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Missing Scores AISA 

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          While we have most of the AHSAA football scores since 1970, that is not the case with the AISA schools. The private schools are a little more difficult to research if they are not near a major city with good newspaper coverage.

          There is still hope that many of these missing games can be found with a little work. Yearbooks are not the preferred source for scores but may be our only hope for many of these. Others can still be found in some of the local newspaper with some digging. Some of these games were likely never even played due to cancellations.

          If you can assist us with any of these just email be at the address below. Since these are so scattered I will need to know where the missing score was found just to verify it is authentic. Just take a photo with your phone and send it along. I have had a few people think it was cute to send in false information.

          Below are the AISA scores we are missing between 1970-2017. There are only ninety more scores to find and the private schools of the APSA and the AISA will be complete.

2002 10/18 Sumter Academy at Lowndes Academy  
1999 10/29 Jefferson Christian at Coosa Valley Academy  
1996 9/13 Crenshaw Christian - Ashford Academy  
  9/20 ??? - Ashford Academy  
  11/1 ??? - Ashford Academy  
1995 8/25 Calvary Christian at South Montgomery Academy  
  9/22 Calvary Christian at New Life Christian  
  10/13 Hooper Academy at Crenshaw Christian  
1993 9/17 Crenshaw Christian at Ashford Academy  
  9/10 Crenshaw Christian at Calvary Christian  
  10/23 Calvary Christian at Tuscaloosa Christian  
  10/15 Crenshaw Christian - ????  
  10/22 Southern Academy at Cathedral Christian  
1992 10/23 Tuscaloosa Christian at Crenshaw Christian  
  10/16 Crenshaw Christian - ???? (maybe Macon Academy)  
  9/25 Calvary Christian at Macon Academy  
  10/3 Macon Academy at South Montgomery Academy  
1991 10/11 Landmark Christian GA at Edgewood Academy  
  10/18 Edgewood Academy at Calvary Christian  
  10/25 Cathedral Christian at Macon Academy  
  11/1 South Choctaw Academy at Oak Park Christian  
  9/20 Warrior Academy at Cathedral Christian  
1990 9/7 Ashford Academy at Oak Park Christian  
  10/26 Ashford Academy at South Montgomery Academy  
  9/28 Crenshaw Christian at Oak Park Christian  
1989 10/27 Crenshaw Christian at Ashford Academy  
  10/27 Macon Academy at Coosa Valley Academy  
  9/29 Springwood at Glenwood School  
  10/20 McIntosh Christian at Ernest Ward FL  
  8/18 South Montgomery Academy - ????  
1988 9/16 Lakeside at Abbeville Christian  
  10/7 Crenshaw Christian at Abbeville Christian  
  11/4 Ashford Academy at Shelby Academy  
  9/16 Macon Academy at Calvary Christian  
  8/19 South Montgomery Academy at Crenshaw Christian  
1987 10/9 Bullock Memorial at Edgewood Academy  
  11/6 Dixie Academy at Escambia Academy - playoffs  
1986 9/25 Catherine Academy - ????  
  9/19 Edgewood Academy - ?????  
1985 10/4 Dixie Academy at Ashford Academy  
1984 8/31 Edgewood Academy at Dixie Academy  
1983 9/2 Macon Academy at Hooper Academy  
  9/30 Lowndes Academy at Shelby Academy  
  9/30  Chambers Academy at Macon Academy  
  9/2 Mayantha FL at Woodland Christian  
1982 10/8 Fort Deposit Academy at Catherine Academy  
  9/24 South Choctaw at Stokes  
1981 11/6 Central Alabama at Hooper Academy  
  9/11 Minor Christian at Faith Academy  
  10/16 Fayette Academy at Minor Christian  
  8/28 Faith North at Tallapoosa Academy  
1980 8/29 South Butler at Fort Deposit  
  11/7 Tallapoosa Academy at Minor Christian  
1979 10/5 Lowndes Academy at Central Alabama  
  9/21 South Butler at Crenshaw Christian  
  8/31 Macon Academy at Dixie Academy  
  11/2 South Montgomery at Dixie Academy  
  11/9 South Butler at Edgewood Academy  
  11/9 Faith North at Abbeville Christian  
  9/21 Hooper Academy at Lowndes Academy  
  9/14 McIntosh Christian at Live Oak MS  
1977 10/21 McIntosh Christian at Crichton Academy  
  10/14 Live Oak MS at Faith Academy  
  9/9 Faith North at Inglenook Academy  
  10/21 Talladega Academy at Inglenook Academy  
1976 9/3 Central Alabama at Macon Academy  
  11/5 Central Baptist at Faith Academy  
  10/1 Edgewood Academy at Inglenook Academy  
  11/5 Crichton Academy at Stokes Academy  
1974 11/8 Lowndes Academy at Edgewood Academy  
  11/1 South Choctaw at Greenville Academy  
1973 9/7 Montezuma Academy at Dixie Academy  
  10/19 South Butler at Eclectic Academy  
  10/25 South Butler at Stokes Academy  
  10/26 Warrior Academy at South Choctaw  
  11/2 Talladega Academy at Tri-County Academy  
1972 9/6 Coosa Valley at Perry Christian  
  11/3 Coosa Valley at Talladega Academy  
  11/10 Heritage Academy MS at Coosa Valley  
  11/10 Union Academy at Eclectic Academy  
1971 10/15 Edgewood Academy at Central Alabama  
  10/30 Tallapoosa Academy at Edgewood Academy  
  10/29 Warrior Academy at Perry Christian  
  11/5 Southern Academy at Warrior Academy  
1970 11/14 Glenwood School at Dixie Academy  
  10/23 Hooper Academy at Shelby Academy  
  10/9 Warrior Academy - Perry Christian  
  9/4 Shelby Academy at Union Academy  
  9/18 Union Academy at Edgewood Academy  
  10/2 Shelby Academy at Edgewood Academy  

David Parker

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Robby James has won nine AISA State Championships during his career at Catherine Academy, Morgan Academy and Marengo Academy.