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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

2016-2017 State Champions

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Alabama High School State Champions

           We salute the 2016-17 Alabama High School State Champions in each team sport. Winning a championship is memorable for every player no matter the sport.

           A few schools stood out by winning multiple titles. Hoover led all schools with six championships. The Bucs won titles in football, baseball, boys and girls indoor track and boys and girls track. Team winning five titles include American Christian, Glenwood School, Homewood and Mountain Brook.

           Below is a list of the state champions along with the head coach, game scores and record in parentheses. The runner-up in each sport is to the far right.

AISA-AAA Bessemer Academy Josh Wright (13-1)  28-7  Monroe Academy
AISA-AA Autauga Academy Kyle Glover (13-0)  28-21  Escambia Academy
AISA-A Marengo Academy Webb Tutt (11-1)  34-33  Chambers Academy
7A Hoover Josh Niblett (12-2)  17-7  McGill-Toolen
6A Ramsay Reuben Nelson (13-2)  21-16  Opelika
5A Beauregard Rob Carter (13-1)  33-13  Wenonah
4A Handley Larry Strain (13-2)  30-7  Madison Academy
3A Piedmont Steve Smith (15-0)  22-12  Mobile Christian
2A Fyffe Paul Benefield (15-0)  28-0  Aliceville
1A Maplesville Brent Hubbert (14-0)  40-12  Pickens County

 Girls Volleyball 
AISA-AA Coosa Valley Academy      Macon-East Academy
AISA-A Edgewood Academy      Cornerstone Christian
7A Mountain Brook Haven OQuinn (44-8)  3-1  Hoover
6A Hazel Green Coco Tate Hughes (56-10)  3-0  Spanish Fort
5A St. Pauls Lisa Marston (47-4)  3-0  Alexandria
4A Madison Academy Mandy Kerce (45-20)  3-0  St. James
3A Bayside Academy Ann Schilling (57-7)  3-0  Providence Christian
2A St. Lukes Meredith Donald (46-14)  3-0  Winston County
1A Addison Kayla Woodard (43-19)  3-2  Decatur Heritage Christian

 Boys Cross Country 
7A Auburn Dan Norton      Mountain Brook
6A Homewood Lars Porter      Cullman
5A Scottsboro Benjamin Robinson      St. John Paul II
4A LAMP Christopher Colvin      Randolph
3A American Christian Charles Tiller      Pleasant Valley
1A/2A St. Bernard William Calvert      Cold Springs

 Girls Cross Country 
7A Huntsville Graciela Bryant      Mountain Brook
6A Homewood Lars Porter      Florence
5A St. Pauls Jim Tate      Scottsboro
4A Randolph      Catholic Montgomery
3A Pleasant Valley Brad Hood      T.R. Miller
1A/2A Westminster Oak Mountain Leslie Callahan      Hatton

AISA-AAA Glenwood School Tim Fanning    3-6, 2-1, 10-0  Pike Liberal Arts
AISA-AA Macon-East Academy Bob Pickett    9-4, 6-0  Clarke Prep
AISA-A Marengo Academy Woodie Beck    7-0, 18-3  Eastwood Christian
7A Hoover Adam Moseley (41-11)  4-0  Auburn
6A Helena P.J. Guy (38-6)  5-4  Cullman
5A Russellville Chris Heaps (38-10)  7-4  Faith Academy
4A UMS-Wright Kevin Raley (28-13)  5-1  Madison Academy
3A Gordo Jonathan Pate (27-14)  9-2  Piedmont
2A G.W. Long Drew Miller (37-6)  8-0  Fayetteville
1A Sweet Water John Gluschick (32-8)  8-7  Decatur Heritage Christian

 Boys Basketball 
AISA-AAA Glenwood School Dusty Perdue    50-31  Tuscaloosa Academy
AISA-AA Macon-East Academy Larry Chapman (33-0)  70-42  Autauga Academy
AISA-A Evangel Christian Academy Kerwin Washington (19-10)  53-47  East Memorial Christian
7A Mountain Brook Bucky McMillian (31-5)  51-47  Auburn
6A Paul Bryant Sean Peck-Love (24-11)  48-44  Parker
5A Mae Jemison Jack Doss (35-4)  58-52  Faith Academy
4A Hale County Antwan Butler (28-4)  67-56  Monroe County
3A Midfield Darrell Barber (28-6)  60-46  Plainview
2A Lanett Richard Carter (25-7)  54-40  R.C. Hatch
1A Sacred Heart Ralpheal Graves (29-8)  82-59  South Lamar

 Boys Golf 
AISA Lee-Scott Academy      Glenwood School
7A Mountain Brook Benny Eaves      Vestavia Hills
6A Muscle Shoals      Homewood
5A St. Pauls Sandy Santol      Guntersville
4A UMS-Wright Adam Boehm      Oneonta
3A Providence Christian Emory Latta      West Morgan
1A/2A Westbrook Chrisitan Edward Brookins      Donoho

 Boys Indoor Track 
7A Hoover Devin Hind      Hewitt-Trussville
6A Opelika Thomas Esslinger      Homewood
4A/5A Scottsboro      Winfield
1A/3A American Christian Charles Tiller      Holly Pond

 Boys Soccer 
AISA Autauga Academy      Tuscaloosa Academy
7A Pelham Patrick McDonald (22-6-1)  2-0  Cullman
6A Oak Mountain Daniel DeMasters (20-4-4)  2-1  Davidson
4A/5A Randolph Alex Tomlinson (24-2-3)  3-2  Briarwood
1A/3A Indian Springs Rik Tozzi (22-2-3)  2-1  Susan Moore

