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Missing Scores 

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           Recently I received all the schedule books that the AHSAA printed between 1972 and 2011. They were also called "Fall Sports" books. Bill Plott was nice enough to share them with us. These books helped in finding some of the missing scores during this timeframe. Bill filled in all the scores each year.

           Since the beginning of the 1970 football season we are currently missing only fourteen scores. That is unbelievable to say the least since more than 92,000 games have been played during that time by the AHSAA teams.

           The most notable game is one that both Bill and I have tried everything we know to find without success.
           The 1977 game between Maplesville and Verbena is proving to be a tough find. We have gone to the Library in Maplesville and Clanton and neither have anything on the game. The Newspaper is missing an issue from that week and following weeks do not give us any insight into the score of that game. Neither has a copy of a yearbook for either school to my recollection. If they did the score was not in the yearbook.

           Since the beginning of the 1980 season we have every score of every high school football game played in Alabama. We have now completed the past 37 football seasons.

           We now have whittled down our list of missing scores since 1950 to a much more manageable total. The best guess for how many games are still missing would be around 520 since 1950. That means we about 99.7% complete.

           Only thirty-four AHSAA schools are missing ten or more games. Three schools, Stevenson, Bridgeport and Vina account for nearly one-third of these missing games.

           With that in mind I have put together a list of these missing scores in hopes that someone out there can assist us in finding one or more of them.

1972 High School Football Schedule book from the AHSAA with Bill's entries.

          Below are the missing scores for the AHSAA schools.

1980-2016  -  Complete
1979 11/3 Belgreen MS at Vina  
1978 Complete  
1977 11/4 Maplesville at Verbena  
1976 11/5 Sunshine at G.P. Austin  
  11/5 McKenzie at Lyeffion  
1975 11/7 Sunshine - G.P. Austin  
11/14 Marengo at Wilcox County  
1974 11/8 R.C. Hatch at Livingston  
  9/20 Pensacola Liberal Arts FL at Conecuh County  
  10/18 McIntosh at Century FL  
1973 10/26 D.C. Wolfe at South Macon  
  9/21 Lookout Valley TN - North Sand Mountain  
1972 11/3 Marengo County Training at G.P. Austin  
1971 10/8 North Sand Mountain - Huntland TN  
  11/5 Marengo - John Essex  
1970   Complete  
1969 10/3 Maplesville at Billingsley  
  10/31 Notasulga at Billingsley  
  10/3 McKenzie at Dozier  
  11/14 Red Level at Lyeffion  
  9/19 Marbury at Maplesville  
  9/12 Meek at Vina  
  11/7 Baker Fl at Montgomery County  
  10/10 Pine Hill at Southern Choctaw  
  10/24 Belmont MS at Red Bay  
  11/14 Jay FL at Repton  
1968 9/7 Addison at Meek  
  9/20 Lynn at Addison  
  11/8 McLain MS at Fruitdale  
  10/18 Goshen at Highland Home  
  10/25 Holtville at Verbena  
  11/15 Thorsby at Isabella  
  9/13 Vina at Meek  
  10/18 Waterloo at Meek  
  11/1 Stevenson at Grundy County TN  
  11/1 Thorsby at Verbena  
  9/6 Wilson at Section  
1967 10/6 Addison at Lynn  
  11/3 Brilliant at Marion County  
  11/10 Fruitdale at McLain MS  
  9/16 Ider at Pisgah  
  10/27 Phillips Bear Creek at Lynn  
  11/10 Maplesville at Verbena  
  10/27 Tishomingo MS at Red Bay  
  11/10 Vina at Red Bay  
  11/3 Verbena at Thorsby  
1966 10/8 Baylor TN at Lowndes Academy  
  10/21 Lowndes Academy at Lyman Ward  
    North Sand Mt. - last two games likely against TN teams  
  11/4 Red Level at Dozier  
1965 11/11 Century Fl at J.U. Blacksher  
  10/29 Pisgah - North Sand Mountain  
1964   Complete  
1963 10/26 Florida School Deaf at Alabama School Deaf  
  8/29 Locust Fork - Hayden  
  11/1 Lynn - ????  
  10/18 Pisgah - ???  
  10/25 Pisgah - ???  

David Parker

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