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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

2022 Football Preseason Preview

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Moved Up from 2A Arriving from 4A
Northside Methodist (Ind) Mobile Christian
Randolph County W.S. Neal
Midfield Daleville
Westbrook Christian Straughn
Colbert County Ashford
Mars Hill Alabama Christian
  St. James
  Sumter Central
  Fayette County
  Madison Academy

2022   Class 3A  Top Ten

1. Piedmont (13-2)6. Mars Hill (10-4)
2. St. James (10-2) 7. Gordo (9-3)
3. Madison Academy (12-2) 8. Alabama Christian (7-4)
4. Saks (12-2) 9. Winfield (12-1)
5. Mobile Christian (5-6) 10. Opp (9-3)

  2022 Predictions
      With teams like Catholic Montgomery, T.R. Miller and Montgomry Academy gone you would think 3A would be wide open this season. Not so fast.

      Class 3A will be much more competitive this season with strong teams like Madison Academy, Gordo, Starughn, Alabama Christian and Mobile Christian dropping from 4A to 3A to join the likes of Piedmont, Saks, Winfield and Lauderdale County.

      The Piedmont Bulldogs have dominated class 3A the past seven seasons winning four titles and ninety two games. With returning quarterback Jack Hayes at the helm of the offense that string of great seasons should continue in 2022. Competition will come from St. James as the Trojans return a cast of excellent skilled players. Coach Jimmy Perry will have the Trojans ready for a deep playoff run. 

      Saks only lost two games in 2021. Both losses came at the hands of Piedmont. Madison Academy will be ready to test the waters in 3A once again after spending a couple of seasons in 4A.

      Mars Hill won state championships at the 1A and 2A levels but could find the going a little tougher in 3A. But rest assured they will be very competitive.

      The most competitive region belongs to region five with four teams that won at least nine games last season. Region six is not far behind and should be one of the most competitive and a good race for that final playoff spot come November is assured.

Playoff Teams
Region 1Region 2
Mobile Christian Straughn
Hillcrest Evergreen Opp
Flomaton Providence Christian
Thomasville Houston Academy

Region 3 Region 4
St. James Saks
Alabama Christian Walter Wellborn
Trinity Dadeville
Southside Selma Childersburg

Region 5 Region 6
Gordo Piedmont
Winfield Ohatchee
Fayette County Plainview
Oakman Geraldine

Region 7 Region 8
Madison Academy Mars Hill
J.B. Pennington Lauderdale County
Susan Moore Phil Campbell
Vinemont Colbert Heights

 Most Victories 2010-2021
   No surpise here as Piedmont and Madison Academy lead all 3A schools with the most wins over the past twelve seasons. They also have seven championships between them. Piedmont won at least eleven games in every season except one.
   Gordo with 127 victories to their credit has won the most games of any team without winning a state championship. After two successful seasons in 4A the Green Wave are looking forward to being back in 3A with a new coach.

  Piedmont     146-21     87.4%   4
  Madison Academy     130-30     81.3%   3
  Gordo     127-27     82.5%  
  Lauderdale County     104-41     71.7%  
  Saks     104-37     73.8%  
  Fayette County     103-49     67.8%  
  Mobile Christian     98-48     67.1%  
  Randolph County     96-46     67.6%  
  Thomasville     93-46     66.9%   1
  Oakman     92-48     65.7%  
  St. James     91-44     67.4%  
  Winfield     91-43     67.9%  
  Flomaton     89-49     64.5%   1
  Colbert County     87-55     61.3%    
  Dadeville     85-50     63.0%    
  Walter Wellborn     84-49     63.2%    
  Trinity     84-54     60.9%    

 Last 25 seasons (1997-2021) 
    The Gordo is also one of only four teams that have not had a losing season since 1997. they actually have the longest streak in the state and have not lost more games than they won in any season since 1992.

  Gordo 232-77 75% 1
  Piedmont 215-95 69% 5
  Colbert County 213-100 68%
  Trinity 211-88 71% 1
  Fayette County 210-91 70%  
  Thomasville 204-91 69% 1
  Madison Academy 199-101 66% 3
  Winfield 196-93 68%
  Pike County 191-100 66% 3
  Plainview 186-99 65%
  Randolph County 182-108 63% 1
  Mobile Christian 174-113 61%
  St. James 172-107 62%
  Dadeville 169-111 60%
  Hokes Bluff 168-113 60% 1
  Lauderdale County 167-118 59%
  Midfield 165-114 59%
  Geraldine 160-115 58%
  Saks 160-118 58%
  Straughn 157-123 56%
  Flomaton 156-117 57% 1
  Westbrook Christian 153-120 56%
  Susan Moore 151-123 55%

David Parker

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

In 1969 the two point conversion was adopted for play following a touchdown. Until that time all conversions were worth one point.