 Boys Tennis 
AISA Morgan Academy      Tuscaloosa Academy
7A Mountain Brook Susan Farlow      McGill-Toolen
6A Florence      Northview
4A/5A Briarwood Jeremy Mears      St. Pauls
1A/3A Altamont Barry Bearden      Montgomery Academy

 Boys Track 
AISA Escambia Academy      Lee-Scott Academy
7A Hoover Devin Hind      Mountain Brook
6A Opelika Jimmy Johnson      Homewood
5A Scottsboro      St. Pauls
4A Greensboro      Winfield
3A American Christian Charles Tiller      Weaver
2A Cold Springs Blaise Cairie      St. Bernard
1A Westminster Oak Mountain Dale Carrell      Marion County

 Fast Pitch Softball 
AISA-AAA Glenwood School Dusty Perdue    9-1  Northside Methodist Academy
AISA-AA Autauga Academy Michael Sims    10-9  Macon-East Academy
AISA-A Marengo Academy Chris Petrey    3-1  Abbeville Christian
7A Buckhorn Alvin Rauls (43-11)  5-0  Sparkman
6A Hazel Green Mike Henson    4-0  Daphne
5A Springville Brandon Easterwood (45-11-1)  2-0  Scottsboro
4A Northside Tommy Honeycutt (43-17-1)  2-1  Westminster Christian
3A Pisgah Billy Duncan    5-3  Slocomb
2A Hatton Denton Bowling    11-1  G.W. Long
1A Sumiton Christian Jessica Adderholt (56-9)  9-8  Brantley

AISA-AAA Monroe Academy Mitchell Tuberville (13-0)  31-14  Bessemer Academy
AISA-AA Escambia Academy Hugh Fountain (12-1)  30-20  Autauga Academy
AISA-A Patrician Academy Jonathan Lindsey (9-4)  22-20  Chambers Academy
7A Hoover Josh Niblett (11-3)  48-20  McGill-Toolen
6A Pinson Valley Patrick Nix (15-0)  31-10  Wetumpka
5A St. Pauls Steve Mask (14-1)  17-14  Briarwood
4A UMS-Wright Terry Curtis (13-2)  21-7  Fayette County
3A Hillcrest Evergreen Clinton Smith (14-1)  26-14  Randolph County
2A Lanett Clifford Story (15-0)  33-15  Leroy
1A Sweet Water Pat Thompson (13-1)  20-6  Pickens County

 Girls Basketball 
AISA-AAA Glenwood School Julie Humphries    56-43  Lee-Scott Academy
AISA-AA Pickens Academy Wade Goodman (18-4)  39-36  South Choctaw Academy
AISA-A Patrician Academy David Ingram    64-31  Abbeville Christian
7A Hoover Krystle Johnson (29-7)  51-47  Spain Park
6A Homewood Kevin Tubbs (34-2)  52-49  Hazel Green
5A Wenonah Emanuel Bell (30-3)  55-52  Charles Henderson
4A Madison Academy Brian Privett (35-1)  50-47  Deshler
3A Locust Fork Barbara Roy (35-1)  72-62  Pisgah
2A Geneva County Karie Striplin (31-2)  44-42  Tanner
1A R.A. Hubbard Candace Byrd (22-8)  44-43  Spring Garden

 Girls Golf 
7A Spain Park      Hoover
6A Muscle Shoals Derrick Gargis      Northridge
4A/5A Trinity      UMS-Wright
1A/3A Providence Christian      Westbrook Christian

 Girls Indoor Track 
7A Hoover Devin Hind      Mountain Brook
6A Homewood      Opelika
4A/5A St. Pauls Jim Tate      Catholic Montgomery
1A/3A American Christian Charles Tiller      Westminster Oak Mountain

 Girls Soccer 
AISA Glenwood School      Tuscaloosa Academy
7A McGill-Toolen Paul Knapstein (23-2)  2-0  Vestavia Hills
6A Chelsea Jonathan Hammett (17-6-2)  2-0  Southside Gadsden
4A/5A Briarwood Ryan Leib (15-5-3)  6-0  St. John Paul II
1A/3A Montgomery Academy Stuart Bonner (15-3-5)  4-0  Westbrook Christian

 Girls Tennis 
AISA Tuscaloosa Academy      
AISA Morgan Academy      
7A Mountain Brook Susan Farlow      Spain Park
6A Decatur Kyle Justice      Homewood
4A/5A UMS-Wright Meridy Jones      St. Pauls
1A/3A Montgomery Academy Tracy Smith      Bayside Academy

 Girls Track 
AISA Lee-Scott Academy      Tuscaloosa Academy
7A Hoover Devin Hind      Auburn
6A Homewood Thomas Esslinger      Opelika
5A Beauregard      St. Pauls
4A Catholic Montgomery      Randolph
3A American Christian Charles Tiller      T.R. Miller
2A Altamont Jeff Rediker      Falkville
1A Whitesburg Christian Dave McConnell      Westminster Oak Mountain
AISA-AA Macon-East Academy      Glenwood School
AISA-A Edgewood Academy      Autauga Academy
7A McGill-Toolen      
6A Pelham      
5A Alexandria      
4A St. James      
3A Bayside Academy      
2A St. Lukes      
1A Addison      

7A Vestavia Hills Monterrious Adams      Hoover
6A Oxford Matt Hicks      Southside Gadsden
1A/5A Arab Michael Pruitt      Cleburne County

 Wrestling Duals 
7A Vestavia Hills Monterrious Adams (18-2)  47-19  Oak Mountain
6A Oxford Matt Hicks (22-15)  40-24  Southside Gadsden
1A/5A Arab Michael Pruitt (39-2)  43-19  Moody

David Parker

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Ken Stabler, Bart Starr, Ozzie Newsome, John Stallworth, John Hannah and Buck Buchanan are all members of the NFL Hall of Fame and played high school football in Alabama.