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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Valley Head Yearly Summary

Valley Head Tigers
Valley Head High School

P.O. Box 149 Valley Head, AL 35989
Stadium: Tiger Stadium
Colors: Purple & Gold
Coach: Charles Hammon
Region: 1A-R7
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20211A*3-5243244R73-2191128 Charles Hammon  
20201A*8-33702190-12543R7#6-0270105 Heath Vincent  
20191A*6-53242330-11934R74-2196102 Heath Vincent  
20181A*1-9119387R70-652253 Heath Vincent  
20171A*2-6110193R61-455103 Brian Knapp  
20161A*2-6102203R62-482145 Brian Knapp  
20151A*3-71823900-1050R73-3144217 Sam Graham  
20141A*5-52442830-11339R7#5-1191110 Rusty Higdon  
20131A*9-23961680-13132R7#8-031884 Rusty Higdon  
20121A*5-5330277R74-4270247 Rusty Higdon  
20111A*3-7201310R71-5102201 Rusty Higdon  
20101A*3-7196356R72-5137246 Rusty Higdon  
20091A*4-6237236R63-4213170 Heath Kirby  
20081A*3-7240205R63-4205132 Heath Kirby  
20071A*9-33872411-13834R7#6-1271131 Heath Kirby  
20061A*6-42271810-1612R75-2207134 Heath Kirby  
20051A*9-34761831-14848R66-132194 Heath Kirby  
20041A*8-33471920-11235R65-2277122 Charles Hammon  
20031A*5-62892830-1648R64-3220145 Charles Hammon  
20021A*4-6156222R63-492147 Charles Hammon  
20011A*1-9105391R61-677248 Charles Hammon  
20001A*3-81983550-1647R63-4156196 Scott Tate  
19992A*0-1069343R140-314129 Jerry Brown  
19982A*2-8157245R140-34389 Jerry Brown  
19971A*1-984299R131-23577 Jerry Brown  
19961A*1-9141316R130-358109 John Tidmore  
19951A*3-7137181R161-22643 John Tidmore  
19941A*3-7111200R160-31249 John Tidmore  
19931A*3-81272780-1042R162-14877 John Tidmore  
19921A*1-977264R160-32678 Paul Ellis  
19912A*2-8104268R151-22548 Jim Kirby  
19902A*6-53032920-1842R152-111195 Jim Kirby  
19891A*8-32591412-17766R13#3-09018 Jim Kirby  
19881A*2-7124206R132-210568 Jim Kirby  
19871A*4-71602560-1641R163-16469 Jim Kirby  
19861A*7-41951761-11444R16#4-010523 Jim Kirby  
19851A*4-6225214R161-37990 Jim Kirby  
19841A*14-1406965-08238R16#4-013413 Jim Kirby  
19831A*4-6121127R121-45864 Jim Kirby  
19821A*7-3188107R123-210667 Jerry Pullen  
19811A*2-888320R122-460166 Jerry Pullen  
19801A*3-684176R122-45096 Steve Sewell  
19791A*4-6185141R123-212356 Scott Blackmon  
19781A*5-5168203R124-111467 Scott Blackmon  
19771A*6-416388R123-28236 Scott Blackmon  
19761A*10-32351672-15548R12#4-17964 George Hoblitzell  
19751A*2-893159 George Hoblitzell  
19741A*4-6123187 George Hoblitzell  
19731A*5-4109106 Larry Fleming  
19721A*11-24141522-18173 George Hoblitzell  
19711A*7-2-1202108 George Hoblitzell  
19701A*1-971268 Joe Griggs  
19691A*1-7-297143 Joe Griggs  
19681A*8-2347109 Ron Haushalter  
19671A*11-14041671-14149 Ron Haushalter  
19661A*6-2-2157107 Ron Haushalter  
19651A*6-3-1208124 Ron Haushalter  
19641A*5-5134145 Ron Haushalter  
19631A*3-7134157 Ron Haushalter  
1962*4-6104153 Ron Haushalter  
1961*4-6128139 Ron Haushalter  
1960*8-222879 Ron Haushalter  
1959*7-1-2231144 Earl Warren  
1958*6-3-119380 Earl Warren  
1957*3-6-1113184 Tommy Johnson  
19563-3-26278 Tommy Johnson  
19550-8-134167 Tom Lucia  
1954*3-6-1120169 Charles Buddy Hearn  
1953*5-4127105 Charles Buddy Hearn  
1952*7-2196101 Bill Edwards  
19519-121672 Bill Edwards  
19504-5139178 Bill Edwards  
19495-316165 Arvel Holmes  
1947*10-027821 Bruce Taylor  
1940*9-024338 Clayton Hudson  
19371-23364 Art Granger  
1936*5-414272 F.T. Dobbs  
19332-625147 O.P. Mitchell  
19323-2-23339 O.P. Mitchell  
19314-1-39127 O.P. Mitchell  
19300-41370 Roy Williams  
1929*4-5130118 E.D. Chink Lott  
1926*4-0-4757 Luny Smith  
19251-2-11549 N.B. Haston Sr.  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

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