals.
The Fyffe Red Devils defeated Red Bay 45-6 in the quarterfinals of the playoffs last Friday at home.

The Red Devils enter the game with a 15-0 record.... The Red Devils' offense is averaging 37.5 points a game. The Red Devils' defense is only allowing 2.4 points a game.

They qualified for the playoffs by finishing 1st in Class 2A Region 8.

The Red Devils have made 39 playoff appearances with an overall record of 52-35.... They are 4-2 at home in the semi-finals.

Series :   Fyffe and Collinsville have met 61 times on the field.... Fyffe holds a 42-18 edge in the games played.

Collinsville   Fyffe
12-2  Record 15-0
540  Points Scored 562
38.6  Scoring Average 37.5
158  Points Allowed 36
11.3  Defense Average 2.4
92-68  Opponents Record 109-68
6-1  Region Record 7-0
7-0  Home Record 9-0
5-2  Away Record 5-0

Playoff Records
Collinsville Semi-Finals Records Fyffe
0-2  Home4-2
0-2  Away2-0

Collinsville   Fyffe
17-22  Overall 52-35
23  Appearances 39
9-14  1st Round 24-15
7-2  2nd Round 13-10
1-3  3rd Round 7-6
0-3  Semi-Finals 5-2
0-0  Finals 3-2

Previous Semi-Finals Playoff Appearances
 Year   Site  PF   Opponent  PA   WLT  OT 
11/29/2019 (Fri)    Fyffe 21 L
11/25/1983 (Fri)    Millport L
11/26/1982 (Fri)    Akron L
12/2/1974 (Mon)   10   Carrollton 16 L

 Year   Site  PF   Opponent  PA   WLT  OT 
11/29/2019 (Fri)   21   Collinsville W
11/30/2018 (Fri)   49   Aliceville W
11/25/2016 (Fri)   33   Lanett 20 W
11/27/2015 (Fri)   20   Randolph County 17 W
11/28/2014 (Fri)   42   Ranburne 14 W
11/29/2013 (Fri)    Tanner 16 L
11/30/2007 (Fri)   28   Red Bay 20 W
11/23/1973 (Fri)    Florala 35 L

Head-to-Head Matchup
 Date   Score     Site  Game Type 
9/13/2019 (Fri)    Fyffe24-3 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
9/14/2018 (Fri)    Fyffe54-24 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
10/13/2017 (Fri)    Fyffe49-7 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
10/7/2016 (Fri)    Fyffe47-0 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
10/23/2015 (Fri)    Fyffe49-14 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
10/24/2014 (Fri)    Fyffe49-7 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
8/26/2004 (Thu)    Fyffe42-0 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
8/28/2003 (Thu)    Fyffe42-0 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
8/29/2002 (Thu)    Fyffe40-12 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/17/1993 (Fri)    Fyffe16-14 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
9/18/1992 (Fri)    Fyffe21-7 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/20/1991 (Fri)    Fyffe14-6 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
9/21/1990 (Fri)    Fyffe34-6 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/8/1989 (Fri)    Fyffe28-7 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
9/9/1988 (Fri)    Fyffe14-7 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/11/1987 (Fri)    Fyffe14-7 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
9/12/1986 (Fri)    Fyffe52-6 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/13/1985 (Fri)    Fyffe33-0 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
9/14/1984 (Fri)    Fyffe34-12 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/9/1983 (Fri)    Collinsville14-0 Fyffe Fyffe Regular Season
9/9/1982 (Thu)    Collinsville20-8 Fyffe Collinsville Regular Season
9/11/1981 (Fri)    Fyffe28-2 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
9/12/1980 (Fri)    Fyffe25-12 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/14/1979 (Fri)    Fyffe21-7 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
9/8/1978 (Fri)    Fyffe20-13 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/9/1977 (Fri)    Collinsville13-9 Fyffe Fyffe Regular Season
9/10/1976 (Fri)    Collinsville28-0 Fyffe Collinsville Regular Season
9/11/1975 (Thu)    Collinsville14-6 Fyffe Fyffe Regular Season
9/13/1974 (Fri)    Fyffe19-6 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/7/1973 (Fri)    Fyffe14-12 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
9/8/1972 (Fri)    Fyffe18-0 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/10/1971 (Fri)    Fyffe14-12 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
9/11/1970 (Fri)    Fyffe21-7 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/12/1969 (Fri)    Collinsville12-7 Fyffe Fyffe Regular Season
9/12/1968 (Thu)    Fyffe26-0 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
9/7/1967 (Thu)    Fyffe20-7 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
9/9/1966 (Fri)    Collinsville32-6 Fyffe Collinsville Regular Season
10/15/1965 (Fri)    Collinsville46-0 Fyffe Fyffe Regular Season
10/16/1964 (Fri)    Collinsville13-0 Fyffe Collinsville Regular Season
10/11/1963 (Fri)    Collinsville26-0 Fyffe Fyffe Regular Season
10/12/1962 (Fri)    Collinsville19-6 Fyffe Collinsville Regular Season
10/13/1961 (Fri)    Fyffe42-0 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
10/14/1960 (Fri)    Collinsville21-6 Fyffe Collinsville Regular Season
10/10/1959 (Sat)    Fyffe20-12 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
10/10/1958 (Fri)    Fyffe19-13 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
10/11/1957 (Fri)    Collinsville6-6 Fyffe Fyffe Regular Season
10/12/1956 (Fri)    Collinsville13-7 Fyffe Collinsville Regular Season
10/13/1955 (Thu)    Fyffe20-0 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
10/15/1954 (Fri)    Fyffe20-7 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
10/15/1953 (Thu)    Fyffe14-13 Collinsville Fyffe Regular Season
10/16/1952 (Thu)    Fyffe34-0 Collinsville Collinsville Regular Season
1950   Fyffe30-13 Collinsville  Regular Season
10/20/1949 (Thu)    Fyffe6-0 Collinsville  Regular Season
10/22/1948 (Fri)    Collinsville7-6 Fyffe  Regular Season
10/24/1947 (Fri)    Fyffe6-0 Collinsville  Regular Season
8/17/1944 (Thu)    Collinsville13-0 Fyffe  Regular Season
10/23/1936 (Fri)    Collinsville26-0 Fyffe Collinsville Regular Season
10/25/1935 (Fri)    Collinsville21-0 Fyffe Collinsville Regular Season
9/14/1934 (Fri)    Collinsville52-0 Fyffe Collinsville Regular Season
Fyffe has won 40 games and scored 1160 points
Collinsville has won 18 games and scored 671 points
with 1 games being tied

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Thomasville scored 54 points against Gulf Shores in the first quarter of a game in 2003. They managed to hang on for an 81-14 win.